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Father's teaching on FAITH, 2015 09 27

My Father, Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister, I AM, I worship and glorify you, and I teach all my brethren in the Urantia group as well as during the living worship service in your and our living temple, named after you – The Paradise Trinity-I AM living temple – to worship and glorify you.
I worship and glorify you of my own free will bestowed by you. My will is that your will be done, amen.
I desire to hear from you a teaching on the meaning of FAITH. Why should we need it if the enlightenment of the whole of creation comes through experience, and faith does not substitute experience neither it is adequate to it.
Thus what is the meaning of faith in our life?
My Son, I am your Father, even as the Father of all, I worship and glorify you in every blink of your glorification and worship of My Person, as in this moment we are FUSED as ONE IN SPIRIT.

Just look back even as recently as a few years ago, while you were traveling with the revelation book - The Urantia Book - around the whole of Lithuania. Who was driving you for two summers to spend time while sleeping in the forest physically ALONE, while SPIRITUALLY TOGETHER WITH ME AND MY OTHER CO-ORDINATE PARTNERS OF THE PARADISE TRINITY, AND NOW YOU KNOW THAT EVEN THE AGGREGATE DEITY – I AM – WAS ALSO WITH YOU, EVEN WITHIN YOU IN SPIRIT? Who motivated you to spend nights in the forest rather than in hotels? It was your inner spiritual and living FAITH. This real manifestation of My DRIVING POWER has manifested itself within you through your FAITH which you have really opened to yourself through your endless and permanent daily efforts. And during the period prior to your living faith within your spiritual personality your mind has no any experience apart from reading new assertions in the so-called EPOCHAL REVALATION of The Urantia Book. And the assertion that belief is different than faith even though people do not make any distinction between the two, led your mind to contemplating this difference on a theoretical level without any practical experience thus you had no idea of any changes in your conscience in the near future as regards your personal discovery of your living faith. Thus you were contemplating on belief and faith from an intellectual vantage point without having any experience in the field. You had a short glimpse of an experience of BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU WERE READING IN THE URANTIA BOOK. And this was such an obvious fact that you did not question the assertions form the revelation book. Your deep belief in what you were learning form The Urantia Book was due to your spiritual personality’s desire to learn and study more about Creation and about Creator, your personality’s mind was OPEN to this sort of information that is why the vibrations of you personality consciousness and sub-consciousness were very close to the vibrations of the Revelators of the Papers of The Urantia Book thus these assertions resonated within your personality. Therefore it was easy to believe in what you were reading without even having any faith experience. Yet your personality mind was very close to stepping over the threshold of EVEN the FAITH which is one’s personality’s living communion relationship with the Source and Center of REALITY – CREATOR – that is with ME – as this is the only means to open up one’s personality to a Reality undiscovered yet, and therefore inexperienced yet, even though EXISTING WITHIN CREATOR’S – MY – REACH.
And it is after one’s personality DISCOVERS CREATOR – THE PARADISE TRINITY-I AM – WITHIN THAT FAITH TURNS INTO THE REAL ONE AND VERY SOON IT MOTIVATES THAT PERSONALITY FOR A LIVING COMMUNION WITH CREATOR – THE FATHER AND MOTHER OF THE WHOLE OF CREATION. In this process of a living spiritual communion personality’s FAITH always precedes this personality’s acting for the benefit of all as one’s faith is the CHANNEL through which the driving energy – power – reaches the personality directly form Creator – from Me – to act together with Creator – with Me.
Acting is the experience of a personality, and personality’s faith is as fuel to a car engine, as a wind to the sail of a vessel, as it gives impetus to drive a car or lead a vessel for the benefit of all and by experiencing while acting together with Creator – with Me – this very same faith is transformed into the personality’s TRUST in CREATOR – in Me – and in SELF-CONFIDENCE, which in their turn give the personality the experience of KNOWING REALITY EVEN BEFORE EXPERIENCING IT.
One’s faith is like a catalyst to one’s action for the benefit of all. Without faith you would not be able to make any serious step into the unknown as your hesitation and doubt would prevent you from feeling your self-confidence to perform the act.
Without your faith you would not have been able to perform those two journeys with The Urantia Book around Lithuania while standing in the streets of different cities and speaking out My living word to totally-unknown-to-you brethren, as this mission you have performed exclusively being driven by My POWER of your FAITH.

Now that you have accumulated this experience you well know that this experience built up your character even stronger and your faith has also become stronger as they both are mutually related and have a reciprocal impact on each other. Even though faith comes prior to experience but once the first experience is accumulated to confirm the rightness of one’s faith it builds up one’s faith as well.

They are two INHERENT ASPECTS OF YOUR PERSONALITY CHARACTER MANIFESTATION FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL. The deeper the faith you have and the stronger is your communion with Me the more vigorous and efficient your action is together with Me even as I lead you from within. You can make distinction between your belief and faith once you discover Me and realize this enormous difference so can you equally assert that faith and experience are two branches of My living tree which supplement each other with My living vibrations so that the whole personality as My individual and eternal gift to you would unveil its potentials into its actuals that by this it surprises even the personality identity itself.
The meaning of faith is absolutely unfathomable as it shall be necessary all the time as you shall have to take permanently new challenges that would bring you into totally unknown situations in which you have never been before, and it is your faith that shall come to your rescue that this challenge is up to your shoulders even as all the previous challenges that were also causing you hesitation and doubt, and in some moments even lack of confidence and it was only your faith that had been ever deepened by your personal communion and action with Me, that allowed to stand volunteer to a new challenge necessary for the benefit of the whole of creation.
That is why never doubt that you shall enjoy your eternal adventure with Me in different parts of My creation which is ever becoming yours as well even though you have not yet experienced this wide and miscellaneous work cooperation with your other brethren and even from other planets.

Thus you may call your faith AS A LOCOMOTIVE POWER DRIVING FORWARD YOUR TRAIN OF EXPERIENCES. The bigger the locomotive the stronger the power it drives the train cars loaded with your ever new experiences.
Thus cherish your living faith in Me and action with Me and it is only this way that your personality shall ensure a strong-will character portraying My image by your personal daily life in YOUR ADEQUATE FAITH.
Thank you, my Father for your teaching. My will is that your will be done. Amen.
2015 09 27

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