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Father’s Teaching About Us Under Difficult Conditions Of Quarantine 2020 03 31

Father’s Teaching About Us Under Difficult Conditions Of Quarantine
March 27, 2020, received by Algimantas in Lithuanian – in the capital city of Lithuania – Vinius. 13h28’ local time (11h28’ GMT)
Translated into English by Algimantas, March 31, 2020 – 20h5’ (18h5’)

Algimantas – My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, thank you for all the gifts of experience bestowed by you, thank you for the current difficult ambiance due to the spreading of the coronavirus for it is namely this condition that shows to all that former wrong decisions and seemingly a shining material wealth and glamorous partying have been, are, and shall always be illusionary because everything which is true and real gives one satisfaction and a wonderful elevating state of mind in a living relationship with you even in these hard circumstances when the whole world starts to feel an ever growing confusion so that even the leaders of the most powerful countries and the richest representatives of business now losing billions of dollars of their wealth and which has been overestimated by its value – they are all in a complete confusion. It is in these hard conditions to all the world which is for the first time in the humanity history is molding a clear distinction and the humanity cleansing, and this process has already taken an imprint in everyone’s sub-consciousness and divided everyone’s life on Urantia prior to and after the coronavirus – even though this virus shall already be continuous similarly to the AIDS virus – man shall reconcile himself with this sort of the environment, and he shall not be able to hide himself within his family or within the dwelling quarters of the single ones for long as it shall be necessary to go out to work even in these circumstances – to sow grain, to reap crops, and to bake bread.
How should we go along now, what should we get ready to, and what should we wonder and marvel at?

Father – My most beloved son, who is being called by the name of Algimantas, I am The Universal Father, and I have chosen you as My Ambassador many years ago as I have trusted you, and today – in My Glimpse of the Aggregate Present Time – I trust you unchangingly – I say to you the words of My – thank you – that up till this moment you have been resolutely and boldly striding on the Living Path, and due to this you can experience such a living and invigorating relationship with Me so that you feel such a state of consciousness which you express out while associating with your brethren, My other most beloved children who are namely lacking this living relationship with Me, and because of this they feel anxiety and lack of confidence to make the Essential Decision – to submit themselves to My leading from within in the Love Current, and to allow Me to carry them through the environment of anxiety and storm so that peace and trust in Me would reign within – and in nobody else but in Me, apart from those who in a living and deep relationship have also fused themselves with Me, for it is only this sort of My child who shall pronounce – My Father and I are one in spirit! – This might be voiced only by My such child who is truly completely devoted himself to Me and who is feeling this trust in Me by his inner state of mind – not on the level of his intellect but rather by the pulsation of his every brain cell.
It is not a big deal, it is a natural state of My Reality within My every child when even the child himself considers it natural so much like in the situation when you completely ignore the breathing of your lungs even though in general it is your lungs that provide your breathing, and you begin to show some interest in their work, even care for them, after their normal functioning – designed by Me – is disrupted. That is why all of you, in this hard and extremely extraordinary time for your material mind, begin to feel an increasing sensation as to how much your regular rhythm of your living has been disrupted, while the sick ones – in the direct sense – feel a disrupted vital rhythm of their living body.
Under the conditions of a prevailing relative peace and common understanding you all pay no attention as to how much you break The Law Of My Love as you are all submerged in satisfying your own interests, and by extremely selfish means at that. And all this exposes a wrong direction of your civilization – to create everything by applying such methods which have been imposed on you by the strongest, in a material sense – wealth, muscles, positions, popularity, eloquence – but totally lacking My Insight – in a cosmic sense – My beloved children who have been living in fallacy and who have been misleading others.
I am glad that you, in particular, have not rejected My trust, and you have been striding through all the hardships with My Truth and Justice, and currently you have supplemented your pace and acts with the Living Path filled up with your Love and Light I have been providing you ceaselessly, therefore the Living Word which is being pronounced only by your lips is the Word of My Light and Reality, and it is only this Word that has the brightest luminosity of My Reality for the life of other generations of My beloved children, and which is My Present Time.
My beloved son, for you this world is the future world pain as it is for the benefit of the future generations that you work on the Living Path today, and today you cannot find even the former number of the twelve apostles of the time of My son who is known to you as Jesus because others do not believe in you, and even those whom you call as your brethren do not trust you to the extent the apostles trusted Jesus having abandoned their homes and families and having devoted themselves to My leading from within so it was suffice for Jesus to pronounce – Follow me! – that an ordinary fisherman from Galilee, Andrew, has made an instantaneous decision – to trust and devote himself to Jesus, and he even called on his brother – Simon-Peter – to go together. And in addition, where is the corps of the seventy evangelists with a much bigger number of those who desired to join it, and where is the corps of the twelve women, who already two thousand years ago by their activity strengthened women in confusion at that time. Today you cannot gather together these numbers of My children who would be that devoted to Me since their sub-consciousness and consciousness, distorted and polluted in the present time of living, dictate their own concepts grounded to the foundation of fear therefore however much I might be loved on the lips of My children so far their Heart has not yet been filled up with My Love to that extent, even though they feel it to the level of not being afraid any more to speak out My name by their lips.
The Word of Heart is different from the Word being spoken out exclusively by the lips.
The present-day environment is different from the one in the times of Jesus by its distorted thinking, denying Me, or diminishing Me to the dogma of the idea of God without any Living Love Power of Mine as it is namely this Power that gives a living Impulse for generating an inner state of mind the manifestation of which is one’s decision on fusing one’s will with that of Mine – and this decision is a manifestation of the impact on the mind by My fragment – Thought Adjuster – bestowed on you. Meanwhile, the Thought Adjuster is always operating by My Living Word and of My Will of Love because the Thought Adjuster is the manifestation of Mine within each of you.
It is due to this that you have ultimately fused your will with that of Mine already as back as twenty-six years ago thus you feel My Love and Reality much deeper than your environment that is why you shall not have your associates devoted to Me to the extent your Heart desires they would have an in-depth devotion and which would be grounded to the foundation of faith. It is namely due to this fact that you have to diminish the desire and striving of your Heart so that you would not stride too much forward on even by the expression of the Living Word as a too-bright Light makes My scared children in these moments strive for even fewer experiences on the Living Path as fear acquires a much stronger power against My Love, and the state of My Love within one’s Heart withers even more. It is due to this in particular that in the temple bearing My name there are so few My beloved children – they have made friends with fear too much, while My Love they have put off some time in an indefinite future. It is namely this decision that has been dictated by fear because of different self-invented – also motivated by fear – personal circumstances. Their lips are also pronouncing – everything is possible with Me – yet their living does not confirm these words. I have no fear therefore you cannot get it from Me, you have received it from your ancestors because of their mistaken views and due to a wrong teaching of you by them and also because of your mistaken teaching that your generation is providing to your own children who are getting infected by the disease of fear since their young days. I have designed for you the only infectious disease – LOVE – get infected with My Love, and infect with My Love the whole of humanity of My children.
Your present-day political and religious leaders, without Me discovered within, make ever more wrong decisions one after another – they are not striving to raise their vibrations to a higher frequency, they even do not know how to do it, but they do not even allow you to teach it others, and it is namely due to an enormous circuit of low vibrations that viruses of diseases – including the current one named by you as a coronavirus – a crown virus – spring up to life. But even a more mistaken decision has been made by the Catholic Pope, whom I have never appointed therefore he is exclusively ritualistic and does not represent Me – lacking My authorization to lead other religious children of Mine – this is against My will. My will for you is always and ever more sincerely to keep your living communion with Me. And it is namely due to this fact that all churches, all mosques, all My prayer homes have to be open all the time – day and night, in winter and summer.
If only My Love and Faith are within you, and turning into a stronger Trust in Me no quarantine is necessary whatever, and it is not necessary for the one who trusts Me with one’s Heart. I am more powerful than your virus even though it has a crown, while I have no crown – I have and pour out My Living Love – My Energy – that simply cannot host any virus. It is because of this that your Living Heart has to get saturated with the top frequency vibrations of the inner State of Love and to live exclusively within these vibrations, and once they diminish you have again to replenish them like you replenish fuel to your car having opened the lid of the fuel tank and inserted the pistol of the fuel supply hose into the tank, so you have to open the Valve of your Heart with all your sincerity, and My Love shall pour out down into your inner self so that you shall begin to feel Peace and Trust in Me and self-confidence, you shall not need any mask – there shall be no shade of fear.
I provide you an inner state of Peace and Bliss in the Ocean of the Love Vibrations. You shall be My living sons and daughters of My Love and Light as much as you shall experience, by your Love and Light state within, a living Trust in Me, and acting together with Me for the Welfare of all – for the implementation of My Evolutionary Plan. Your current difficult environment is not such a hurdle that you would not be able to act together with Me by the deeds of Goodness and Love. There are no hurdles for Me, even as for you, if you are feeling My living leading within you. It is namely such decisions which you make in the moment of this inner state that correspond to My will.
Today it might appear to you that My upholding to you has been diminished as so many brethren of yours throughout the planet experience so much of pain and so many moments of fear, when they do not know as to how achieve their liberation from an ever harder grasp of the crown virus. I must remind you of the fact that currently your planet is already leading its life among the evolutionary harmonious planets within the faithful Family of Mine in which every planet has its own striding experience and expansion in the Evolution of My Love and Light. All this is possible only in cooperation with Me, and with My Providence as it has also been designed by My Evolutionary Plan which I have been implementing by your deposits too. And what is your deposit as even after two thousand years since the mission of My Creator Son known to you by the name of Jesus of Nazareth now in My and your living temple in your land – bearing the name of Lithuania – and in the capital city – Vilnius – gather together fewer than ten My beloved children? Have the vibrations of My Light of Love, spread by Jesus, matured only this much of a Living Yield? Why are you so distorted and unreal shadows of your true personalities even without My Living Love and Light within you when My other inhabited planets have gone forward far off within My Reality? Meanwhile they have gone that far – and they are striding on even more firmly – by putting one’s personal Deposit in My Living Bank on the high – in My Heart-Bank, a fragment of which everyone of you is carrying within your own self – by the presence and operation of My Thought Adjuster. And now it is namely you who must turn into more independent selves, and make living steps by leaning upon the leading of the Thought Adjuster who is present within each of you, and those of you who still find it difficult to feel this leading so lean upon My teachings being also presented through your lips. To assist you all, together with My Master Creator Son-Jesus of Nazareth and his Partner – My Creator Daughter – Nebadonia - I send you a manifestation and operation of the Providence in order My Evolutionary Plan should be carried out the way I have designed, and the way these two children of Mine have designed a Correcting Time to eliminate all the consequences of the rebellion as if this revolt had never happened. The current operation of My Providence has been diminished to a great degree as against its operation when the planet even as the whole of the Local System – Satania – was isolated in quarantine. It is then in particular that My Providence was also hindering the natural elemental phenomena – tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, blizzards, fires, wars – meanwhile now the quarantine for your planet has been lifted, and it means that you have to solve all these problems that cause you so much of fear and suffering by your spiritual enlightenment, and you have to solve them the way I am leading you to solve from within rather than the way you would desire to. You cannot change Me while I can change you – provided that you desire it personally and sincerely. That is why the interference of My Providence has been designed by Me to the extent – and only to this extent – that is the most useful for the implementation of the Correcting Time and My Evolutionary Plan. You have to grow by your own selves.
Your lips have been speaking out My Living Word already for twenty-six years but those listening are very few while those who hear it within are still fewer and those who follow My Living Word are even still fewer. Therefore, wars, the manufacture of weapons, and altogether a consumerist approach to Me as well as to one’s own life without Me are only increasing. The consequence is the emerged viruses. The interference of the Providence has not allowed until quite recently the AIDS viruses to dominate, and very soon you got adapted yourselves to it, and a natural and living intimate intercourse between a woman and a man in the Power of Love you have converted into a sex with a condom, out of fear, and carried on relishing in such an illusionary mode of living while My Providence was working very hard instead of you by doing good deeds for the benefit of you.
Thus, My beloved son, wrap up your sleeves and carry on doing the work I have designed for you as for My ambassador and do them boldly and resolutely for you are a full-fledged member of My Providence on Urantia. Teach your brethren the Light and Truth of My Reality by My Love Power for the Benefit of the whole.
I can settle all your present-day difficulties by allowing My Providence to operate under My authorization but it fits only such a planet which is isolated and stops receiving My Light by a regular enlightenment of the mankind. Today you all receive this sort of My Light through your lips as well. Meanwhile the Providence without being permitted by the superiors does not act arbitrary. That is why the virus is causing you such a big problem, and its consequences shall be even much bitter and would resound in a far-off sub-consciousness and consciousness throughout the lives of other generations – weaker in a biological sense.
However, My Wisdom is My Living Love being permanently poured out upon you – experience it by opening to Me with your Heart, and then shall you realize that the present time to which you laid a firm foundation the day before, while today you must transfer it onto a Living Foundation of My Love. This is the only way for each of you to put your Living Deposit in the Bank of My Heart within Me.

Algimantas – Thank you, my beloved Father, for such a wonderful teaching – I love you, and I say that my will is fused with yours as well as with that of The Eternal Mother, The Infinite Mother, and I AM. Amen.

2020-03-31 23:02:12


I just found the Correcting Time 2 1/2 years ago, and I am just learning how to read these messages. I am grateful for these messages, and will continue to read them and learn from them. I wanted to post this comment so that Algimantas may know his work is appreciated by people he has not met, but not to be discouraged if you don't see responses show up right away on your postings, I am just learning how to read these messages....and I believe the Fathers Will shall be done. I seek to follow, it is the only way.

2020-06-08 01:56:30

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