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Father’s Teaching On Education, 2018 10 25

Father’s Teaching On Education,

Vilnius, Lithuania – 2018 10 25.

My translation from Lithuanian into English – 2018 10 29.


My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, today in the morning while communing with you I heard you say you would give me a teaching on the system of education, so I am ready to receive it and transcribe it for all those of your children, our brethren, who would desire to read it.


My beloved son, I am the First Source and Center, whom you with affection call the Father, even the Father of all.
Yes, I was teaching you in the morning as to what has to be the first step to control My Energy once one has reached the stage of Light and Life within – which you have already reached within many years ago – thus in My previous teaching I told you to more actively take-in My teachings, and take them down, and some of them make public on your-our Living Forum. Therefore the current teaching I am presenting is on your School Education that is so badly missing at your school.
Make use of My Love and Light to be able to implement some of the thoughts and assertions at your children’s school already today.
Those of you who have children must understand that My vibrations are being radiated from your children as well while they are sitting in a class-room and performing adequate tasks. It is upon you that depends the level of Love vibrations your children shall take from home to school – to every definite grade-room of your children where they spend the major part of the day. Thus it is due to your opening to Me that depends what level of vibrations of My Love you shall pass on to your children to be taken by them to their teachers and class mates as well as to all teachers and students of their school. However, the strongest impact of the vibrations will remain in their class-room as it is in this venue they spend most of their time at school. So being aware of it you can enlighten the atmosphere of all the grade and of all school by passing on ever higher frequency vibrations to all the grade and to all school and to all teachers to make easier not only their mutual association but also their reasoning while tackling different tasks. And children themselves will notice that they have reached a better outcome while performing various tasks even though just recently they looked like a tough nut to crack.
Atmosphere at school is an invisible engine leading your mind to a bigger desire and deeper understanding how to act and behave in that environment. That is why where there are many low frequency energy vibrations discipline in that grade is poor, and noise and teachers’ inability to control it are too strong not to make an impact on an overall process of studies which are ever more turning into inferior and even repulsive as the child does not want to attend school any more and is waiting for any chance to enjoy a day or two off such a school.
Correct life of a corrupt school – starting with your own self and filling your own children with Love and Light while drinking My Living Water by ever bigger gulps, and replenishing your children with it, so that they would take the Flow of the Living Water to their own grade, to their school. Explain to your children this process and its effect on both them and the children present in the class-room – and even on all teachers and all children at school – so that they would also consciously conceive how meaningful is their being at school for the benefit of Light to all, so that your own children would grow stronger by this Living Circuit of My Vibrations, and would gladly and actively watch how much they contribute on helping others experience such positive transformations. Children will feel this much sooner than grownups as they host less fear within therefore an inner satisfaction of your children will be stronger, and a stronger desire will arise to participate in this Living Game of Love and Light for the benefit of all.
Replenish your children with My Love ever stronger while opening up together with them in your every morning communion relationship with Me, keep up this association with Me even while you have to do so much to prepare for a new day, and still find time at least for a couple of minutes to replenish your children with My Love so that they would feel My Living Vibrations within and – feeling the state of their consciousness full of My Love – would gladly go to school, while ever stronger feeling by themselves that I am also present within them. They shall definitely feel it soon, much sooner than grown-ups, therefore you shall also experience a big satisfaction at your understanding of a true transpiring of My Evolution designed for you even within your children, and you will keep wondering at such a great amount of efforts you had personally to take while your children seem to have reached these transformations within as if taking no efforts whatever and for which you have strived year in, year out.
Inter-association even in the grade is not uniform as attraction to some of the children is greater and stronger than to others that is why they can call some of them as their friends while others are merely grade mates they happen to study together with but there is no closer relationship between them, therefore there is no deeper knowing of one another apart from the one provided by and understanding of the experience of outer scrutiny of the environment. Therefore for a better setting up of a mutual relationship atmosphere as well as for a better knowledge of the grade mates give a tip to your children to become a guide for the grade by proposing to get involved in the Grade Gathering of Openness. Such a Gathering would mean an after-school open and sincere mutual association among those students who desire it so that by opening themselves to all they would share such thoughts, ideas, or fancies they have never spoken out to anyone, so that everyone who desires to express himself or herself on anything could do it, so that everybody would be able through this sort of speaking out to know others deeper than in the current association in separate small groups rather than among all the grade mates.
Meanwhile, this sort of one’s sincere opening up on the subjects that one would like to reveal to all yet there is no chance of doing it as there are no such classes devoted to a deeper mutual understanding and studying each other would enable them to build up their mutual trust in each other and promote a fluent way of thinking, it would develop their language culture and set up their habits to express their clear thoughts. As long as there is no such experience accumulated yet, it is evident that the process will not be even and smooth right away but while you would be replenishing your children with an ever brighter Living Love and Light of Mine it is your children that would become these grade guides who would be up to the level to lead such Lessons at a Gathering of Openness as the Teachers giving impetus to all the Gathering on Opening Experience. And in the grade students will begin to feel very quickly your children’s sincere income and great desire to help them open up as well and to exercise a greater self-confidence, and not to be afraid of speaking out about themselves and their desires. And a moment shall come to produce such a child who will be experiencing an Impulse of My Living Sparkle – to worship and glorify Me together with all the grade. It is this fact that shall mark a Living Porch of My Living School - Worshipping and Glorifying Me before every lesson since My School is always leaning only upon Me – The Source and Center of Love and Light – therefore no activity can start, continue, and end without Me if it is for the welfare of all. That is why it is the crucial thing throughout the whole System of Education, in all its units, to lay My solid Foundation of a Living Sincerity and Openness, and it is possible to begin to lay this Foundation already today, starting with your own opening up to Me and by becoming ever stronger in Me, and then sincerely pour out all your Strength upon your children too, and do it together with Me.
This way you shall transfer My Love into your fancy school in which there will be My Love and Light only, while the process of learning will be meaningful and efficient, and it shall go on the way – and to the level – you are capable of implementing My Living Education by leaning upon My leading you from within when as many subjects as possible are being instructed outdoors in the nature, rather than among the four walls of the mural structure. A living space of the nature enables one’s thinking to manifest itself in a more piercing and deeper fly of thoughts than among the limited and dead spaces of the structure however nice they might be and however much of My Love and Light might have been put in while designing and building these structures yet these walls cannot provide the impact on your mind of a living nature.
That is why all schools must be built on such sites where the nature would be used as an environment of the process of learning to assist children in knowing creation and the matter and at the same time helping them easier assimilate the knowledge of such forms of the matter which are missing in that nature venue in particular while through the analogy of the forms existing on the venue site it would be possible for them to assimilate much easier all these things which at first sight might seem as if they could not be related to the knowledge of the nature such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, electricity related things, psychology, a family life and a mutual harmony, and other subjects.
Everything is developing within nature therefore all things are manifestations of that very same nature in My creation only you have stepped away from the nature too far off that is why it seems to you that these things have no any link to the nature, while even cities according to your understanding are not linked up to the nature any more thus you say it is worth spending more time in the nature and not in the city to improve your mood, to clear your mind and give rest to your body and brain. But the very initial environment of all cities was nothing else but the nature, and cities are nothing else but only a changed manifestation form of the same nature. The current form has distorted the evolutionary manifestation of the nature so much that it stopped reminding anything of a true nature, it has turned into a cancer cell, it has intruded into a healthy body of the nature by unwise actions, directed against My will out of your covetousness and greediness for money and wealth. But it does not mean that the nature has vanished on the city sites. No, it has not vanished, and moreover, it shall stand back in its undistorted form, while these short-lived cities shall wither away and fall to pieces, and the nature shall again take-in My Life to flourish in green.
And it is in this environment that My School shall operate while the Foundation for it you can begin to lay within you – now and always.


Thank you, my beloved Father for this unexpected and enlightening teaching-response. My will is fused for good and within eternity with your will even as with the will of The Eternal Mother, The Infinite Mother, and I AM, and of my Partner.

2018-10-31 14:42:28


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