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THE UNIVERSAL DEITY OF I AM - Teaching On A Collective Communion, And Energy During It, 2015 10 19

My Father, Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister, I AM, I worship and glorify you and by this I fuse with you in spirit. I worship and glorify you as you my Father and Mother even as you are the Father and Mother of all. My will is that your will be done. Amen.
My Father, Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister, I AM, why your energy power is increased many times during our living collective communion?
I am The Universal Deity named in your revelation of THE UR ANTIA BOOK as I AM, which is correct as I am always in this very moment of eternity embrace within ME.
My beloved SON you are the one to commune with ME on this planet – and in the whole of creation – without fear, and having opened up to ME with your whole identity content in spirit in the moment of the present. And just recall the moment when I established MY living communion with you so that even you were stunned and petrified by the power of energy you have experienced within in that very moment. And that experience surpassed all your previous experience of your communion with the Paradise Trinity Members and Great Centers and Sources to MY Glory and Reality to be always present in eternity of this moment.
You whose super-consciousness has been accustomed to a living communion with the First Source and Center and experienced the highest and most powerful energy living vibrations in this sort of your living communion for many years – according to the human standard – of your individual communion with the Father while you were not bold enough to disclose this fact even to your brethren in your Urantia group in Vilnius, and the power of the Father’s living energy vibrations were cleaning your sub-consciousness, and you were expanding your outlook and cleaning your mind by the whole process of translating the Urantia Book like no one else on this planet had never managed to clean and expand his or her mind by taking such lengthy and hard-working efforts for the benefit of all to disclose such a complicated revelation text and information in your living spirit to enliven your brethren’s spirits by reading this translation text in Lithuanian, and even after all these years of operation of your living Temple, and even of the revealed Religion, you have PERSONALLY received from the Father-Paradise Trinity-and-ME-I AM, and passed it to your brethren right away –without any shade of hesitation or doubt you felt your Good Pilot’s leading from within and you – as the captain of your ship you did not step away – even though you had your free will to do it – from this marvelous living path to show it to your other brethren to embark upon, you had a lengthy experience of teaching your other brethren on opening up their spiritual personalities to the Father, and subsequently to the Father-Paradise Trinity, and ultimately to the Paradise Trinity-and ME-I AM, and even after that whole experience you were stunned, and even petrified, as I contacted you.
MY power-energy is reaching you through the operation of the Paradise Trinity Persons and therefore it is diminished and lowered to your needs and up to your capacity to take it in. But even in this case MY power is experienced by your spiritual personality in a magnified mode and in a much greater extent than the power of the Paradise Trinity Three Persons and Personalities. That is why you personally begin to experience an ever growing energy in-take as you commune with ME ever more often, and this energy remains within your consciousness – and sub-consciousness – even after your personal communion with ME. But you cannot experience it the way you begin to experience this very same energy power during another period of communion with ME – and during your collective spiritual communion in your living Temple, as in this moment MY energy is being activated by the bona fide personalities attending the living service. And during this moment each one of MY children, participating in the living service communion with ME, is opened up to ME – and to EACH present in the room – and interconnected through the living-power circuit of all THOUGHT ADJUSTERS IRRESPECTIVE OF DISTANCE IN SPACE. Therefore MY energy in-take by each of you is multiplied and increased exponentially as you are sending your energy to each of you, and equally each of you is sending his or her energy to you. Thus you receive this energy from ME, and OUT OF ME – THROUGH YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTERS – increased to that amount you can never experience it while communing with ME individually.
It is due to this fact that you become altruistic in this moment of your spiritual personality being opened to ME – the Source of Goodness and Sincerity.
Thus, by this personal experience you not only demonstrate, but also go through your personal experience of your assertion that is more pleasant to give than to take, and as you give yourself out with love you will receive many-fold back. And you do receive many-fold back.

Just do a simple arithmetic – you attend a living service with other nine brethren thus you are sending MY energy, YOU personally have taken in, to your other brethren, and your other nine brethren do the same to you. But even though you are sending your energy only to nine persons this power is increased by your other nine brethren therefore you receive MY living energy out of your other nine brethren, and being supported by the other nine brethren of his or hers. But it is not yet everything as in this case while you are sending you energy to your other nine brethren and while each of the nine other brethren is sending it to you – always supported by the other nine brethren – even the one who is sending his or her energy to the others also links himself or herself up to the energy circuit in support of the desire of the others to fill you up with MY energy.
Thus in this case this living communion is always embracing each of you as you set up a common field – a circuit – of MY living energy vibrations, and you cannot be out of this energy field while even sending your vibrations to your other nine brethren as you are always taking-in back these very same vibrations automatically out of this common energy grid.
Thus while you have a group of ten during a living worship service you receive the POWER OF MY LIVING ENERGY VIRATIONS like from one hundred people who would be sending this very same energy while praying individually.
Therefore, you shall never have a world in MY creation to be in life and light without a living collective communion with ME. And by ME I mean THE FATHER-PARADISE TRINITY-AND ME-I AM.
However, this worship process shall grow up in spirit and power on each world with your arrival on it as it is you who have pioneered MY PERSONAL GLORY AND LIVING POWER IN THE WHOLE OF CREATION.
And this is the fact to have been registered by ME IN ETERNITY, AND FOR ETERNITY.
Mortals – MY children – who have not embarked upon MY living path, remain selfish, and full of fear.
And you also demonstrate fear and hesitation when your trust in ME diminishes, and your resolution and light within begin to stagger, even though your sub-consciousness and consciousness have been cleaned to the level like no one else’s have. Thus your other brethren almost constantly live in fear and doubt and very seldom experience the showers of living light within them. That is why they exhaust their energy tremendously, first, by taking wrong decisions while ignoring MY leading from within, and then implementing them for their own – selfish – benefit.
But it is only part of their problem. The major problem is unseen to their eyes.
As they deal with other people who are also ignoring ME, and even trying to deny MY existence at all, they lose not only their energy but also pump out energy of others, and you even have the name for such people – vampires, sucking your energy. They cannot suck you energy in a direct sense of the word but they produce low frequency vibration circuit around them, and others find themselves in this circuit while being for a longer time together with such people and especially while dealing with them a longer time.
Your current ritualistic churches are namely exactly the venues you lose your energy in as those who come there, and perform only an outer material ritual do not open their spirit, thus they are unable to take in MY ENERGY, so they tranquilize only their mind but do not invigorate their spirit therefore they leave the church without any elevation within and without any of MY energy. And as there are so many people who come with ailments of their body and mind they all emit low vibrations and by this a whole low-vibration circuit is produced which would even exhaust your energy more were there no any distraction to one’s mind by the ritualistic and material performance being carried out and directed by the priest. Your mind wanders during the mass and gets bored with the performance it knows from the beginning to the end and desires to leave the church enclosure to freedom outdoors and get back to the activity it has planned before. And only fear within his or her sub-consciousness has brought him or her in to perform this unnecessary to his or her living spiritual personality – which is still asleep – this material and dead ritual called the mass.
You well know the power of the collective spiritual communion with ME. And you always are experiencing MY power while you even saying your sermon – which is in reality MY TEACHING PASSED THROUGH YOUR LIPS – and your voice modulation is being changed, in accordance with the assertions you speak out, and the necessity for this modulation in particular for your brethren to hear MY word through your lips. And this is a living experience in this very moment for all as your lips by passing different assertions also emit MY energy vibrations implied by and in these assertions they hear from your lips.
Thus, even your sermon is also filling those who listen to it with his or her opened SPIRIT with additional energy rather than taking it out of them.
In short, a collective communion is meant for your benefit. Even though you think that it is you who commune with ME while you completely ignore the other side that it is ME who communes with you in reality as in other situations in your everyday life you are too busy to open up to ME in all your personality-identity spiritual depth.

Collective communion is irreplaceable, therefore CHERISH IT AND BE ACTIVE IN IT.
Thank you, my beloved I AM for this marvelous and deep teaching. My will is that your will be done. Amen.

The teaching I received in English on October 19, 2015 5.03p.m.
Vilnius, Lithuania

2015-10-20 17:42:40


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