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Father’s Teaching On Family, 2018 10 26

Father’s Teaching On Family, received by me in Lithuanian in Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018 10 26

I translated it from Lithuanian into English on October 30, 2018.

My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you and ask you for your teaching on the Family which you have promised me so that I would take it down to study for all.


My beloved son, I am your Father and I am giving you this teaching so that you would be able to grow in your concept as to what is a Family in a divine understanding – in My understanding – which has to be as an eternal vector for you – feeling yourselves as full fledged members of My Divine Family already now – on this initial world of your journey to the Mansion of Eternity, to Me on Paradise where I am expecting you – and I am ready to receive you after you will have accumulated all the living experiences – in the Living Family designed for you – on the way to Me.
Evolution has been designed to be able to disclose itself by the expression of different tinges of My Energy therefore I have My Divine Family while being Myself the Energy Source as well as while being invisible by a definite Form of Energy manifestation in no other way but through your inner senses to My Vibrations which will ever develop and become stronger in your journey ever closer to Me on Paradise, therefore your concepts on the Family in My creation will expand and become more clear. Thus I have designed Evolution so that My Family would also exercise the expression of an Eternal Energy which We have named for you both as a Spirit and Spiritual Personalities, and as My children of two different sexes possessing their material forms, such as you – mortals – and such as Adam and Eve – Material Sons and Daughters – who can continue the procreation of their new generations by the sexual intercourse between a man and a woman within their own realm.
By the very Flow of Evolution of the implementation of My Plan I have foreseen that the most reliable and the best form of association and one’s own self expression within the Circuit of My Love Energy is the unification of two different persons – a man and a woman – in a harmonious and supplementing each other human family where a diminished copy of My Love is dominant and which is being created and shared between the two spouses who in their turn, already due to My leading from within, begin to disclose themselves ever stronger by the manifestation of different physiological qualities and powers of Man and Woman given to them by Me so that their body begins to ever more succumb to the needs and strivings of the spiritual personality indwelling that body which, as I have designed, is a provisional means for the personality to create its own welfare and the well-being of the ambience as well as the hub of the Energy Circuit of My Love within which My both children – a son and a daughter – operate.
No family can be without Me as it will be just a provisional means for building up your physical comfort without a Living Content of My Love which has been designed for the manifestation of two personalities not merely in vain but rather to manifest themselves for the Welfare of the whole, and by the motive of My Love. It is only such a Partnership of My two children of different sexes that will turn into the expression of a human family once My other children of Love and Light - My sons and daughters – will be created together with Me to develop in this earthly environment but in the Vibrations of My Divine Love in the mother’s womb and in the father’s Love Embrace as in an extension and manifestation of My Divine Family together with Me for the Welfare of all.
If you are lacking the experience I have just described you should not yet claim that you have a loving family since you have not yet experienced what is a family, you have not yet assimilated the main Message of Mine – what is the meaning and essence of the family on this planet, and on other planets inhabited by mortals of two different genders – to create Life in the Circuit of My Love Energy the way two mortals of different sexes are capable of modeling its separate hub together with Me, and necessarily for the Welfare of all. Since you have not yet received this Message until now your families have also been created up to this moment pursuing certain goals that have always included the element of one’s expediency being expressed in one way or another. It is namely due to this that you have stepped away from the Path of My Love and Light so far off that even this current teaching seems to you as a pinnacle beyond reach, as a path on which it is impossible to walk on your planet so that no one would even be striving for it. I must assure you that it shall be not only sought for but that all would desire to have namely this sort of a family for it is only in this sort of a family there shall be no rows and conflicts, and children will grow up healthy and strong in My Love, Power, and Energy. And an in-depth relationship between the earthly parents in the Partnership shall enable them to provide their children with this sort of a Living Content filled up with My Eternal Values – Love, Truth, Justice, Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, Cosmic Insight, Energy Manipulation so that the children already since their early days will keep a Living Communion with Me and by this they will gladden their earthly parents. And it is these actions of the children that will confirm the Truth of the revelation of the Living Content provided by their parents within which already the children’s inclination to their own Partnership with their future Partner to be bestowed by Me will start manifesting itself. And it is within their earthly family – by their earthly parents’ expression of My partnership manifestation – that the children after having replenished themselves with a Living Content will model the hub of the Circuit of My Love Energy being foreseen by their own Partnership.
A human family that have been designed by Me is an Evolutionary cell of the mankind operating for the benefit of the whole by My two children of different sexes while supplementing each other by the manifestation of the Partnership for the welfare of all.
Since all Energy can radiate in the manifestation of vibrations only, so nobody is capable of stopping it, even My children who have been authorized for the function and who are qualified for it can stop only the operation of the communication circuits so that they would not be available any more up to a certain time to My other children to transmit their messages, yet even they cannot stop the radiation of vibrations from within individuals. It is due to this that the top frequency Living Energy Circuit of My Love will be present within your families, and the vibrations of which will be sensed within by every member of the family, and within another member of the family, and one will sense them even to that extent to know what frequency vibrations are radiating out of every member of the family for the one in particular. Therefore this sort of the family while its every member will feel My Love and pour it out for one another shall not experience any conflicts, shall not have such experiences which would make weary and cause stress – only My Love and Harmony shall dominate. Due to this these children, whose conception and bringing up has been performed in this Energy Circuit of My Love, will be well prepared for their own Partnership so that it will be easy for them to sense his or her Partner being provided by Me for the creation of their own earthly family in Partnership so that he or she would become this Living Supplement to his or her Partner without which neither a man nor a woman can disclose himself or herself in full as Man and Woman as this sort of revelation has been designed by Me for such Creative Acts filled up with the most sincere and mutual Love and Trust, which is possible only in the Partnership.
This is My Family Evolution from the aggression of the savage up to My spiritual children in My Love after having discovered Me within and after having been enlightened by My Love in the Partnership, designed to ever deeper reveal oneself to each other as Man and as Woman, and uniting oneself with Me in a spiritual Unity so that Man’s and Woman’s Creative Acts would pour out by ever new and surprising every-day Vibrations of the Love Power Experiences directed to the enlightening and creating every-day environment, and the way I am leading you from within.
A family without Me shall turn into an arena of one’s suffering and struggling so that only stronger would dominate.
My family is the Realm of My Love in Bliss and Harmony where I am the main Engine. It is due to this fact that you will have long-lasting and bright families as My Family is the Family of Love and Light only, and you echo it at your level to the extent you are My image at the level of the identity of your personality.

Live and relish in Me to be creating – together with Me – your hub of My Love Energy Circuit already now.


Thank you my beloved Father for this teaching. My will is fused with yours, as well as with that of the Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, and I AM, and with my Partner’s for good and within eternity. Amen.
Let Creator’s Bliss and Peace and my Brotherly-Fatherly embrace be upon you.

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