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Our Collective Monday night Communion with the PARADISE TRINITY and among us. (Responses: 407)2011-11-26 23:08:31 Algimantas2019-09-19 10:23:58 Algimantas
Eternal Mother On The Reserve Of Degradation Of The Material Civilization, Received by me in Lithuanian on April 3, 2019, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Translated into English by me, on May 15, 2019. (Responses: 0)2019-05-15 22:37:39 Algimantas  
Father’s Teaching On Concord. Received from the Father by me in Lithuanian on November 09, 2018 Translated by me from Lithuanian into English on November 12, 2018 (Responses: 0)2018-11-13 22:28:33 Algimantas  
Father’s Teaching On Education, 2018 10 25 (Responses: 0)2018-10-31 14:42:28 Algimantas  
Father’s Teaching On Family, 2018 10 26 (Responses: 0)2018-10-31 14:39:34 Algimantas  
This is the letter I wrote to the USA President Donald Trump today - February 17, 2017 - unfortunately, it has not been delivered to the addressee. (Responses: 1)2017-02-17 12:33:54 Algimantas2017-02-21 11:28:11 Algimantas
Father's teaching-response on possible catastrophic calamities on this world, 2015 12 24 (Responses: 0)2015-12-24 22:20:23 Algimantas  
THE UNIVERSAL DEITY OF I AM - Teaching On A Collective Communion, And Energy During It, 2015 10 19 (Responses: 0)2015-10-20 17:42:40 Algimantas  
Father's teaching on FAITH, 2015 09 27 (Responses: 0)2015-09-27 14:03:28 Algimantas  
My teaching on SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF THE REFUGEE MIGRANTS IN WESTERN EUROPE (Responses: 0)2015-09-22 14:22:36 Algimantas  
POLITICIANS AND PRIESTS FULL OF FALSE PRIDE ARE DOOMED ALREADY NOW, 2015 08 31 (Responses: 0)2015-08-31 16:35:51 Algimantas  
Father's teaching-response on Church, received in Raphael's Church in Vilnius, Lithuanian Capital City, on 13th of August, 2015 (Responses: 0)2015-08-14 16:07:35 Algimantas  
My teaching - Love Melts In Aggregate Vibrations Of Creator - The Paradise Trinity-I AM. (Responses: 0)2015-08-05 20:06:46 Algimantas  
Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister's teaching why our decisions by our animal mind are getting ever worse, 2015 07 10 (Responses: 0)2015-07-10 15:27:58 Algimantas  
Here is the transcript of my communion with my Thought Adjuster. (Responses: 0)2015-06-21 13:57:50 Algimantas  
Between right and wrong (Responses: 0)2015-06-19 10:13:08 Algimantas  
Father's teaching as to why the number of those of us on the living path is so small, 2015 06 17 (Responses: 0)2015-06-17 14:22:18 Algimantas  
This is my message to my brethren in the Teaching Mission in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brasil, and other countries, mailed in 2006. (Responses: 1)2015-06-12 10:41:11 Algimantas2015-06-12 11:16:32 Algimantas
The Father's teaching on mysticism (Responses: 0)2015-06-01 09:27:44 Algimantas  
The first-ever funeral on Urantia led by the Father (Responses: 0)2015-05-28 11:39:45 Algimantas  
The Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister's teaching on current dangers to Lithuania, 2015 05 07 (Responses: 0)2015-05-07 21:23:33 Algimantas  
My dears, you are welcome to listen to two audio recordings of the services of a living worship of The Paradise Trinity-I Am in our living temple named after the Paradise Trinity-I AM. (Responses: 0)2015-04-27 16:52:48 Algimantas  
The Eternal Son-Mother-Brother's teaching on the necessity of a livng temple for us, 2015 04 13 (Responses: 0)2015-04-13 19:30:16 Algimantas  
ENERGY RESOURCES AND NATURAL WEALTH ON THE PLANET BELONG TO ALL COUNTRIES (Responses: 1)2014-11-06 16:21:04 Algimantas2014-11-12 12:36:15 Rita
The Teaching Of The Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister - What Is A Revealed Religion. 2013 11 25 (Responses: 0)2013-11-28 13:53:21 Algimantas  

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