Revelation by Jesus Christ I SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN



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The Table of Contents

I. Foreword

1. The Source of Truth is the Self from the Father

2. Why Are These Teachings Revealed?

3. Episodes of My Life in the Human Flesh

4. My Prayers

5. Vibrations of the Reality

6. The Concept of God to Jesus-Child who was Searching Answers within Himself

7. Importance of Live Contact with People

8. The Problem of Psychology and Psychiatry

9. My Environment

10. My Reflections

11. My Loneliness and Association with the Father

12. “My Conversations“ with the Father

13. Child‘s Up-bringing

14. Death Must not be Feared

15. The Creation of the Reality and the Creator

16. The Creator and the Reality

17. The Creating

18. The Simplification of the Creator

19. The Paradise Trinity

20. The Spheres of the Activity of the Paradise Trinity Members

21. The Present Universe Age

22. What is God?

23. The Lower Consciousness

24. My Searching

25. Walking with John the Baptist towards the Mountain

26. The Vision of the Creation Shown to Me

27. The Information Energy Vibrations

28. A Colorful Ocean of the Energy Vibrations of the Creation

29. My Desire to Reveal the Father to Men

30. Everything is Possible with the Father

31. My Decision

32. After having Descended from the Mountain

33. Faith

34. Everything Is in Motion

35. My Good News

36. Why do I Address You Myself

37. I am Happy about Your Sincere Prayers

38. The Environment of the Apostles

39. My Spiritual Status

40. The Staircase of One’s Spiritual Career

41. My Mission in the Profound Sense

42. Mary and Joseph

43. My Education

44. Miracles do not Exist

45. Take Me off the Cross and Worship the Father

46. A Free Will

47. The Slavery of the Soul

48. The Cause of Distorting My Teachings

49. Communion with the Father