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Father's teaching-response on possible catastrophic calamities on this world, 2015 12 24

My beloved Father, Eternal Son-Mother-Brother, Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister, I AM, I worship and glorify you for your wonderful EVOLUTION I enjoy as the process in the whole of creation; I worship and glorify you of my own will bestowed by you upon all of us. My will is that your will be done.
I do desire to ask you a crucial question – is it true that I see in the mind’s eyes the world approaching a catastrophic disaster on a mass scale or is it only my sub-consciousness that is sending these low frequency vibrations to my mind and nothing of the kind shall take place in the offing?

My beloved son, I am your Father, even as I am the Father of ALL, therefore I commend you as my true son doing My will in performing your mission I have authorized you to perform, and I provided My providence to assist you in this unique job for a mortal on this planet so that your ability should be incremented and your trust in Me and your self-confidence should augment and that would make your mission more steady even at his early stage.
Be sincere in your response – how much do you trust My words of a living light and love as I stimulate you not to be afraid of anything and anybody so that you would begin to control My energy to a much-greater level and that would also come in handy to you to perform your mission at a more steady and resolute stride? You are full of self-confidence and living love vibrations for Me while you are listening to My teaching but as soon as you get back to your lonely situation in life this feeling is withering away so much that you need a new encouragement from Me and you pause to take your doubts and uncertainty over to Me just to remain only with My LIVING FEELING OF LOVE AND LIGHT that generates resolution, trust in Me, and your self-confidence to ACT together with Me as My Co-creator. And that results in creeping in of more doubts on the necessity of an urgent action on your part even though you wish your brethren would be more resolute to act instantaneously after you have delivered any message to them and that requires their resolution and action immediately.
However, you are all in the same boat which is called humanity, therefore you can either save your vessel in a stormy ocean from getting wrecked or you shall leave humanity even in a much darker ambiance than you are currently in.

This is the only direct link to your future on this planet – your living faith in Me and action together with Me as co-creator of My Evolutionary episodes on your world to make it My residence place for the benefit of Paradise – My central and only dwelling place in My creation – which generates benefit for the whole of multitude of all the planets in My Universe.
Just have the second thoughts on the present holidays of Christmas. You consider this land a catholic land – and even more – sponsored by the so-called Mary the Virgin, the earthly mother of Jesus – My Creator Son and your brother in spirit – as he has arrived on this world to do My will for the benefit of all – yours as well – and during this traditional holiday to mark the arrival of this human babe of Jesus out of the womb of Mary you have a marvelous occasion to get enlightened in church thronged with believers that you can hardly get in given the fact YOUR HEARTS THAT I DESIRE FOR ARE OPENED UP TO ME.
Unfortunately, you deliver to church only your material forms which you call human bodies but completely leave behind you your human selves – your true selves – your personalities – that I have been waiting for communication with Me, at least on this occasion if not every day.
Imagine the significant changes in your land that is MY LAND rather than earthly MARY’s as it is I who is teaching you rather than earthly Mary so do not diminish the status of your land even though My beloved daughter and earthly mother of Jesus – Mary – is full of My Love and Light in her present morontial status and she is earnestly climbing up the ladder toward her destiny implementation to reach Me and stand in My presence on Paradise – I am fully ready to commune with all of you in all your churches and at a time once you open up your hearts – your true selves – as brethren of earthly Mary who wishes you all well-being on this land and extends her hand of support to all of you who value her support but she is also extending you My love and her message – OPEN YOUR HEARTS TO YOUR FATHER – TO THE FATHER OF HER JESUS AND TO THE FATHER OF YOURS BY ABANDONING MERELY RITUALISTIC GLORIFICATION OF HER SON JESUS ON THIS WORLD.
I have passed Mary’s message to inform you that your current and very prolonged childish church ritual to massively celebrate the birth of Jesus on this world among the so-called Christian believers is NOT AN INNOCENT GAME that would not bring consequences to you. Try to figure out how many brethren of yours attend the mass service in church on this occasion and given the fact that the power of energy vibrations rises exponentially you can also figure out the negative impact of these low frequency vibrations on the whole of your community or society, or your land. The negative impact is enormous you cannot even figure it out in full.
Therefore your fight against corruption, against crime, against drugs, against alcohol, against any other brutality and violence, against deception and slander, against selfishness and betrayal, against illnesses and depression, against the family war and school darkness, against provocations and a threat of a state coup or a civil war, or even wars among different ideologies and states is inevitable. You cannot prevent all the future calamities that are already developing. I shall tell you even more openly I cannot prevent them either as it is not in My power to stop My Evolution in Creation, and My Evolutionary Plan provides only A ONE-WAY street – PROGRESS AND LIGHT IN LOVE AND TRUTH – WHICH IS REALITY IN REALITY.
I cannot stop anything from happening on your world which runs counter My will, except your teachings to the whole of humanity. And be certain, they shall be heard even as far away as in Australia and Japan, in China and India, in South and North America, and in Europe – and all the current civilization has to give way to your living light you take to your brethren and which you have been receiving from Me. And the time shall come that all churches and synagogues, all mosques and pagodas will be happy to receive you and listen to your living word.

And the time shall come to your land that all the churches shall be free from the current dead dogmas and rituals and it is only then that all my children will come to the living TEMPLE AS TRUE SPIRITUAL PERSONS, AND THEIR HUMAN VEHICLES WILL BE ONLY A MEANS FOR THEM TO MOVE AROUND AND TO DO MY WILL AS THEIR PERSONALITY IS OPENED TO ME AND DESIRES TO DO MY WILL OUT OF LOVE AND MAKES USE OF THIS BODY AS A TOOL TO DO A GOOD JOB FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL AS MY CO-CREATOR OF GOODNESS. And these high frequency vibrations – also incremented exponentially – shall encircle the whole land of MINE and resound throughout the planet, and on in Creation even as it is already resounding in your-and-My living Temple – The Paradise Trinity-I AM Living Temple – so that I feel a great satisfaction in your high frequency vibrations, and I have My gift to you – as you are so fond of presents on the Christmas occasion – but My present is awaiting you on PARADISE. It will never lose its value neither it is going outdated. Have patience and be in good humor as I am always within you even during the highest turbulences of your civilization. You cannot escape them since you have been blind and deaf to My living light and truth being passed by My other prophets. And even now your brethren still keep their eyes and ears closed and stay on blind and deaf to the light and truth of your teaching.
But you well know the way out of this darkness and you are already strong enough to use the means I have provided you to win over this current dead and swampy darkness of your brethren as it is only these dark sons and daughters of Mine that prevent My love and light to be passed to others – especially to little children and teenagers in all types of schools. Therefore pray more earnestly for all those dark children of Mine and be in good humor within Me and experience Me within to co-operate with Me in doing goodness as Co-creator of Mine.

Thank you my Father for this teaching and your love I am experiencing from you at this moment. My will is that your will be done.

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2015 12 24

2015-12-24 22:20:23


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