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Eternal Mother’s Teaching On Man’s Treason, received on December 4, 2019, at 11.35 (9.35 GMT) in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

Eternal Mother’s Teaching On Man’s Treason, received on December 4, 2019, at 11.35 (9.35 GMT) in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania.

My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM – why should people betray one another – in a war, in a family, in a business company, even in a business partnership, among friends, and the like – and even those who do well know that treason is a sort of evil and even denounced by all, yet they betray, and not so seldom, and by this hurting others?
Eternal Mother:
My beloved son, I am the Second Source and Center of The Paradise Trinity – the so-called Eternal Mother, for and in your better understanding as you teach your brethren to call Me by this name – in affection and truth.
The problem of evil and goodness has existed all the time since man started thinking about a possibility to get his food from the nature around him and he looked for better ways to achieve his goal, so a worse solution is always evil against the better one. As man’s maturity and development continued on an evolutionary arena, he started including moral things in his behavior, and morality raised his eyes to Me – not at once but step by step from the level of nature and animalism to the level of spirits and ghosts, and to the understanding that a deviation from the accepted norms in a certain community would be considered evil. And among the worst evils was betrayal or treason as it was universally despised and feared by man, as the gravest crime against the community – tribe, clan, nation, or country, and even deserved a capital punishment. Therefore this sort of crime aroused in man’s subconscious and conscious mind the most fearful consequences – disdain on the part of his fellowmen and usually death for his material body. As the inglorious or disdain echo of man’s behavior remain after his material life on the planet this fear even immensely increased by leaving a very negative trace for his kin-folk in the community and even within the whole of the nation that is why those performing an act of treason would choose never to come back to their native community and remaining in the alien environment for the rest of their lives. This sort of moral, or rather immoral, decision had always dramatic consequences for those who committed this capital crime and these consequences usually chased the traitor all the time, and even after resurrection it would have a very strong repercussions of the act performed – if that act ran truly counter My will, rather than merely counter the norms established by man at that stage of man’s evolutionary development and by his understanding of goodness and evil, and by his distinction of betrayal.
However, every treason performed is laid on the formation and foundation of a grave and deeply-rooted fear within as this fear drags man’s mind into captivity and this mind cannot function normally but rather desperately looking for any possible best solution with the least bad consequences for his physical body. Man’s central nervous system is derailed and he cannot figure out any other way out of the situation but by accepting any agreement proposed by the stronger part incarcerating him just to save his physical body from physical pain, or even death.
This is the way man’s material mind is seeking for any secure escape from any danger to his body, and naturally to his life. However, there are so deeply ideologically minded men who would prefer laying their material body life at the feet of their ideological fathers and they would never agree to choose any sort of treason either of their ideological leaders or their country which very often might be fused into one common and inseparable idea – the name of the ideological leader symbolizes the whole of the country, and the name of the country symbolizes the leader. Such people are post-mortally usually considered to be heroes by the leaders and the nation of that country, and even the closest relatives of the heroes might be bestowed upon some privileges as against common inhabitants of that country just elevate those heroes even to a higher status so that others would also see the respect and tribute expressed and valued by the government of the country and the nation of that land.
And still there is even a higher degree of man’s behavior in the eyes of other men and in My eyes – it is Loyalty to Me at the abyss of death for one’s material body and man’s resolute choice of Me as the Savior and Protector of man’s Soul and Spirit. This is the highest moral choice based on My Living Love and Faith and Trust in My within Man’s Heart – as My Son or Daughter – at the Intersection of Goodness and evil. As I am always leading you – all of you – from within along the Living Path of Goodness and Love you shall never accept and perform any treason no matter how grave might be the consequences to man’s physical body and even life – your Love I have been sending you permanently after My discovery within shall never allow you to perform the act of treason against Me provided you are also keeping a permanent communion with My which leads your personality to deepen your personal and living Trust in Me and Love for Me, and this is the only protection for you from betraying Me and walking away from Me in this life on Urantia for doing your own work – for living your life without Me, and by this punishing yourself by the capital punishment as you put at stake your Soul.
My Son – Creator Son of Nebadon – whom you know as your brother in spirit Jesus of Nazareth – taught you – Never fear those who might annihilate your body, but fear those who might annihilate your soul. – This I also repeat, and add that any treason against Me is the situation and condition you fall in by losing your living contact with Me, and this loss of a living contact with Me is pregnant with an immense and grave danger of annihilating your Soul even after your resurrection as this sort of turning away from Me is equal to what you consider as your physical treason of your country and its leadership ideology, in that moment, and the consequences to bear with by the man’s mind. Therefore after your resurrection you shall have to bear all the consequences of your current living on the material plane on this planet – and this shall be equaled to your reaping the harvest you have grown on Urantia while living your life together with or separate from Me. And the Harvest shall be seen by all after your resurrection and very often – and what concerns your planet of Urantia, which has experienced very grave consequences of its leader’s downfall into the abyss of dark insanity of the revolt against Me – is more often that not – that the majority of the new arrivals in the resurrection halls of Satania prefer leaving the Living Path due to a psychologically uncomfortable state of mind of the harvest consequences reaped by that personality – and the ultimate will of the personality to leave the Living Evolutionary Path – shall be accepted and annihilation of his soul identity shall be granted, and the personality aggregate potential shall never be assembled into its identity to enjoy eternity by a free-will choice manifestations. The personality identity shall never appear on My Evolutionary Arena for experiencing My Love Adventure that has been granted upon this personally-in-the-past as well, and all the data on this personality shall be preserved in the Supreme Being but never they shall be available to anyone else in the whole of creation.
Therefore, be certain that in the whole of creation I am leading you all towards Me and within Me but keep in mind – your will-choice is Law even for Me which I cannot – and I shall not – break, thus if you do not feel My Love within your Heart you have to do your best to open up to Me with all your Heart rather than by your intellect which is full of different prejudice and fears, and it is truly they who are making real – even though illusionary to Me – obstacles to your living together with Me in all life situations so that you would always remain and act as My Son or Daughter. And this is My warranty to you – keep your living and sincere communion with Me all the time and your fear shall melt in My Love and stop bothering you at all, or else you shall not have peace and comfort within – make your choice – as the Ultimate Decision – and implement it by and in your every-day living for the benefit of all – and always motivated by My Love.
My beloved Eternal Mother, thank you for your wonderful response to me. I love you, and my will is fused with yours, as well as with the will of the Father, the Infinite Mother, and I AM.

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