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The Eternal Mother’s teaching on us being perfected by our Paradise Parents – The Paradise Trinity-I AM, received in English, on November 25, 2019 at 12h.57min. local time (10.57 GMT)

The Eternal Mother’s teaching on us being perfected by our Paradise Parents – The Paradise Trinity-I AM, received in English, on November 25, 2019 at 12h.57min. local time (10.57 GMT)

Last Saturday, November 23, 2019, during the living service at our living Temple of The Paradise Trinity-I AM, in Vilnius, Lithuanian capital city, I presented an expanded version of the idea on us being perfected by our Divine Paradise Parents – The Paradise Trinity-I AM. That is why today I put this question to the Paradise Trinity-I AM.

Algimantas: My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you – feeling your Love and Care for from within, and I do desire to receive your teaching on perfection and perfecting us on the way to Paradise – your dwelling abode and our destiny – bestowed by you upon all of us on Urantia – as you have commanded us – Be perfect even as I am perfect.

The Eternal Mother:
My beloved son – I am the Second Source and Center of The Paradise Trinity – whom you have been calling with affection The Eternal Mother. In your epochal revelation under the title – The Urantia Book – you have been taught that I perfect you on your way to Paradise and to Me.
Your mind has been so expanded by this Revelation that you no longer experience that much of fear within and you have also been experiencing My Love within, and this Love Power has been making an immense impact on your life quality so that you also all of a sudden started feeling Love for all not only in your own direct ambience but even in the whole of creation which you cannot – so far – see with your material vision and which you certainly feel with your personality highly developed sense of conscious and subconscious cosmic insight. This real sensation you have undergone in your own life experience was momentous that you began to feel an inner flow of warmth and tremendous Love for all that automatically caused your central nervous system to release these extremely high frequency vibrations of My Energy by your automatic reaction in shouting out in the room – I have discovered Him, and I desire to show Him to you – all of you! – and this enormous eruption of My Energy within you named at once as an inner nuclear blast. So all this inner experience is called - as being born of spirit. That is a real birth of your spiritual personality which makes you all of a sudden feel new sensations as you lack all the former vices you have been experiencing – like anger, even a slight irritation, jealousy, hatred, dominance over others, desire to win at any cost or to strive for popularity, they have vanished altogether all together as if they had never been present within you, and then you did start feeling Freedom of your personality which was filled up with My Love, Mercy, Justice, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. And it is in this moment – great to you, as you have been born out of My Spiritual Womb even as babies are born out of their earthly mothers’ wombs making the very first cry on this planet so you have unconsciously cried out – I found Him, and I desire to show Him to you all! – That was your spiritual personality’s first desire after its birth on the spiritual plane– to show Me to all! The first ever spiritual wish of a human being on this planet to share Me with all. That was My sincerity being present within your newly born spiritual personality bursting out in these Love vibrations to share Me with all My children. I am truly grateful for this experience of yours as it has given a new evidence that My Evolution has a great power in your personality to lead the humanity the way I have planned it to proceed after the Lucifer rebellion against Me. Therefore your mind has been operating so profoundly since you have been born out of your earthly mother’s womb so that to protect it from your earthly father’s negative impact within the family the circumstances had been arranged by My Providence that you were moved out of your immediate family to your mother’s parents and her senior sister in another city to care for you in great affection and in providing you that much of freedom for action that no other children have enjoyed from their parents in your neighborhood, and at the same time you have received both introduction to Me – as the Idea of God – on the part of you grandmother so sincerely attending church daily and taking you together with her in your preschool years, and a profound outlook on the world developments since your early childhood on the part of your grandfather who did not attend church considering himself as a free believer in Me in his own way. And the school you have attended embraced you with love so much that you desired to attend it even during the summer vacations and even once a month you were coming to check the entrance door whether it was still locked, and each time it upset you that the school vacation was still on.
Thus I was glad to give your such an inquisitive mind My Fragment – your Thought Adjuster – according to the revelation of The Urantia Book – which – prior to indwelling your mind – had accumulated his experience in establishing a living relationship with My Emergency Mission Son of the Melchizedek Personality Order incarnated in the human form on his Mission on another inhabited planet. Thus your mind was greatly affected hosting this Thought Adjuster possessing his experience to deal much more deeply with a divine mind than dealing with a regular mortal’s mind.
Therefore I must say that you have been chosen for the Mission on Urantia to perform to carry My Light by setting up a living religion of revelation – My Religion of My Reality – and you have boldly embarked on this Living Path. But that is already the current stage of your long-term mission on the planet in the partnership to be, while even before this stage your mind was being cleaned of your conscious and subconscious pollution while you were translating The Urantia Book from English to your native tongue – Lithuanian, and while having your classes in the Urantia groups in different cities of your land. All that process helped your mind develop ideas and begin to receive My Teachings even as the current one.
However, the teachings-sermons you present during the living worship of the Paradise Trinity-I AM service at the living temple of The Paradise Trinity-I AM are also My teachings spoken out by your lips. That is why you are presenting many new and expanded ideas in comparison with the ones included in The Urantia Book. Your mind is open to this sort of My leading from within therefore you gave a more profound idea on perfecting you as mortals and even as spirits all the way to Paradise and beyond. And this experience of your mind has led you to putting this question to Me as you are not satisfied with the ideas expressed by My other children who had prepared the Papers of The Urantia Book.
You already well know that every new Revelation is based on the old one and expanded by a new horizon. Thus, you have given a more expanded outlook on Perfecting My Sons and Daughters throughout the whole of My Creation to your brethren at the living temple of The Paradise Trinity-I AM during the last living worship of Me service in your city. I do confirm that everything you said last Saturday is the right approach to My Perfection and perfecting all of you. Some of the assertions I shall repeat in this teaching of Mine.
When I tell you – Be perfect even as I am perfect – I desire to stimulate you for growth from within and action from without. You cannot even start growing without pondering on such elevating-your-spirit ideas that I equal you to Myself. Just feel the difference with your Scriptures in and of the past which were claiming – you should be afraid of a punishing god who would annihilate all disobedient and even extinct all disobedient nations, so that even the last part of the Bible – The New Testament – dares to claim a distorted ideas about Me and My Reality acknowledging fake and unrealistic idea of a raging inferno in sulphur lakes or the dead to be drawn out of material graves at the end of the world.
So the impetus you have received from this revelation of The Urantia Book has raised your spirit to a high stand so that you would not experience any fear of Me as I am permanently drawing you to perfection – attracting you to Myself on Paradise so that you might stand in My immediate presence on Paradise and after you have implemented My command – Be perfect even as I am perfect. – And as soon as you reach Me on Paradise and report to Me be certain I shall congratulate you with my affection embrace in My Vibrations of Love so that you shall really begin to feel that high status of your spirit and personality after having joined the Paradise Corp of the Finite Mortals in Perfection, and simultaneously you shall discover that you desire more than you have achieved, and all of a sudden you shall experience a quantum leap within your personality that you are permanently experiencing a growing and unquenchable and irresistible desire to know and experience Me even deeper and greater and on a higher level which would not be possible had you topped My Perfection of Totality and Ultimacy. My perfection is ultimate therefore I cannot either develop or grow the way I am leading you from within to grow on therefore you are being permanently perfected from within by Me and from without by My Providence to have a deeper cosmic insight and understanding and experience of Me for the well-being of the whole of creation. And you shall never achieve My Perfection of Totality and Ultimacy as it is impossible to equal you to My Absolute Personality as I am the Source and Center Total Perfection and Absolute Personality, therefore I am changeless and motionless as everything is changing and moving within My Divine Embrace. So the Evolution I have released is meant for your eternal growth in My Love and Reality for the benefit of all.
Just imagine once you are reading The Urantia Book and you are given a warning that the Revelators encountered a big problem of your shallow mind-intake of My spiritual Truth and of My material creation reality therefore I you were told point-blank and right away that you shall never equal Me and that your knowledge of Me shall never come to fruition to the degree that you would eventually understand My Evolutionary Plan on My Level of Divinity, in this case you would begin to feel a growing disillusion and a creeping in of an idea what is the point in taking new steps of and in your development as you would never be able to achieve My Perfection, and the impetus I permanently send you through the operation of My and your Thought Adjuster within your mind shall never be able to awake your personality to its full spiritual day-light to cooperate and even fuse with the Thought Adjuster to be turned into My true Son as I have designed it in My Evolutionary Plan. Thus, I had to direct My sons and daughters who worked on the Papers to be printed as the Urantia Book so that they would do their best to raise your spirit to a higher horizon that you would be striving to a higher and new level of My Reality and Personality disclosure both within and without you, as you are always in motion while growing to be My true image on a higher scale, even though I am permanently constant and changeless while for you I am being discovered step by step depending on your faith and living communion with Me.
So, now that your mind has reached such a relatively deeper cosmic insight you shall not experience any disillusion that you shall never achieve My Perfection in Totality and Ultimacy of Divinity, but My command shall stand to you and it shall be again – Be perfect even as I am perfect. I embrace Divine Perfection in this moment of eternity while your are striving for the perfection of your personality disclosure by your identity for the benefit of all and you sustain this living and ever growing desire to perform My command by the experience of My Love within your personality and by your divine personality hosting My fragment that has turned you in your Divine and True Self which is no more separate from My Spirit within you.
The reality I have released into space is the same yet your approach to it even as to its Source and Center is different as now it is dominated by My top frequency Energy Vibrations that are known to you as My Love for all.
Stay in My Love Circuit eternally – as you shall – and cooperate with Me even closer for the Divine Future even Today within your Personality to be spoken out about to others who are thirsty for Me and My Living Words spoken out by your Lips of your Heart.
My Love Embrace is upon you all, My beloved children.

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