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What is the meaning of a prayer, and how do we pray?

WHat is the meaning of a prayer and how do we pray? Is it necessary to pray? Why?

2006-08-24 17:41:06


The meaning of a prayer I think is to better understand oneself, and to emit good feelings for everyone into our planet and into all universe. And such good wishes/emotions will return to you to strenghten and to please you.
Of course prayer have to be frank, and when I say "better understand oneself" I mean, You may share your thoghts about how you spent day, what you did, what not, what you think. Its like frank conversation with god, like a good friend, with which you can be totally frank, becouse he knows you more than anyone could better know. And be being frank with oneself you can more understand things, its like new experience, and later you can apply your understandings into life. Also prayer is like participate in creation with god, to say what you think should be, and what you wish for, for others.
God is person, and a lot of things are related by personal connection, by talking with god we can increase the connection with Paradise Father, and to have a feeling like we are a son or a doughter of his.

2006-09-18 22:35:06

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