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Father's teaching-response on Church, received in Raphael's Church in Vilnius, Lithuanian Capital City, on 13th of August, 2015

I have just come back from the TRUE CITY which I usually call my walk beyond the boundaries of my residential area of Zverynas in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, and even beyond the building of the Seimas, the country’s Parliament. Today I do not know why, I reached even the so-called Green Bridge even though I intended to walk to the Panorama Mall – at the end of Zverynas.
So, I walked on the Green Bridge to the other side of the Neris river, without even noticing that sculptures had been removed from the bridge which had caused much of animosity, and which I had LIKED VERY MUCH UNDER SOVIET TIMES, AND I ENJOYED THEM NOW AS WELL. I turns left right beyond the bridge and was walking to the Central Department Store – or as they say nowadays – ENTERTAINMENT AND BUSINESS CENTER.
However at the Raphael Church I noticed some sign hewed out on the wall of the Church Yard and a notice that Monsignor Vasiliauskas had lived and worked in this Church. Suddenly I felt a desire to enter the Church.
The door was widely open, there were a few people in, and one stumpy man scrutinizing around everything. I took him for a tourist as he was slowly moving along the main aisle and even without kneeling down. It is usual even with priests who rush here and there many times, without speaking about ordinary Catholic believers, they all while passing from one side of the church to the other always turn to the altar, kneel down, and cross themselves. And those ACE priests – merely MECHANICALLY bend a bit one knee and move their one hand in a bow like fanning themselves – it will be enough this much. Meanwhile this stubby man was only surveying everything and watching everywhere – definitely not a Catholic.
I sat down on a bench, almost in the middle of the Church, and started worshipping and glorifying The Paradise Trinity-I AM. After that I began to pray but very soon an idea struck my mind to take down a teaching of The Paradise Trinity-I AM, the more so that I had never done it in the Church yet.
I opened my eyes and saw that man – maybe of 50 – wearing a blue-short-sleeve shirt, and a khaki vest, of course, it was fairly cool today in the morning in comparison with the previous days, and the vest was exactly handy for him – coming out of the Church room adjacent to the altar. He stopped, and was still surveying panoramically everything, he was watching me as well. Of course, it will definitely look very strange to him to watch me writing something as if it were not A Prayer House but rather some OFFICE room.
I received the teaching, and wrote it down in English. While after I got back to Zverynas, I had to translate it into Lithuanian, and post it on our website for all to read. And I had to type the original in English to transfer it to my computer as I had written it down on small leaflets of paper using my pen. This teaching is also posted below.
I am not aware of how much it took me to receive the teaching but I completed the communion at 12.44 p. m. and after this I thanked The Paradise Trinity-I AM for this teaching, and again I worshipped The Paradise Trinity-I AM, until suddenly I was sensing like someone was standing by me. I opened my eyes – there was this man in front of me – We ARE CLOSING the Church! – WHY SHOULD IT BE CLOSED? LET IT BE OPEN ALL THE TIME. – Closing for the LUNCHL break. – What sort of a lunch break might be for the Church? Let it be open all day and all night. – WHAT, EVEN AT NIGHT? Sir, what a nonsense you said – who comes to the Church at night? – Well, who knows, maybe there is one who needs peace even at night, so let him have the Church open to him to find a peaceful environment in. – But you are talking NONSENSE, SIR – one must sleep at night rather than go to the Church. – That’s right one must sleep and rest at night. But there are such people who suffer from INSOMNIA, and if only they knew it they would come to the Church at night and would find peace here as Creator – The Paradise Trinity-I AM – spreads His peace here so that even the one who suffers from insomnia can feel it and then having come back the one would peacefully fall asleep. - Well, SIR, you are talking a mere nonsense, nobody will come to the Church at night. – And how many people are in hospitals today, and nobody knows that they need healing from The Paradise Trinity rather than from the drugs which are by themselves chemicals and only harming the body. – I agree that God heals. – In this case the Church must ALSO be available ALL THE TIME – AT NIGHT AS WELL. – But you know what kind of people they are today – they are not people any more – they are real BEASTS. The other day a small sculpture of Jesus has been stolen, it used to be placed over there, and now this sculpture of Jesus is not in any more.
His face turned red and radiated a real anger – SUCH BEASTS SHOULD NOT BE PUT TO PRISON BUT RATHER SHOT DOWN. – No, no one must be shot down, while there is no need to keep any big material wealth in the Church, let there be only PEACE in it. – What nonsense are you talking, SIR, now the youth no sooner they enter the Church they look around as to what they might steal, right away. – That is why let them stay in any time – to feel peace, instead of keeping in a material fortune to be stolen. Just pray for them, and they will feel the effect of your prayer, anyway. – They must be SHOT DOWN! – All his red face seemed to explode in another blink, his palms clenched into fists, and his hands unconsciously are rising for a punch to those invisible thieves. – I did tell you, SIR, they have stolen the sculpture of Jesus, not wealth. – My name is Algimantas, what’s yours? – Boleslovas. – Dear Boleslovas, the Church is DYING altogether, therefore pray for those who have stolen the sculpture of Jesus, and for all, I shall also pray for them, and I shall for YOU – DEAR BOLESLOVAS. – Thank you, thank you…

I started praying for those thieves and for Boleslovas, and thanking The Paradise Trinity-I AM for this experience in the Church.
My Father, Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister, I AM, I worship and glorify you, in this ritualistic and illusionary church, I worship and glorify you – THE SOURCE AND CENTER OF THE LIVING REALITY, I worship and glorify you for Reality – and Evolution – for life throughout the whole of Creation, and on our planet, I worship and glorify you…
I ask you for a teaching and response – Why is there such a huge building of the church? What was the purpose of building up such an enormous premise of the church?

My true son, I am the Universal Father and the Father of ALL. I express My commending to you for your co-creation of goodness together with Me, and for so efficiently representing Me on this planet which is so remote from My dwelling Abode.
Be certain, I will build you even of a greater grandeur your WORSHIP-OF-ME HOME OF MINE than this huge – to your current understanding – building of the church you are in. Just have patience, and you will absolutely be delighted with My House to you, delighted so much within that you will not be able to express your adequate joy without. Be certain, your land will be the one to have My Living Temple Edifice by Its Quality matching your Living Faith.
Meanwhile this building of the Catholic Prayer House is spacious to keep within enough of air for the multitudes that used to attend the ritualistic prayer service in it.
Furthermore, you must keep in mind that in your medieval times when religion dominated human mind in this part of your globe it was very important for the ritualistic religion to control human mind by oppressing it with a certain physical MAGNITUDE. Therefore, it was so common to not only have huge buildings but also to decorate them with huge columns from the exterior and by this to hint a certain relationship to the former historic human empires that used to have grand buildings and altars as well as sacrifice venues of an enormous size. That – in a way – served the purpose of expressing a certain link to Almighty God.
Today your church attendance has considerably dwindled and you even feel it is going to decrease fairly sharply the near future. Thus your churches to a great – enormously great – extent are empty and being visited by your brethren-tourists from other countries in the periods of time between morning and evening service.
Thus when you don’t have so many believers any more it is very complicated for the Church to sustain and maintain the church buildings in a proper condition due to the lack of funds. So, it would be much wiser to have much smaller venues for prayer of so few believers but your present-day mind does not want to apply this sort of formula to your current situation within Church even though you are quick to use it in different spheres of your activity.
The grandeur of Church is not full neither it is possible to express it in full if believers do not open up to Me and do not participate in a living communion with Me, and after every ritualistic mass they do not feel heightened in spirit and filled up with My real and Living Energy vibrations so that such believers not only donate their money to support with their funds the Church and Its Clergy but also they desire to make their contribution of their personal effort to beautifying the Church Building from Within and Without.
You well know from your own – even though short – spiritual experience that those of your brethren who are opened to Me more they desire to support you not only with the funds but also with their hearts-souls-spirits and therefore they send you their prayers as well. And this is the buddying of your Brotherhood within this heart-soul-spirit who has this sensation within and who support you without.
Every cent contributed for the benefit of the Living Light fir ALL shall be counted in My Bank on high and I will NEVER forget to pay you an interest on your such deposit while you make your contribution with your funds to MY EVOLUTIONARY DESIGN which is currently being implemented through My Ambassador – ALGIMANTAS.
Your current ritualistic Church is a DYING Church and in this agony it will be supported ever worse and by fewer believers so that even the hypocrisy of your politicians will not save it as they allocate the budget funds to the Church even though the country’s budget has money of atheists who do not believe in the Church Dogmas and as your country’s main – Fundamental Law – Constitution – claims that your religion is separate from the state.
Imagine, what would become of the whole of creation if I claimed ONE way while acted just the OPPOSITE? From how MANY of My Sons and Daughters I would earn their Love, Respect, and Trust? That would mean no less than THE END OF MY EVOLUTION TO MY CREATION.

I cannot deceive you – not even in the slightest twist of the shade of your hair.



The teaching has been received in English in Raphael’s Church, in Vilnius, Lithuanian Capital City, at 12.44p.m
13th of August, 2015

2015-08-14 16:07:35


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