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My Teaching On The Origin Of Viruses, Apr.14, 2020, posted on my site in Lithuanian Translated into English on Apr.19, 2020

My Teaching On The Origin Of Viruses, Apr.14, 2020, posted on my site in Lithuanian
Translated into English on Apr.19, 2020

My beloved ones, what I am to write you is a new thing far beyond that what you already know on the origin of viruses. However, I believe, that your personality, that is opened to The Paradise Trinity-I AM, by using your personality divine and free-from-fear mind is already capable of understanding this present teaching of mine.
However, at the beginning I have to convey you a certain historical context that you are aware of from the epochal revelation of The Urantia Book. And still you must bear in mind that our website is visited not only by our brethren who have read this revelation many a time, therefore I shall present this more detailed context for their benefit, and which subsequently will be necessary for all of us while speaking about viruses.
So, you already well know the fact that all creation – both matter, and life – be it spiritual, or morontial, or even material – is made up of a corresponding frequency of energy vibrations. For us, being in a material flesh, is the most difficult thing to investigate some invisible to our eye phenomena, say, the phenomenon of Love, and the deeds and actions performed under its influence, or objects even though material yet too incomprehensible therefore lying beyond the reach of the studies of a material mind. It is namely due to this that I have been claiming to my brethren for many years that we are an inherent part of the Energy and Living System of the whole of creation – not segmented but rather operating within a unified system and living energy of the total creation. Therefore our planet is also made up of energy vibrations which have originated by an evolutionary method out of the last – the weakest – intermediary segments of Creator’s – The Paradise Trinity-I AM’s – Energy – a material star-sun. Meanwhile, life has been created having applied Creator’s Evolutionary Plan and after having modified such a formula for the future life plasma which would be the most suitable for an evolutionary development under the influence of that planet’s environment on which this life plasma is to be implanted for a free sailing so that it would eventually produce a mortal possessing a free will bestowed by The Paradise Trinity-I AM on an eternal spiritual personality – as on the highest life category.
Thus, that life plasma already hosts an energy potential for the different sorts of life, as well as for the appearance of a personality – of the mortal – possessing a living faith potential to discover Creator within, and embarking upon a Living Path of Reality.
To adjust all these potentials to the planetary environment in a better way different tests and investigations are performed prior to the confirmation of the most appropriate ingredients of the formula of the life plasma granted by the Creator Son and Creator Daughter – both Creators and Leaders of The Local Universe – to ensure the best possible specimen of the life plasma for the planet in particular, and which shall be either carried to or materialized on that planet according to the formula already confirmed. And the number of such experiments, carried out in a Local System, might top 500,000.
Thus, imagine what a thorough, minute, and significant is the work of creating a life plasma upon which depends the revealing of all the potentials on the whole of the planet. And it is namely in this long process that are also foreseen all the stages of the chain during which various diseases caused by both bacteria and viruses manifest themselves. Such phenomena as the diseases provoked by viruses and bacteria within the evolutionary chain of life on the whole of the planet testifies to the fact of the existence of a deep-darkness abyss of the savage man material mind within which fear and selfishness, aggression and illusion reign.
The situation on our planet has been made even more difficult by the then leader of the Satania Local System, Lucifer, a spiritual personality of the Lonanandek order, who has instigated a rebellion against Creator 200,000 years ago, and his deputy, Satan, also a Lanonandek order spiritual personality, by joining the rebellion, strengthened Lucifer’s insane ideas, and 37 Planetary Princes – spiritual leaders of the planets inhabited by mortals, also personalities of the Lanonandek order – as well as the spiritual head of our planet, our Planetary Prince, Kaligastia, supported Lucifer and Satan. Thus the System of Satania has been quarantined – isolated – and all the communication circuits with our Constellation – Norlatiadek – have been cut off. Darkness, in a spiritual sphere, has crept in the Local System of Satania as there was no communication with higher Creator’s Wisdom, and no Counseling from a higher level of the living system of creation – desire to have everything around you your own way? – welcome, do it, with your own mind which has denied a real existence of Creator. This is a spiritual betrayal and insanity.
Even a bigger problem was faced by those who have remained loyal to Creator and who had to live and act under the conditions of quarantine for 200,000 years without having a direct spiritual contact with Creator’s Light and Wisdom. That was an extraordinary test for them. Low vibrations were reigning in the whole of Satania. The situation on Urantia was even worse as it had no communication whatever even with the isolated Satania just to keep any communication with the remaining loyal minds to Creator. However, while passing through this extremely bitter experience even though with growing losses Urantia has encountered a new shock – after Adam and Eve, brought onto the planet from Satania to create a violet race, completely failed in their mission 38,000 years ago. Had the violet race been created it would have channeled its gene to the whole of the mankind to be more apt to take in a spiritual Light and to be stronger resistant to diseases and viruses.
The appearance of the Creator Son on Urantia two thousand years ago on the bestowal mission by being born as a helpless babe out of a woman’s womb in the identity of Jesus of Nazareth, and by experiencing a regular growing of a child – by experiencing his childhood, a teenager span, and the youth span period, and then a life of a grown-up – by passing through various stages of mortal’s living, and by doing the Father’s will Jesus has deservedly earned the Supreme Authority in his own Universe, and thus he was enabled to end the Lucifer’s rebellion and resist Satan’s “temptation” on the Mount of Hermon by turning down every Satan’s proposal with the words out of His Heart – Let the Father’s will be done.
However, the most upsetting thing was that even the apostles of Jesus did not have a deep living faith therefore Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus while after Jesus’s apprehension the apostles were not only fear-stricken but also even possessed by panic, so that Thomas left the apostles altogether, and Simon-Peter – that Rock – was so frightened that in the course of that one night betrayed Jesus even four times having renounced him. And it is Peter who has left behind him many deeds of darkness since he supported Paul and split with the most loyal follower of Jesus, Abner, who led the corps of the apostles of John the Baptist, and who was the only one to preach the undistorted Gospel of Jesus – The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man – and who reproached Paul for distorting Jesus’s Gospel which provoked such a deep Paul’s anger that Abner had to leave Jerusalem for Philadelphia in Palestine. And this was such a discord on the part of apostles Peter and Paul against Abner that even his name was not mentioned in any of their writings. Meanwhile, Peter recounted his reminiscences on Jesus to Paul who previously had had the name of Saul and even had persecuted the disciples of Jesus. Thus Paul and Peter greatly contributed to distorting the teachings of Jesus, and to a great extent due to their actions that Jesus in their teachings obscured the Person of the Father, and who in particular was revealed by the life of Jesus to the apostles themselves. Unfortunately, these two apostles by their words and deeds sowed such seeds which did not correspond to Reality and which matured and grew into a bent and dead tree of Christianity that was not straightened up and revived even by the death of Peter himself on the cross, and subsequently already Christianity itself has broken to more than forty-thousand fragments which are called sects-churches, and among which there is also the sect of Catholics, the only one to have even its own state – Vatican – and even its own bank – in a word, having business, pursuing politics, and manipulating people’s animal mind the best it can, even under the cover of the letters of Paul and Peter themselves as supposedly the word of God.
So this dead religion designed by Paul and Peter set up such unfortunate circumstances that led to the appearance and rise of the personality of Muhammad seven hundred years after the completion of Christ’s mission on Urantia. So Muhammad set up Islam and turned it into an exceptionally bellicose religion with the distortions and manipulations of Creator’s – Allah’s – Love and Goodness within Koran.
Such a distorted trend of Evolution led humanity to the raids of the Crusaders against pagans, blessed by the Popes, as well as to the crimes of the Catholic sect’s inquisition in the Medieval times when one’s free thought was merely put on bonfires and people were stunned with horror that anyone might be accused of sorcery, of being possessed by the evil spirits and the devil, and of serving Satan, and torturing these victims to death, even adjudging them to death in the name of Jesus. All this horror would be passed over and over through generations so that it stayed among the Catholics to date, and even today there is a pinnacle of darkness among the Catholic priests who are engaged in the charlatanry of exorcism, and who consider themselves to be exorcists who exorcize evil spirits and demons that in reality do not exist. Meanwhile, all this what they consider to be evil spirits is nothing else but the manifestations of a completely polluted and fear-controlled human consciousness and sub-consciousness that manifest themselves by various powerful and uncontrolled chaotic inner forces impacting man’s central nervous system, and simultaneously leading that man’s behavior to the stage beyond his volitional control, and at times it might lead to a phase of a trance or an attack of the body convulsions. And such attacks scare people very much.
Islam is also split into various sects that wage a war up to the level of a physical annihilation. Islam also does its best to protect itself from the wave of flood of entertainment and debauchery being disseminated by the West, while during the last couple of decades it has been doing its best to defend itself from the so-called democracy to be imported into the Arabic countries in the Middle East and Africa by the Western states. It is because of this self-defense that the terrorist outbreaks against the Western states have started in the Arabic countries as Islam of the Arabic countries has no other way to counteract the Western countries’ mighty weapons and specially trained troops possessing a particular inclination and training to kill.
In India there is a great abundance of different religious trends that often spill out violence against one another, especially between the Hindus and Sikhs in the Punjab province.
Satya Sai Baba’s former presence in the flesh among us in India could still keep on a relative peaceful co-existence among such bellicose religious groups however after his departure from the planet there is no living Avatar in India – a Son of God incarnated in the flesh. Now gradually my mission is also approaching to be revealed to a greater extent in the role of the ambassador of The Paradise Trinity-I AM to Urantia, and the apostle of Jesus, to speak out a Living Word of The Paradise Trinity-I AM while explaining a Living Reality in the cloaca of darkness of the current material and exclusively consumerist civilization.
So by what I have said I have disclosed you the manifestation of an ever deteriorating material mind of the present-day humanity, which is degrading at a higher speed not only with every passing generation but also within every current generation itself, and degrading in all the spheres of its activity, and by this generating a common circuit of an ever lower frequency of the energy vibrations on the whole of the planet.
Since that part of Evolution designed by the Paradise Trinity-I AM for the planets inhabited by people provides the development of a life plasma as best as possible on every decimal – or experimental – planet – so the scheme for our planet, which is also experimental, provided a possibility to have almost the best type of life in comparison with the other inhabited planets in the Local System of Satania as our planet is number 606 out of the 619 currently inhabited planets in Satania, and that means that only one planet – the 610-th – out of that total number of the planets inhabited by humans might have surpassed the life evolution on our planet. Unfortunately, the consequences of the decisions of our former leader – Kaligastia – who has embraced the insanity of the rebellion against Creator have degraded Urantia to the very bottom among these planets as our planet has been hosting the lowest frequency of the aggregate circuit of the energy vibrations so that the Love and Light of the Father brought in by even Creator Son himself – who bestows himself in the mortal flesh only upon the mortals of one and the only inhabited planet throughout his Local Universe – were desecrated and crucified by the Jews – previously called the chosen people of God – Jahve – so that even today the Jews do not want to hear anything about their compatriot Jesus. Just have a moment for a thought – the Jews who have elevated Israel as the promised land of God – Jahve – the Father of Israel – do not want to hear anything about one of the two Creators and Leaders of the Local Universe. Even today they do not show mercy either to Jesus or themselves even though they demand from others to recognize their genocide, and to punish those people – even after their death – who committed it. Is there another nation on Urantia that would be that merciless at the present time? No, there is none! Jews have sold themselves to the mammon – wealth – therefore they are warming up themselves in the usury of banks and by the money printing machines – and dictate financial conditions to the whole of the world. So far! This is the most covetous nation that even while being dispersed throughout the world it still has a direct impact on the life of the whole of the world. The Lithuanian nation has plenty of the Jewish vices – while covetousness, jealousy, and a religious ritualism are alike like two drops of water.
Just imagine what a low frequency vibrations circuit they form around themselves and at the same time they greatly impact the spreading of the fear and low vibrations of the whole of and to humanity. It was namely the Jews that disagreed to reestablish the Palestinian state while the state of Israel was reestablished in 1948. The conflict between the two sides – the Arabs and the Jews – is continuing even today, and there is no solution to it, and it shall not be for a long time in the future.
Having get rid of the collonial yoke of Britain, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, and after having established independent states all Africa submurged into internal military intertribal conflicts and a massive gang violence outbreaks that are even stronger today than ever before. Fear for their life safety is controling the consciousness and sub-consciousness of the people living there if somebody does not like something. The circuit of low vibrations is extremely strengthened by the influence of the drug proliferating gangs on all the inhabitants in the countries of Latin and South Americas. Similar things are happening in the Northern America – in Mexico, and in the USA on the border with Mexico where even the police are afraid of interfering in loccal affairs so that the indigenous population is left without any protection by the local authorities of the USA and Mexico to the physical annihilation by these criminal gangs.
The whole of Europe is submurged in corruption, the same is in the USA, in Africa, in Russia, in China, and in other states. China – in addition – has been experiencing the dictatorship of the Communist Party so that even the Catholic cardinals and bishops are appointed by the Comunist authorities while those appointed by the Pope have to act in underground, and there are even such cases that the Pope does not dislose the names of the appointend ones altogether.
North Korea in general is a jail-country where even relatives cannot keep relations with their counterparts in South Korea, where any word of light and truth might be the last for the one who has dared to voice it.
Russia – the largest territory on the planet under a single state’s jurisdiction – is being controlled exclusively by the former Tsar’s Oprichniks – Secret Police – that subsequently transformed into KGB – State Security Committee – and currently renamed to FSB – Federal Security Service – while the President of Russia is only a visible public figure in the hands of these invisible gangs.
The most powerful economy on the planet – the USA – is exclusively controled by the military industrial complex that has no limits to its greediness and has no sentiments whatever for man but desires to control even the whole of the world without Creator.
This is a short survey of the the world for you to get a better understanding of the geneses of viruses.
What is a virus? It is a very minute knot of energy vibrations that operates as a foreign substance counter the Evolutionary Plan of Creator. It is like a cancer cell in a human body that starts devouring normal cells by merely occupying their territory. Those which are stronger are the winners.
As long as the stage of the development of the savage man lasts, as long as the mind of the savage matches the environment he produces a living and suitable environment within himself for the appearance of the viruses by his own low energy vibrations – by especially low frequency vibrations. In a word, a virus within man is formed by the energy in the circuit of especially low frequancy vibrations of man. The lower the frequency of the vibrations within man and the more ferocious and ruthless he is, the virus is also forming itself corresponding to this energy frequency. In other words, the more fear there is in the man’s consciousness and sub-consciousness the more ferocious viruses attack the mortal. This is something like an energy cleansing of humanity – an evolutionary sifting so that the stronger and wiser should survive – those who know how to survive under the circumstances.
The short survey of some episodes of humanity I have given you above shows how a consistent and smooth evolutionary marching forward has been broken and distorted. Men have distanced themseves from Creator and from one another, even from the family, and turned to the race of the material and wealth as well as to the auction of political and different other posts-names – when a top-high price is being offered in the race for high posts in politics, for names and prizes in sciences, and bying all this by the flood of curruption in all countries.
Matter provides a quick satisfaction as the outcome is vivid very soon threfore a purely material-animal mind of the mortal focuses all its attention namely on the development of that which is material, and using it to self-satisfaction. This sort of a selfish environment gave birth to the epidemic and pandemic outbursts of viruses. The outbursts of plaque and typhus would often take place during the times of the most horrible misfortunes when the fear vibrations dropped down en masse to the lowest frequency once wars would break out or enormous fires would burn the whole of the cities and in this circumstance a virus would appear within man fitting the circuit of the low frequency vibrations.
No animal gives origin to the vibration circuit for man as all beasts and animals live on the level of their instincts, and it is only man, possessing an abstract thinking and the mind of the personality order, and which is governed by free-will decisions, makes an impact on a general energy circuit of these very same beasts and animals, and not vice versa – man is the only one out of the multitude of different life forms on the planet that possesses a free will and by its choices he can raise his low vibrations to a higher level or on the contrary to fall down from high vibrations to the low ones.
Thus, the more selfishly humanity lives, the more supposedly ferocious viruses originate as well. It is possible to judge the state of humanity’s inner consciousness and subconsciousness by the viruses in that moment.
When man has an extremely big fear within then that minute energy knot might spring up to being which has been named by virologysts as a virus. Depending upon the immunity system of that mortal that virus might not cause any complications. It is namely the low energy vibrations of fear that tremendously weaken the immunity system of the mortal and not the presence of the virus within. When as back as in the last century the virus of the human immunodeficit was coming into being it was at first registered among homosexuals as it was they that permanently lived in a bigger fear as they were different from the others, and defamated and disliked by the others. That was why virologysts and doctors decided that the virus was spreading by a sexual way while it was not contractible by touching. Meanwhile, at the beginning people were even distancing themselves from the ones ill with AIDS in fear of catching it. Later on there appeared a new supplement – it was possible to catch the virus not only by a sexual way but also by a kiss, through saliva, through an open wound. However, at first virologysts were claiming that this virus was initially disseminated by the African apes. Was it the case that homosexuals went to Africa to copulate with the African apes to catch the virus? That was a mere ignorance, fallacy, and folly of virologysts and doctors, unfortunately all do believe it. Why should not they believe it when it is man’s regular thinking that everyone works in one’s own sphere, and one knows everything in the field best of all. So is there anybody who coould dare to contradict one? In general, man does not know how to analyze as he has not been taught it, neither he is being taught this sort of active thinking now – he has been taught to seek for his own beneficial living at the cost of others, to look for a profitable work, even how to deceive a potential employer while having an interview with the employer so as to produce a better and fake impression-image on him. So who would still bother oneself with the origin of viruses? Let the learned specialists speak out on the issue. And these specialists do not see anything beyond their nose, and therefore they are fooling others.
And the current situation with the crown virus (in Latin – a corona virus) revealed that the king is naked – the virologysts are merely helpless in all countries – just an empty place for they are unable to answer the questions put by journalsts – they are beating about the bush as in general they are not aware of the fact as to how viruses come to being. And nobody has spoken out about Reality – about the Source and Center of Reality – Creator – The Paradise Trinity-I AM – about Evolution for the whole of creation and about the living and united system of the whole creation, about Creator’s Evolutionary Plan by which the existence of viruses testifies to the darkness and fear within man in the period of the savage man, nobody speaks out that viruses are produced by man’s low frequency energy vibrations. If man is full of Creator’s – The Paradise Trinity-I AM’s – Love and Light he may kiss any man with any virus in him and he shall not fall ill because the frequency of his energy vibrations is too high that any virus could survive in this sort of energy circuit within man.
Today virologysts are as dark and ignorant as they have been at the time the human immunodeficit virus has originated, they do not know the origin of any virus – the more so its cause. Their have been trying to create vaccines in vain to kill viruses as it is like to run behind a car trying to catch up with it even though it is speeding up ever faster – the virus is changing to fit the common circuit of the low frequency energy vibrations being emitted by humans. People begin to feel a bigger fear once the number of those who have fallen ill with the virus goes up, when they are told there is no vaccine from the virus, so under these circumstances the virus gains in power of its manifestation even to a greater extent. When man’s inner self feels more at ease, when he is getting stronger after a nasty weather is over, when the air is getting warmer as the sun shines more often and longer man’s inner state of mind in consciousness and subconsciousness starts feeling more peace within and man’s vibrations go to a higher frequency, especially in a prayer, and in a collective worship of Creator at that, once the prayer is sincere and in great devotion, in faith, and in trust rather than mechanical and automatic, so this sort of ambience is unfavorable to the virus due to the higher frequency vibrations, and it gets weaker by its manifestation. And the virus does not hop from one man to another like a grasshopper as it originates in the man who is afraid that he might contract the virus by touching a man who has the virus or by touching a thing that has been touched by the mortal with that virus. It is namely the low freaquency vibrations of fear that give birth to the virus.
Therefore a quarantine does not bring the benefit that people expect to gain while the life and activity of the people are disrupted so much that the fear within them is getting even bigger – where to get money for sustenance, and where to find a job after having lost one because of the disrupted and broken off production relations. And the immune system namely of such people gets even weaker. Meanwhile, the general energy circuit of these fear-stricken people might drop down to the level of the low frequency vibrations suitable for the virus, and he might experience the virus appearance even though he has been strictly following the quarantine limitations.
That is why the best prevention to any virus is one’s living opening to Creator – The Paradise Trinity-I AM, a personal, and especially a collective communion in the living temple of The Paradise Trinity-I AM when one’s Heart is speaking out rather than one’s material mind which is a regular case in all ritualistic Christian churches, Moslem mosques, Jewish synagogues or Bhudist temples. However, even among those who perform rituals there might be such moments when one’s Heart speaks out sincerely, and even though these spans might be weak and very short all the same they start eliminating the virus as one’s fear deminishes in these moments, at least for a while.
Therefore churches should be unlocked, and this is even more important than hospitals that are trying to care for one’s body but completely neglecting one’s soul-spirit. And the virus shall vanish only when an ever greater number of the currently sleeping people in a spiritual lethergic slumber wakes up, and not only wakes up but also starts acting together with The Paradise Trinity-I AM in the Love Power and for the Welfare of all. If that is not done by the Pope and the priests the virus shall definitely be more ferocious and violent when the low frequency vibrations shall again embrace man’s mind with the approaching of the fall, winter, cold, and a nasty weather season. It is namely man’s fear that gives origin to viruses – as it is only a human that has Creator’s Love and Power to live in the Brotherhood for the benefit of Light for and of all – without diseases and viruses. But that shall happen only when the people hear my Gospel – the good tiding – Creator is real, true, and living, and He is within each of us, and we can discover Him within – and when the people start applying this Gospel in their every-day life permanently.

Let Creator’s Peace and Bliss and my Brotherly-Fatherly hug be upon you.

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