The origin of the new symbol of The Paradise Trinity


The description of the origin of the new symbol of The Paradise Trinity will let you see that it is divine rather than earthly. The symbol has been presented to us so that we all might use it for the benefit of goodness and light with love for and faithfulness to the Paradise Trinity.

Urantia Foundation headquartered in the USA, in Chicago, which is engaged in publishing and distributing The Urantia Book, has patented the Paradise Trinity symbolic sign of the three concentric circles as its own trade mark. This sybol is being used throughout the whole of our Local Universe as it is meant for all. Even though it has been passed down from on high to us all, unfortunately, it has been appropriated by a human organization to become a property of a group of people against the will of The Paradise Trinity. Thus, we – Urants – ( it is a new term I coined to define those who have embarked upon a living path of the living faith of The Paradise Trinity and who worship The Paradise Trinity and co-create goodness together with The Paradise Trinity as CO-CREATORS rather than Urantians who are inhabitants of our planet, named Urantia, and who might also study The Urantia Book ) – by applying this Paradise Trinity symbol for our own needs would legally violate this exclusive right authorized by the patent law to use it only by a permission of Urantia Foundation and therefore in such a case we might run into undesirable to us legal – designed by humans – consequences..       

As back as four thousand years ago Makiventa Melchizedek, while incarnated in the human flesh to pave a path for the advent of our Creator Son as Jesus of Nazareth – trained many a thousand of spiritual teachers of that time and made a covenant with Abraham, subsequently called by humans as Abraham’s covenant with God, and he was the first on our planet to wear a metal plaque with this three-concentric-circle sign on a lace on his chest. He did not forbid the use of this symbolic sign at discretion by anyone. However, the folks of that time stood in such tremendous awe of this sign that they did not dare to use it like Makiventa did.  

Thus, this symbol of The Paradise Trinity has been even privatized by Urantia Foundation by purchasing a patent.    

Given the situation, I was thinking all the time as to what might be done that we – Urants – would also have the symbol of The Paradise Trinity for we not only peruse The Urantia Book but also profess the revealed religion of The Paradise Trinity and have The Living Temple named after the Paradise Trinity; and we even already worship The Paradise Trinity. Thus, it was but natural that this permanent speculation of mine had been not only registered by my Thought Adjuster but that he was also sending me appropriate thoughts and designs that such symbol of The Paradise Trinity would be created. However, they were not completed, consistent, and clear to me, they were like separate pieces of a cut off thread – while being on the very point of perceiving something of the would-be new symbol of The Paradise Trinity I would lose the idea without being developed into its full shape as other issues merely overshadowed it and I gave my hand to them. However, once I turned to The Paradise Trinity for assistance, and I was shown a visual projection by my Thought Adjuster. That was the new symbol of The Paradise Trinity presented to me in a visual way. To define it more precisely, it was the projection of an idea of this symbol while in the course of its implementation it has turned into namely such a new, material, and visual-to-all symbol of The Paradise Trinity which Creator desired to see not only among us but also throughout the whole of our Local Universe, and even in His Creation.          

The new symbol of The Paradise Trinity surpasses the symbol of the three concentric circles by its in-depth information. The three-concentric-circle symbol does not reveal the Co-ordinate status of All Three Members of The Paradise Trinity; on the contrary, it shows inequality, as One of The Members encircles The Other Two as if being superior to Them; or, in respect of Their origin, One would originate from Another, while in reality All Three Members of The Paradise Trinity have no beginning of Their origin because They have always been All Three..     

When we – Urants – in our living temple – the then-called The Temple of God The Father And His Son Jesus – used to worship the Father alone we also had a symbolic sign – and even the banner of our living temple bearing it – one big white circle on an azure background – the symbol of the Father – and a small white circle – the symbol of the Creator Son – within, and fusing with, the big one at its bottom, and the inner floor of the small circle was of gold-yellow color.      

When the Father asked me to set up my living communion with the Eternal Son, and as I did it, and after I established a living relationship with The Third Person of The Paradise Trinity – The Infinite Spirit – it was namely the Infinite Spirit Who presented me a teaching on the Creator Son and explained to me as to what oath is taken by him prior to his departure on a mission to set up his Local Universe in space, and I was even given the text of this oath and subsequently I was suggested that I would also pledge loyalty to The Paradise Trinity of my own free will, and which I did as well.

Several days later the Infinite Spirit presented me a teaching to the effect that I would start to worship not only the Father but also The Other Two Co-ordinate Members of The Paradise Trinity, and that I would also teach my other brethren to do it. Thus, I started doing it. After another couple of days the Father passed me a new name of our living temple – The Paradise Trinity Living Temple. And our religion had the new name of The Paradise Trinity rather than that of the Father alone as had been its name before. This change of the name of our living temple, and of our revealed religion, shows that they both are live rather than dogmatic, and that its name corresponds to its inner and living content; as the inner content of worship has expanded after we began to worship All Three Members Of The Paradise Trinity. It was just natural that its name had to be also expanded up to the level of its content.        

Some time later, I was shown a visual projection by my Thought Adjuster – three discs of a pink color, fusing in one another in the center point.

When I told my brethren in both the Urantia group and our living temple about this visual projection some of them desired to see this symbol drawn on paper so that they could envision it better.

I tried – with a ball-point pen – to make merely a sketch of the sign so that others might get at least some better idea of what I had seen.       

After several weeks one of the Urants brought one colored variant of this symbolic sign but it did not match that view I had seen during the visual projection given to me by my Thought Adjuster.

 If the three discs are counter-crossing each other in the center too much the sign will look too bulky, massive, and without energy, and it shall not resemble The Source And Center Of Energy – The Paradise Trinity. And on the contrary – if these three discs were pulled out of their joint center too much the sign would also look extended and failing to produce an impression of such a Paradise Trinity Which is both strong and virile.

Time was passing, and I got engaged in other issues so that the very symbol existed in my sub-consciousness and only rarely did it reach my consciousness in my recollections about the visual projection presented to me by my Thought Adjuster. Perhaps more than a year passed since the first – unsuccessful – attempt to materialize this symbol of The Paradise Trinity when another Urant got passionate to create a sign for our website to be seen by all the moment they get to the home page.     

I told him that the sign had already been created, it had been shown me in a visual projection by my Thought Adjuster, and I recounted to him about this projection of my Thought Adjuster and the unsuccessful attempt to transfer it onto paper.     

Since this Urant was well versed in computer language he mailed me by electronic post several variants of the sign. However, they were not the signs I had seen in the projection of my Thought Adjuster. Meanwhile, he failed to understand my comments while I was unable to make any graphic picture of the idea since I had no command of such computer programs.

Thus, after another more than six months this issue was raised again in both the Urantia group and in the Paradise Trinity Living Temple. It was in the Paradise Trinity Living Temple that Kriste, a young woman Urant, and a designer, asked me to draw this symbol I had seen in the visual projection so that she could get a better idea of it.    

Kriste started posting to me different variations, and I was comparing them with that view in the visual projection within me and sent back my comments as to what and in which way had to be modified in her variations. And when she finally sent me a dozen of almost complete variations I was surprised by they number and by how nice they looked that I had some difficulty in choosing the best. However, when I saw the current variant I experienced a flood of warmth within and I grasped all the information which was rendered by that symbol of The Paradise Trinity, and which Kriste failed to understand. She received from her Thought Adjuster the informative-visual disclosure of the idea I had been shown in the visual projection which she put into the expression of this symbol, without consciously perceiving as to why this way and what information it might render in a profound meaning.

I did explain to her the in-depth meaning of this information so that she would understand what she had received from her Thought Adjuster, and why.        

While looking at this sign I was pondering that the smallest three inner pink circles are closed, fully completed, wouldn’t it be better if they were also opened and fused with the Center for it would be more correct that there would be an open link with the Center. But right away I had a doubt whether or not the circular form of the main Center will be disrupted and it will become extended. I could not envision as to how the Grand Center will look like after being fused with the smallest centers, and how much His roundness would be broken.        

Right at this moment I received from Kriste one more variation of this symbol – the smallest centers are opened and fused with the Grand Center.

That was both a magnificent view of the sign and a synchronic operation by our Thought Adjusters – while I was pondering over the issue Kriste was working at it, even without being asked to deal with this very problem, and posted me a new variation. I thanked Kriste for this and told her that the symbol of The Paradise Trinity was already created. No more variations were needed, the sign was completed.

From now on we – Urants – have a new symbol of The Paradise Trinity which is – definitely – surpasses the old symbol of the three concentric circles by the profound information it presents.      

The symbol of The Paradise Trinity provides the following information:

The Paradise Trinity consists of Three Co-ordinate Persons which do not compete against Each Other for One’s superiority over The Other Two but rather absolutely harmoniously fuse in spirit with Each Other which is denoted by the white disc in the middle of the sign.  

The Grand – Central – white disc symbolizes an absolute spiritual unification, fusion, of The Paradise Trinity, without any form and body – on Paradise – the geographic center of the whole of creation.   

This white disc is chastity and love of The Paradise Trinity of a blinding shining which – from the vantage point of energy – are so powerful that they cannot be such anywhere else but within the Co-ordinate, and absolutely fused Persons of The Paradise Trinity – within the Three Sources and Centers of Creation.

This love is a blinding and scorching live energy, if licked unprepared in spirit. Therefore there is such a long living path – in time and space – to its Source and Center – the path of learning and experience accumulation – to be able to stand – after billions upon billions of years of our to be/past journey to the implementation of our destiny on Paradise – in the direct-immediate presence of the very Paradise Trinity.            

Meanwhile, The Paradise Trinity is pouring out already a diminished love – of pink color – for the undiminished energy love – of a blinding white – of The Paradise Trinity, which is within the Trinity only, if poured out upon creatures, would burn them all.

This symbol of The Paradise Trinity is very dynamic, manifests motion, and holds an ever increasing, and blinding, whiteness in the center, while printed on paper, slightly moved before light, begins to shine out of the center of The Paradise Trinity fusion even as there is shining – only minor – out of the inner – smallest – center of Havona within Each Person of The Paradise Trinity.        

Beyond the boundaries of Paradise, Three Persons Of The Paradise Trinity operate directly-personally only within the Central-Divine Universe which is also called the Paradise-Havona Universe, or System. Havona has seven circles with the total number of one billion worlds. We will pass through each of these worlds being already in the form of spirit while still preserving our current spiritual self who, today, dwells in this material human flesh.            

Our living path in Havona has been designed to profoundly recognize and experience Three Persons Of The Paradise Trinity. Therefore, we – each of us – will undergo an individual teaching rather than in classes as has been the case before, in the Superuniverse and Local Universe. The sign of The Paradise Trinity symbolically portrays not fully completed pink color circles as the seven rings of Havona.      

Taking a look from a distance the Central white disc, linked up with the opened inner white discs of Havona, produces the impression of a regular triangle which is the smallest system consisting of three members. Two members make up a relationship of mutual partnership while three members make up the smallest system of relationship in which an agreement between any two has to be agreed upon with the third member of the system. Therefore, this sort of relationship always poses an issue of management and control of the system. Thus, The Paradise Trinity is a living Energy System. This symbol produces an effect of soothing, warming up, and healing of one’s physical body.  

This symbolic sign shall spread throughout the whole of our planet, Urantia, and replace all the religious symbols currently in existence for it reflects The Very Paradise Trinity and the living religion of and revealed by The Paradise Trinity.          

Moreover, this symbol of The Paradise Trinity shall embrace the whole of the Local Universe, and even the whole of Creation, for we – the Urants – kick off the new – future – Universe Age for the whole of Creation rather than only for our planet, Urantia. 

I express my cordial thanks to Kriste for the material graphic presentation of the divine idea of this symbol of The Paradise Trinity as well as to Saulius who has seen to it that we can view the symbol on our website as the bench mark of our – The Paradise Trinity – website – and it may be used by all of us – the Urants – who perceive the profound meaning of this symbol.        

Peace be upon you.
With brotherly love,