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Eternal Mother On The Reserve Of Degradation Of The Material Civilization, Received by me in Lithuanian on April 3, 2019, in Vilnius, Lithuania. Translated into English by me, on May 15, 2019.

Eternal Mother On The Reserve Of Degradation Of The Material Civilization

Received by me in Lithuanian on April 3, 2019, in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Translated into English by me, on May 15, 2019.

Algimantas: My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, and address you for a teaching as I have been noticing a quick degradation of humanity – up to what level civilization, society has to degrade to open their eyes and see such a merciless view – a degradation in all walks of life?

Eternal Mother:

My beloved son, I am the Second Source and Center whom your are so affectionately calling Eternal Mother, I worship and glorify you in the moment of your opening to Me, and say – I am well pleased with you once you so consistently, persistently, and patiently perform the role of My ambassador, and carry on My Living Word of Light to your brethren – My other children – so that they would only enjoy more of light, peace, and well-being in their every-day environment. A great award awaits you in My presence.
And now I shall answer your question – yeah, your present-day civilization has choked over its wrong vector of its development that does not provide in the least for My leading you from within as well as following this leading by My every son and daughter.
Once the engines you have created start choking you lose a smooth operation of the engine, and a smooth and uniform drive and an even rhythm, and what is even more important you cannot understand what to do as the night is around and bad thoughts strengthening your fears are dragging in, different stories or visions of horrible and cruel crimes you happened to hear about or see, and which could be committed in darkness and in secluded places emerge out of your sub-consciousness.

Thus the current situation of your civilization is such that your smooth development shows an ever stronger tendency to choke on a broader scale as in one or another area of the world nobody pays much attention to man’s life any more, and it is even merely annihilated for reaching one’s selfish interests. And once such cruel and against-My-will efforts, taken by My dark children, are ever intensifying, once they are taken more often and embrace an ever bigger part of the planet so then My other children have no other choice, according to the level of understanding by their mind, but to resort to the protection of their physical life even by violating unjust laws of those countries which are being applied by the local authorities against such disobedient inhabitants of that land, as well as taking police and even troops to streets.
However this visible material situation of confrontation is not yet the biggest evil. It is much worse that a split creeps into the society, there appears a stronger alienation, and an abyss of misunderstanding arises. Once this condition extends for a longer term then low frequency energy vibrations set deeply in one’s sub-consciousness so that bringing people closer in these countries will be impossible, and there shall spring up aggressiveness and violence on the part of some groups of people against other groups, disdain and hatred only increase which shall sow the vibrations of even lower frequency which shall also impact those who do not desire to participate in these conflicts so that they would be made to make a decision – which side they support, and how to preserve themselves as well their family members under these circumstances. Heavy and deep low frequency waves are also transmitted to the newly born babies, and their growth is impeded by unexpected illnesses and a longer recovery, their immune system is getting weaker and their biological deterioration is becoming ever more evident to doctors, genetics, and teachers when diseases take to morontian worlds an ever bigger number of young mortals, and by this changing their Destiny, when pupils stop discerning a line between Goodness and evil, altruism and selfishness, between Light and illusion of darkness, between a living content and meaning of the Eternal Values and everyday and mercantile striving of one’s selfishness for the comfort of one’s physical body and satisfaction of one’s mind-intellect.
This stage of the choking of a smooth civilization development might be compared to radiation which has neither scent nor taste qualities yet it is deadly to a physical body once exceeded all allowed limits so equally the physical conveniences, and their enormous multitude provided by your material civilization do not make any hint to the material mind of a mortal that such a boundless resorting exclusively to the satisfaction of one’s own self shall inevitably bring fatal consequences to the whole of civilization, including those very children of Mine who have been leading a selfish well-off material life.
The degree of the degradation of the material selfish civilization has an extremely high reserve. One part of this reserve I have provided in the form of the operation of the Thought Adjuster who is still passing the vibrations of Light and of a high frequency to mortal’s sub-consciousness and that to a certain extent softens the energy circuit that decisions are taken within, even though the Adjuster in principle is operating for the benefit of the future when this mortal is resurrected in a morontial form and on the world where there is no manifestation of selfishness to the degree which currently exists on your world, and the other part of the reserve is made up of your wrong, and very often also sinful, actions within the consequences of which you live in your everyday life, thus you are gradually trying to get adapted to these low frequency energy vibrations rather than getting enlightened. It is due to a common-to-you circuit of low frequency energy vibrations that you do not pay attention any more when your brethren are being killed, your mind is dulled and does not resist such sinful actions since the very childhood, even within the family.
Today humanity do not host a single family within which My Pure Divine Love would reign, as you do not even want and do not strive for its LORDSHIP within Family after having personally discovered Me within every family member. That is why you have made an environment for intolerance against one another through generations upon generations – a circuit of low frequency vibrations – both even within the family and at work, in the street, and in the community therefore you have set up this manifestation arena of the reserve for evil deeds – and already even for sinful acts – when your hearts do not weep any more over this situation as they are totally insensitive, stony, and chilly. Thus you have far outreached by your insensitiveness the savages who following their concepts have created a material civilization of their time matching the level of their intellect and light while your selfishness is drowned under a cover of the wealth being abundantly provided by the material civilization, meanwhile, the inner self of My children is full of sinfulness and selfishness, full of complete unwillingness to hear your teachings and My Living Word spoken out through your lips that would enlighten, straighten them up, and liberate them out of their blindly stubborn delusion irrespective if they are My children attending church or those who do not go to church at all but they are keeping their Heart Doors locked with biggest locks and do not want hear Me or let Jesus in.
It is this situation that makes up the reserve for your current mercilessness and insensitiveness, for insincerity and injustice, for a pure illusion to flourish so that absolutely all who do not experience Love, Bliss, and Peace from Me would be suffering.
However, there two more great aspects that are hazardous to your current material civilization – it is your uneven economic base as well as mixed marriages among representatives of different nations, religions, and even races. Since all these premature units are the consequences of your incorrect decisions taken without My wisdom they also provoke conflicting situations which shall ever get more violent and aggressive in their manifestations, and that shall make one’s mind dull ever more and impair its awakening to Light, Love, and Truth within Me and out of Me. You do not impose any limit on the number of low intellect offspring to incite higher offspring to have babies, you do not even host any discussions on the world demographic problems while the number of planetary inhabitants already surpasses seven billion and their major part is in poor countries where their life in the countryside is very difficult and weary so that there is no such possibility for them to turn to Me as the impact of the ambience totally controls the people of these countries by a provoked fear and repressions. Meanwhile, marriages among different nations, religions, and races are based on inequality and exploitation that run counter My Will and Love.
That is why without Me you shall never reach any wise solutions to get out of the current situation which shall only deteriorate, and every year ever stronger. Do not entertain any illusions that you could stop darkness and degradation of the growing humanity – even I cannot do it if My sons and daughters themselves do not want My Love and Light of their own will bestowed upon them by Me.
Every cell of your physical body feels the tension, and very often already an unbearable stress, caused by all negative actions – by the consumption of the drugs, by smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, by an inappropriate nutrition, by the use of different sweets and additives – and it is sending impulses over this situation to the brain but material mind by new doses of the poison and the flow of adrenaline suppresses a normal function of the brain that is unable to sense this impulse, reporting on the hazard to the cell. However, years are running on while the mortal continues to live his own same life, and it seems nothing bad would happen to him as he should have fallen ill long ago yet he is well. But one’s different genetic heritage, one’s different experience, even one’s different level of sincerity have a great impact that one mortal falls ill while another one has no noticeable consequences – at that time.
Thus a similar situation is as regards the current degradation of your material civilization. Those of My children who have a deeper insight notice how degradation is taking on humanity on a bigger scale. You have already started speaking out on the degradation of humanity more than twenty years ago when all were happy about a regained political freedom in your country and nobody even thought to take in your words. Meanwhile, you tended to reiterate them more often, and already presenting certain explanations. More than two decades have passed, and today some other brethren of yours also notice this degradation. The number of such children of Mine is not big and they would like to have a different life, a life of My Love and Light, but they do not know how to achieve it so that an impact would be on all those who do not walk on the Living Path.
Once a normal change of the Seasons is ever more impaired, and which was previously fairly efficient and smooth while now you shall see a blizzard in midsummer, and you shall not understand that this is a consequence of your low frequency vibrations.
Ponder in a blizzard in the middle of summer – how come it is here, what has brought it in?
Since the reserve for degradation, similarly to a cell of the body, is big so humanity shall be degrading for a relatively long time, so the nature abnormalities in various regions shall manifest themselves more actively and on a broader scale, even as interactions among My children shall become more aggressive and cruel. And it is obvious that all these conditions shall put up obstacles to everything that is today on the planet – including the Living Path.
Be with Me totally and fully devoted to Me, even as you have been, and as you are devoted to Me now so that your mission should be carried out in full according to the implementation of the Evolutionary Plan of My Will for your planet. This is the only guarantee to remain by one’s own self on the planet, as well as within eternity – and to all.

Algimantas: Thank you, my beloved Eternal Mother for the answer. My will is fused with yours, even as with the will of the Father, Infinite Mother, and I AM as well as with my Partners. Amen.

Let Creator's Peace and Bliss and my Brotherly-Fatherly embrace be upon you.

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