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Father’s Teaching On Concord. Received from the Father by me in Lithuanian on November 09, 2018 Translated by me from Lithuanian into English on November 12, 2018

Father’s Teaching On Concord.

Received from the Father by me in Lithuanian on November 09, 2018
Translated by me from Lithuanian into English on November 12, 2018


My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, and I am asking you for your teaching-response – what is concord as now people cannot live in peace so that in this sort of concord they would live and would not fall to anger for a long span of time because now some sources of tension and conflicts spring up everywhere – in the street, within family, at school, at work. Could we keep on this mutual concord for a longer time?
My beloved son, I am The First Source and Center – the Father of you all – and I live in the Waves of My Love and on which I swing you – even as I swing the whole of My creation – My Family – My children – My sons and daughters – so that it would be better for you. I have My wonderful Co-ordinate Partners within The Paradise Trinity – The Second Source and Center and The Third Source and Center whom you address by a warmer-to-you name – The Eternal Mother, and The Infinite Mother – and The Aggregate Center of Us as of the Great Sources and Centers is I AM – the Achievement and Meaning of the Absolute Love and Infinity of the Four of Us for All Eternity and Infinity within this Blink and Reality – within Us – so that We would manifest Us through Our Sons and Daughters in the Drama of the Developments of Cosmic Evolution even on the plain of your planet by the abundance and by the reality of your every-day experiences which you drink as My Living Water and bite as My Living Bread by the different every-day states of your consciousness and by the decisions you take and implement and by the experience of the manifestation of the corresponding consequences. This sort of Evolution being provided by Me to all of you has been designed by Me so that My Fatherhood and Motherhood would supply you with the experience of the state of your consciousness of My living presence within you that after having discovered Me within you would experience your own Sonship and Daughtership and mutual Brotherhood by the Power of Love and by sensing Concord among all brothers and sisters with whom you happen to associate and cooperate.
Concord is the manifestation of My Love within your brotherhood by a blink of your association and cooperation. Once you get together into different groups irrespective of the fact whether or not these groups are of your association or already of your cooperation you enter into corresponding energy relationships, and even having not spoken out a word you set up your link with one another. And you begin to sense an energy expression within your own Energy Circuit, so that to some brethren you are being attracted more strongly than to others therefore you are more tolerant with some of your brethren while you are less tolerant with others, and your concord can be ensured while you are associating with some of them much closer, or after you have started a much closer cooperation you even begin to experience the manifestation of Concord at the Level of Love. In this case your tolerance to your brother or sister is getting even bigger, and you feel still a higher degree of Concord on your part, you are cooperating, by the expression of your Love, with that brother or sister while implementing corresponding tasks, and you are feeling an outburst of Love for him or her, and your Concord is ever deepening and growing in its vitality so that there is no ground for any conflict or cooling down of Love any more – by an in-depth meaning – while insignificant reasons – such as an animal fear – are not effecting you that much any longer to violate your mutual Concord, as your state of mind of the Living Love is elevating you above the illusionary shadows of fear, and they do not break the Eternity of Concord bestowed upon you by your Love.
Those of My children who more attentively peruse the Revelation Sources that have been given to all of them already know well that Concord is missing only where there are big losses of Love. Once Love has floated out of you while its place has been taken over by the illusionary shadows of fear you shall not have a true Concord – at first within you, and then this fall of Concord shall also thrust in to your mutual relationships without. It is simply impossible to achieve and keep on Concord without one’s state of consciousness of My Love.
Your common sense thinking allows you to be tolerant and patient up to a certain moment which you name as your civilized culture, however, if the state of your consciousness without My Love continues your outer cooperation, and even association, is ever more accumulating within a growing tension, and a moment creeps in when your animal mind cuts off a living relationship of the Concord Blossom with the operation of the personality consciousness within the Space Circuit of My Love, cared for by a weak identity of a spiritual personality, and you burst into accusations against each other or on the contrary you end up your association and by your reservation you withdraw yourself into your own snail mollusk shell in the trap of haughtiness and remorse. And in this moment you do not care not only for Concord but you even dare to relish in such a moment of dishonor and darkness to enjoy the fact that you provoke in others such a sort of reaction once they do not know how to behave because you have distanced yourself away from them while just a moment back there was a manifestation of concord among you, only it was not supplemented with My Love within you.
Concord is an in-depth and living relationship of one’s consciousness in the action of association or cooperation between two or more Children of Mine by the motive of and on the basis of Love. Therefore you cannot reach Concord, by the in-depth meaning of the word, without My Love as it is only My Love that replenishes you alive with My living vibrations which are full of My Eternal Values – Love, Goodness, Beauty, Sincerity, Justice, Truth, Reality, Cosmic Insight, Wisdom. Your concord will be able to manifest itself only for a short time without these Values being permanently bestowed upon, and expanded to, you by Me once for a short span you get interested in some new idea or a project and you begin to feel a big inner attraction to this idea or project as well as your inner sensation that it is in the course of the implementation of this idea that you will be able to disclose and reveal yourself as fully – and the way – as you have earlier dreamt about disclosing and revealing yourself to others, and to all. However, in the process of implementing this very idea or project there might come into existence new challenges which would require taking such new decisions to which you are not yet prepared, therefore in such moments you might be overtaken by doubts, even in your own self, and soon these doubts turn into even stronger illusionary shadows of fear which very quickly begin to dominate your sub-conscious layers that much that even on the level of your consciousness you stop feeling your former confidence that seemed to be beaming with joy, and then irritation, and even anger starts creeping in about this very idea or project that its smooth implementation has ended, and then all concord within is melting away very quickly, and the outer former concord among the brothers and sisters implementing this idea or project begins to crack down.
Concord is not a vain concept existing in theory only, Concord is a Love expression to a brother or sister within a Circuit of Love Energy in the process of their common presence or common action – association or cooperation – when you experience that Love is your all vital inner being of your Heart, and you experience pleasure and satisfaction directing My Living Love – I have been permanently bestowing and pouring out upon you – to a definite brother or sister in the process of association or cooperation. It is this practice that originates a lasting and effective state of consciousness of a mutual Concord when no discord arises and no mutual conflict springs up to cause tension and stress.
However, there is only an initial stage on this world while you are learning a living manifestation of Evolution even within you as very often you lose your Concord even within with your own self therefore your disrupted inner state of consciousness very soon yields you undesired to you fruits in your outer actions. Moreover, you have not been taught a mutual association as you have not been taught to know even your own inner self. And how can you ensure your inner Concord if you do not know your own self, and you do not know what is this very self of yours, who feels anger, anxiety, who senses pain, suffering, and who causes peace, bliss, joy, trust, confidence, who creates Goodness and Beauty, Truth and Justice – Reality? All these questions, and responses to them, is the Living Path Enlightenment towards Concord within and without – experiencing Love within, and Brotherhood – without.
Your current inner provision – to seek a selfish benefit to yourself only, to seek it even at the cost of the limitation of Light and Love to other brothers and sisters is truly not only mistaken but also a too-expensive price to My Evolution so that My children living in fear would continue to stay in darkness and would not see any way out of the maze of the meaningless games, and sparkling by the material lures and tinges of the entertainment darkness, being offered by the materialistic and consumer civilization. By no means so! That is why I have My marvelous children, whom you call with pride urants, who have already discovered Me within, and who do feel ever stronger within, the Meaning and Truth of the Living Path, and who ever deeper know, and even experience Me within, to strengthen and enlighten My other children who are also sincerely looking for My Truth and Light, even as you have been looking for it prior to discovering Me within. It is due to this that I give you such a wonderful Challenge in the implementation of My Evollutionary Plan to manifest yourselves by the Concord of My Love while associating and cooperating with their other brothers and sisters for the benefit of Light to all.
However, do not feel upset if you do not succeed to ensure the achievement of the Concord experience right away. It is truly a process. Even identities on the level of spirits experience disagreements. And I have a mobile Courts for their settlement by such children of Mine who are qualified for such mission to be able to restore Concord by their just verdicts passed at their Courts.
It is not always the case that a Partnership is a success, unless it has been designed by Me. There is also such Partnership once My Providence bring My children together for their association and cooperation in Love and Concord to test their mutual ability for ensuring the manifestation of Concord in such process of cooperation so that it would be possible in the future to create the implementation of still more sophisticated ideas and projects together with Me. Thus, it is often the case of a mistake being made by Angels – Social Architects – when they prematurely bring mortals together to such Partnership, and these children of Mine begin to realize after a while that their cooperation does not allow them to disclose themselves by all their skills and manifestations of their creative powers. In this case new Partners are looked for so that My Evolutionary Plan would be implemented as fully as possible.
And it is completely a different Partnership I have chosen which is always according to My Will, and it shall always be implemented in full. However, this sort of Partnership also undergoes blinks of the Concord disruption when the illusion of the shadows of fear starts manifesting itself and suppresses My Living Energy of Love. But these are just very temporary illusionary shades of darkness as they shall be substituted by the Living Energy of My Love without any fear manifestations, and that shall be for the benefit of Light to all, and the way I have designed, that is why My Concord in the Partnership of My bestowal is Divine – and Alive in Eternity.


Thank you my beloved Father for this teaching-revelation.
My will is fused with your will as well as with that of The Eternal Mother, The Infinite Mother, and I AM, and of my Partner.

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