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My Teaching On Solving The Problem Of Refugee Migrants In Western Europe

My beloved ones, today Western Europe, which is much more developed than African countries, namely by its present-day fake glitters has attracted the inhabitants of various African countries that are lacking normal living conditions in their ambience. What must be done in these circumstances when other MILLIONS of migrants shall start moving in a really physical sense to a minute Western Europe, so that a completely new – unknown – race and culture, religion and mode of living SHALL START TO RUIN – in a direct meaning shall start to break down – well-settled norms of way and mode of living in Western Europe, knows no politician in the world, the more so it applies to the political leaders of the Western European countries. They do not know it as they have NO WISDOM WHICH COMES FROM CREATOR – THE PARADISE TRINITY-I AM – by one’s living opening up to Creator – OR FROM THOSE OF OUR BRETHREN WHO ARE KEEPING THIS LIVING RELATIONSHIP AND FOLLOW THIS WISDOM, AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.
Thus, in this situation it is necessary – primarily – to eliminate the CAUSES that have provoked this migration which shall ever increase even more in the future as the living conditions in these countries in particular are getting ever more difficult.
The principal cause is one – THE DOMINANCE OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IN THE WORLD. It is namely those MORTALS, who control this complex, BEING COVETOUS FOR MONEY AND EXPLOITATION incite conflicts and as instigators begin to make others do the dirty work for them remaining not only invisible themselves but even without a slightest shade of suspicion on them THAT IT IS A DIRECT AND FELONIOUS JOB OF THEIR HANDS. For the purpose they have their own tentacles in various analytical centers for the studies of every region of the planet, which they have established in enormous numbers, for the purpose they have their own henchmen in the USA Congress, for the purpose they PLACE their own person in the USA president seat while an election SHOW is merely a cover up to the population at large – ordinary voters – that it is they who elect the president.
In general, the US president IS SEEMINGLY ELECTED BY THE ELECTORS WHO HAVE BEEN PREVIOUSLY ELECTED BY THE COUNTRY’S POPULATION. And in which way they seemingly elect the president – each state elects its own number of electors – eventually – depending on the number of inhabitants in the state even though they claim that the number of electors should correspond to each state’s delegation in both Houses of the Congress – in the House of Representatives, and the Senate – therefore there are even such presidents as was the case with George Bush, Jr. who received a MINOR popular poll support than his opponent. THAT IS WHY THIS TWO-STEP PSEUDO-ELECTION SYSTEM IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF PLACING ONE’S OWN PERSON IN THE PRESIDENTIAL POST AND BY THIS MULL PEOPLE’S MIND. Meanwhile, in the case of George Bush, Jr. the popular votes in the state of Florida have been even recounted, and it was very likely the results were corrected in his favor merely by a margin of a score of votes. In a word, this is a game WITHOUT RULES by the cruel and greedy mortals of the military industrial complex to receive useful, and highly profitable, for them military contracts.
Thus, subsequently, the military industrial complex, lurching on an aggressive policy, lays out already its own demands – through its henchmen – to the president it has placed in the position, and to its henchmen in the Congress. It is merely due to this that the twin towers have been destroyed in New York so that it would be possible to sow the seed of fear of terrorism among the population and by this to cause a mass psychosis – we have to defend ourselves from terrorists by all the means possible – without even knowing as to what is that terrorist, and what makes him perform terrorist actions.
Thus everything has been presented in such a way as to only BULL people’s mind. It has long ago been proved that the lower stories of the twin towers would have never crashed down because of the planes hitting the upper parts of the buildings had there not been explosives laid in the lower parts of the buildings. And the material of the Special Commission, which has investigated this episode, still remains closed to public at large as its disclosure is obviously disadvantageous for the bosses of the military industrial complex. In this situation it is fairly possible to shout in full strength – TERRORISTS ARE ATTACKING, THEY ARE TRAINED IN AFGHANISTAN.
And that PYGMY PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH, JR. gives an order to KILL – to bomb a state – AFGHANISTAN – in violation of international law.
And it is the USA that started killing people in AFRICAN STATES, instigated military conflicts in Somalia, sent its troops-killers there to carry A LIGHT OF DEMOCRACY OF LED BULLETS AND CORRUPTION there.
It has completely fired down IRAQ – more than one hundred thousand people have been massacred.
George Bush like a cowboy has a peaceful sleep in his ranch while his CRIMINAL decisions are awaiting the future Supreme Tribunal Verdict to be passed by THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS in the Milky Way galaxy center – Uversa – after his resurrection. Not a single blink of his thought registered by the Thought Adjuster – Creator’s spirit within our mind – in the mind of George Bush , Jr., shall vanish.

The USA behaved in a similar way in Ethiopia and Libya, its fingertip marks have been left in the split of Sudan. George Bush, Jr., as a robotic henchman of the military industrial complex was the chief executive of the war crime in bombing Afghanistan, and Iraq, and all those countries have been so ruined and ravaged in a political and economic sense that people have been split and turned against one another merely in a blink, and they already themselves began to fire at one another. The state of Sudan has been even turned into two states – simply divided into two – that part which is rich in oil all of a sudden it turned out to belong to an artificially formed state of Southern Sudan, inhabited by the believers of the Christian sects while Muslims remained in their own former and poor part – in Sudan. They even failed to think a new name for this pseudo-state, they have just called it Southern Sudan, which now hosts 12 million people. Meanwhile 36 million people have remained in Sudan. A similar thing has been done to Ethiopia which has the population of over 100 million , they simply cut off a chunk of six million and set up a new state – Eritrea.
And as parts are broken off this way the internal conflicts continue to boil. They do not come to an end automatically. And Ethiopia waged a war with Eritrea even as Sudan did it with Southern Sudan, and animosity that has been sown artificially, has not yet melted in a mutual love so far. And new generations grow up in this soil, and they receive these low frequency vibrations from the sores and dissatisfaction of their parents. But instead of eliminating these causes they are even still deepening them, and then in some generation there comes up as the last drop which is an insignificant conflict – taken separately – and a real WAR breaks out, devastating already the whole of the country, without even conceiving as to what was the cause of the first shot. And in order to have this episode there are analytical centers in the USA within the influence of Pentagon – a whole machine of inciting a war. Weapons are being designed and manufactured permanently by this very same most powerful military industrial complex of the USA, and they have not only to be tested as to their operation efficiency in a combat situation but also to be sold to enable those in the business to purchase a bottle of Coca Cola for their toddlers or a little Ferrari car already for their teenager offspring. And weapons are mercilessly sold – with a cover up of the STATE CONTROL – to kill others – African toddlers and teenagers who not only have not seen a little Ferrari car but they do not even know that such a car exists at all. And they die. They do really perish. What is their fault? None, they die because of the decisions based on GREEDINESS FOR MONEY AND MATERIAL WEALTH of grown-up guys in the USA and made in softly carpeted rooms, and executed in a sandy Africa. .
The Somali pirates who kidnap oil-carrying tankers, take in hostages, and demand millions in ransom – it is namely the outcome of a discord and intrusion policy by the USA in Somalia that the country is divided within itself to that extent that no law rules there any more, no economy and politics are operating there, and thus young people, having lost their hope, give in to such felonious decisions – to take to violence and killing for money. And having performed these acts once, and then once again, there appears one’s mind immunity FROM goodness understanding, one’s mind is getting adapted to killing as well as to this sort of existence in a constant tension, even though the tension is conceived in a distorted way. Then there appear distorted concepts as to what is goodness and what is evil, and already such a distorted mind is easily giving in to be drawn even into bigger crimes.

A two-hundred-year history of an independent state of the United States of America has been created on the real suffering and sores of the African slaves and indigenous inhabitants of America – Indians – experienced through generations. To indigenous Indians and blacks, brought into the USA FROM AFRICA BY FORCE – LIVING IN THE USA HAS ALWAYS BEEN NOT IN A COUNTRY OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY BUT RATHER IN SLAVERY WHILE THEIR MASTERS CONSIDERED JUST THE OPPOSITE – THE UNITED STATES WAS A COUNTRY FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW AND TRUE FREEDOMS AND DREAMS, CREATED FOR MAN. An Indian and a negro – according to their understanding – was NOT A MAN – he was only an Indian, and only a negro. But it is from an Indian that territories, rich in mineral resources, have been taken away and if he tried to resist and defend his own land he was merely butchered, and it is a negro slave who has stacked up a material fortune to his masters. And he remained wronged, even as those AFRICAN lands from which the slaves were FORCIBLY delivered to the USA.

Europe hosts the countries which have exploited Africa – Great Britain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Belgium – which had their COLONIES in Africa, and disallowed them to stand up on their feet, and kept them kneeling before their colonial masters who without any pay were not only sucking African fortune but even annihilated their national identity, and their independent thinking, and through generations suppressed their intellect and incited the sense of their inferiority.
And it was at the time that Barack Obama was competing for the USA president’s seat for the first time, as back as he was not yet nominated as the candidate of the Democratic party and as he was competing with several candidates within the party I asked the Father as to who eventually would be elected as the USA president. And it was already at this time that I was explained by the Father that the president would be Barack Obama, and he would be elected not for the benefit of the United States of America but rather for the AWAKENING OF AFRICA so that the black race from knees would stand up to its full size, that it would wake up from its lethargic sleep – the whole of the continent. And the fact that for the first time A BLACK PERSON has become the president of the most powerful state in the world, and even in such a country that discrimination and even segregation of the black people has been so spread in every-day life fairly recently would be such an inspiration to Africa, and its rising up from the race degradation that had continued for centuries so that AFRICA’S AWAKENING TO MOVEMENT WOULD BE SPED UP AS BARACK OBAMA WOULD OPERATE LIKE A CATALYST.
At that time I received a letter from the United States of America, from one of my brethren, from a black man, full of sore and confession that he was feeling a permanent humiliation because of his black skin color. He was pleading me that I would ask the Father as to what he was supposed to do so that this sort of state of his mind would not torture him from within all the time. I mailed him the Father’s response, and he sent me a marvelous reply full of joy and elevation. This is the way the Father’s response heightened him once he learnt about the true role of Barack Obama to AFRICA, and about the awakening of the black race, and about the Father’s LOVE. By the way, this Father’s response has been posted on our website –
Now that you know a broader context you will be able to understand better my explanation as to what has to be done with the current refugees from African lands.
Jesus taught that having inherited some wealth at first it has to be purified by separating that part of the wealth which had been appropriated dishonestly, or which had been accumulated by exploiting another man, so that all these parts were given back their true owners, or to their offspring. Thus, it is allowed to inherit only that part of wealth which has been earned HONESTLY AND WITHOUT EXPLOITATION AND DECEPTION OF ANOTHER MAN.
So today the refugee problem must to be solved not by the European pseudo-Union but rather by the former COLONIAL STATES which had their colonies on the African continent, or in the Middle East, from where the refugees are swarming.
This has to be done very soon so that the people would hear this news, unheard to the world to date, and this news would provide them an INNER impulse not to prepare to emigrate but rather to wait for an improvement of their situation in their own country very soon.
The United States of America faces even a bigger challenge – not only the accumulation of its material wealth but also taking by force into slavery and keeping in slavery representatives of the black race, thus having sown the seed of derision of the black race for ages not only within the United States of America but even throughout the world, and – which is even more deplorable – even within the black race itself, and even in the very same Africa.
Popular wisdom is not in vain as it claims one’s debt is not a wound to heal. THE TIME HAS COME TO PAY THE BILL OF DEBT BY THE RICH COUNTRIES IF THEY DO WANT TO TRULY SETTLE THE ISSUE OF REFUGEES INSTEAD OF INCITING EVEN A MORE-AWFUL COMMOTION IN THEIR OWN LANDS AS WELL, AND WHICH IS ALREADY BEGINNING TO SPRING UP, AS NOW THE PSEUDO-POLITICIANS DO NOT KNOW ANY MORE AS TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO WITH THESE PERMANENT ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, AND FINANCIAL CRISES UNDER THEIR OWN NOSE. When a UNIVERSAL CHAOS breaks out nobody shall listen to them any more even though THE BOSSES OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX shall be rubbing their hands in satisfaction – THEIR PRODUCTION WILL BE IN GREAT DEMAND, AND DUE TO THIS EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE. Unfortunately, their nearsighted mind does not see that they are all in the very same SINKING vessel of humanity. Of course, as the size of this vessel is enormous and as one end will be already submerged under water the opposite one will still remain above water for some time, and it will be still possible to carry on dancing there for a while, only will it go on for long?
Thus the second step has to be the curbing of appetite of the bosses of the military industrial complex. And that is necessary to be done by gradually reaching an agreement with them after TRULLY recounting them what I have been recounting you now so that these bosses would stop thinking that they are safe themselves, that their actions will not bring in consequences – eventually tragic for them as well. It is impossible to stop the operation of the law of CAUSE-ACTION-CONSEQUENCE – as well as the stride of Evolution forward – even for Creator Himself – The Paradise Trinity-I AM.
Therefore the currently arriving migrants must be received in and DEFINITELY TOLD – TO GET THEIR CONSENT OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL IN WRITING - that they are permitted to stay here not to receive ALLOWANCES but rather to be trained to WORK IN CONTEMPORARY ENTERPRISES SO THAT THEY WOULD TURN INTO A QUALIFIED PERSONNEL TO BE ABLE TO WORK IN, AND EVEN TO MANAGE, BUSINESS COMPANIES THAT THE WEST EUROPEAN AND THE USA BUSINESSMEN WOULD HELP THEM SET UP IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES, after they get back to their native land after several years, or even a decade, of their stay here. And during this term they have to undergo an organized training and practice receiving a due payment. Of course, that will decrease income of the companies, yet, nothing doing, business has its own price for paying the debt bill. This way Africa – ravaged under a long-term colonial exploitation by the colonial masters - will be not only refurbished but GRADUALLY – THROUGH GENERATIONS – THE SENSE OF SELF-HONOR AND RESPECT OF THE BLACK RACE WILL BE RESTORED – WE CAN ALSO CREATE – WHILE IN THE VERY PROCESS OF CREATION THERE WILL BE FORMING UP A MUTUAL TRUST WHICH IN ITS TURN WILL INCITE A BIGGER COOPERATION AND UNDERSTANDING, AND LITTLE BY LITTLE A SPARK IMPULSE WILL BE IGNITED THAT, LOOK, EVEN HE – A BLACK – STARTED FEELING AN INNER DRIVING FOR SELF-EXPRESSION – TO SET UP HIS OWN BUSINESS, AND IN HIS OWN COUNTRY, AND TO WORK THERE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THIS COUNTRY.
ANOTHER VERY SIGNIFICANT STEP IS EXACTLY THE FOLLOWING ONE – the West European and the USA political leaders must comprehend that EVERYTHING is connected into a LIVING system – THEREFORE IT IS A MUST TO COOPERATE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE WHOLE. That is why it is necessary for them to hold a widely represented convention with all the current leaders and politicians of African countries to voice them certain provisions on the implementation of A POLITICAL, SOCIAL, AND EDUCATIONAL TRUE VISTA OF AFRICA, IF THERE IS A REAL DESIRE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF AFRICA, SO THAT THEY WOULD NOT RUIN THE WHOLE OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT ALTOGETHER IN THE OFFING AS THIS CONTINENT IS WAKING UP LIKE A VOLCANO AFTER A LONG LETHARGIC SLEEP, and would not flood up a small Western Europe with a LIVING TSUNAMI SWARM OF IMMIGRATION.
However, the most important provision is that everything must be done together with CREATOR – THE PARADISE TRINITY-I AM – as it is only this sort of Africa that can wake up with a lesser stretching itself which can be like very painful pricks to others, even as this current thrust of refugees. This is only the very first STRETCHING OUT of Africa.

I have provided here only the GUIDELINES while as to their IMPLEMENTATION I would need to go into a fairly lengthy explanation. Meanwhile for you it is important to have a broader context than it is seen by the current pseudo-politicians of the world who have not yet grown up to the level of true politicians therefore their decisions will be INEFFECTIVE, AND PRODUCE ONLY A BIGGER CONFUSION AND DISCORD EVEN WITHIN EVERY WEST EUROPEAN COUNTRY. DO NOT AWAIT PEACE, IT HAS ALREADY BEEN LOST, ONLY DUE TO YOUR NARROW OUTLOOK YOU DO NOT SEE AND UNDERSTAND IT YET.


All decisions taken without Creator – The Paradise Trinity-I AM – and implemented without Creator are void of the foundation of Creator’s Wisdom and Light therefore they can bring neither one’s confidence in one’s future nor one’s understanding of one’s own contribution to the future. And it is equal to CONFUSION. It is namely this that is being demonstrated by the whole of squad of pseudo-politicians of the European pseudo-Union being completely unaware of as to what has to be done therefore their decisions shall ONLY BRING A DISCORD AMONG STATES, WHICH IN ITS TURN ONLY SPEED UP THE DISRUPTION OF THE EUROPEAN PSEUDO-UNION ITSELF.

Let Creator’s Bliss and Peace, and my Brotherly hug be upon you.

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