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Father's Teaching On Viruses And Diseases, 2020 04 28

Father's Teaching On Viruses And Diseases, 2020 04 28

Algimantas - My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, and I AM, I worship and glorify you, and I desire to receive a teaching from you on the origin of viruses and the method of their proliferation as I wrote my own teaching in which I said that viruses are produced by human low frequency vibration general circuit and by the frequency within an individual, and it is the only cause of their appearance within and among us.
I was asked on our Forum about the origin of viruses within animals and beasts, which I would like to hear from you, as well as an expanded response on passing viruses to others.
Father – I am the Father of all, even as I am your Father. I commend you on what you are doing in the material and spiritual spheres on this planet as My Envoy chosen from My children in the flesh.
I desire to tell all of your brethren – My beloved children – that what you have stated in your teaching on the origin of viruses is the right answer and the right vantage point of your sub-consciousness and consciousness reaching your personality mind through the energy vibrations that you might turn into your own words, and teachings.
Viruses are not produced By Me even though they are a modulation of My Energy that contradicts My Evolutionary Plan but a gradual and consistent development of life on an inhabited planet has to go through all the stages of its manifestation and through the multitude of the quantum leaps to reach the stage of man’s Life and Light epoch to have a free-will living in Brotherhood by doing My will without any side-effects that might cause a deep fear within, and a permanent anxiety over your flesh existence while passing through the experiences of different diseases – this sort of stage is a long and far-off past of the current-future moment of Life and Light dominated by My Will in every one’s heart.
Thus to come back to your present stage of your material civilization and evolution you see a paradox which is in your highly developed material civilization for the comfort of your body and a very shaky monetary system as well as you poor understanding of your material environment nothing speaking of the non-existent Brotherhood, and the condition of My presence discovery within you to be witnessed by your every-day living in your ambience. Thus you create within yourselves just the only possible Circuit of My Energy which is broken and transformed to the extent of hosting viruses of that long historic and material past when humans lived without My presence within, and in that stage of development they had no any idea about My existence whatever, therefore they were permanently fear-stricken that they might lose their physical life. Thus this sort of their subconscious and conscious living produced such mutations of My Energy within their bodies that viruses – the smallest energy knots in the body – sprang up to life and multiplied with ease and speedily, and that led mortals to premature material body death. But that was fitting to the early stage of life to preserve the most fitting one for a further proliferation. And the longer the arena of Evolution was disclosing man’s life adjustment to the physical conditions the closer was the starting point to begin teaching the man by means of the revelation of the arrival of the Planetary Prince on the planet to reveal to the man very many necessary things which doing only by the evolutionary means would be a bit too dangerous that the Life Evolution might take a wrong turn therefore the Planetary Prince and his visible-to man’s-eyes staff started a new-quality segment of Evolution on the planet – a revelatory teaching passed to man by the staff of the Planetary Prince. And one of the major instructions to man was that he would consistently stick to his personal hygiene. That was the initial stage of the expansion of his outlook at that stage of his general and common understanding of the environment. He was too narrow-minded to be given any instruction on My existence within him to be able to resist any disease by discovering Me within and keeping a permanent living relationship with Me. Therefore the first step was made by teaching him to keep himself clean within and without.
Now you are aware of the fact that life forms change My Energy by quantum leaps and that might proceed both ways – to a higher stage in the right direction of Evolution or in a wrong direction – by degrading life even to a more simple stage of the past. Thus, viruses of today truly represent a life stage of the past corresponding to your mind degradation of your present civilization. You represent or rather disclose an image of such a man who is wearing a smocking and white gloves on but his body is dirty and stinking, his face is covered with a shabby and neglected beard, and has an expression of rage, and he is holding a club in his hand ready to strike anyone at hand. And that means the following – your outer form is your current material civilization of a relatively high level of its development while your body is what this material civilization is filled up with – its living content – your interrelation among yourselves.
If you see this picture with My eyes you are certain to notice the maladjustment of the civilization to its content that has created it, and continues to control it. The content of the civilization is not spiritual but exclusively material, and even selfish at that. And that is not according to My Evolutionary Plan as this stage of the material civilization should have already a highly developed human mind on a spiritual foundation that would be free from fear and viruses. However, as you see the present day situation is far from the desired one.
As regards the viruses in beasts, birds, fish, and animals in general, the origin of them is the same – man’s living content within – his dirty and selfish living for so many centuries. Had you been enlightened with and by My Spirit and Light from within you would have completely different species of life around you on the planet that would not host and carry on any virus, and there would be no viruses whatever. Thus, the current number and the types of the life species on your planet are apt to receiving viruses within.
The viruses as you said in your last teaching – do not hop like grasshoppers – but their proliferation can be carried on through a material environment. But you have to pay attention to the following – no virus is causing you any danger unless you are afraid of catching a virus and falling ill from it. In this sort of the fear-ridden consciousness and sub-consciousness you open up all the channels within you to the virus to come to being in your body as you are permanently occupying your mind with the idea – what you might touch every single second that might have a virus on, and you cannot avoid touching plenty of things subconsciously, and then you strain your mind to recall whether or not have you ever touched anything that might have a virus on. This sort of behavior is tedious to and wearing out your central nervous system and simultaneously it is ruining your immune system. Equally so, your immune system is being greatly affected and weakened by quarantining people within their homes – under no circumstances you should ever launch any quarantine even in one single hospital or in one single school! You have to stop being afraid of any viruses, as your fear within gives birth to new viruses that shall be even more ferocious than the previous ones. You cannot quarantine yourselves – all your life, your activity, your central nervous system as in this case you shall go counter My Will! Enlighten yourselves – your mind – start reading My ambassador’s – My Son Algimantas’ teachings given by Me through his mind to your Enlightenment – if you desire to distance away from diseases and viruses.
And last but not least, viruses might get into your body if you allow them to get there by touching exactly that spot with that part of your body which gives an immediate channel to its inside. This might happen if you lick that spot, if somebody infected gives you a kiss, and after the kiss you shall lick your lips, or if there is an open wound on the lips, and the kiss was exactly on this spot, if you eat a chunk of an infected animal meat, i.e. if the virus reaches your inside and not just the outer surface of your skin.
But being infected with the virus does not mean to fall ill from it. And it is the infectious disease that is posing some danger to your health or even to your physical life. That is why stop being afraid of viruses from morning till night and even throughout the night, and the chance of falling ill – as your body might fall ill – greatly diminishes. But this is not what I say to all of you – My beloved children – and what I am saying is – stick to My leading from within with all your Heart – with all your Spiritual personality Mind – and you shall never catch a virus and you shall never experience any fear of falling ill from a virus. This is My teaching to you that your material body – your true Temple in the flesh would stay safe and sound to carry on doing good deeds together with Me, and by this you become a co-creator of Goodness together with Me by My Love Power within you.
Equally so, it is important if you love your animal you keep at home and if you even lick its lips you shall not catch any virus as your love vibrations protect you from falling ill with the disease that your animal might have. Meanwhile animals might catch viruses by licking the infected animals’ wounds or lips so that their saliva would carry the virus to the body of your animal. But even in this case you might assist your beloved animal to recover from the illness if you pray with love and sincerity as this sort of the most intimate communion between Me and you raises your inner vibrations to the level that viruses within your animal body cannot multiply any further, and the disease is gradually fading away or does not begin at all. But you have to reach this inner state of your consciousness that your mind’s faith is certain that this process shall happen! It is not a mere statement by your mind – it is rather your own definite knowing! My Power of Love is within your Faith and Life, and this is the only remedy from any viruses and diseases! Just trust Me with your sensation of My Love! This is all you nee to practice. This is the only reliable way to quit with all viruses! Your current science is and always shall be lagging behind all diseases and viruses! That is why even cancer is generated by your inner fear and if you had more attention given in your Heart to Me your would manage to win your struggle against this disease! But in addition to all things you need to have a healthy diet for your body, and this diet should not have the element of animal’s death, as in this case you begin to pollute your body with low frequency vibrations that shall give you undesired consequences in your future living on this planet.

Algimantas – Thank you for your teaching and response. My will is fused with yours, as well as with the will of The Eternal Mother, The Infinite Mother, and I AM. Amen.

2020-04-28 14:31:05


I mailed this teaching by our Father to Daniel in the USA, and right now I discovered his comment in my mail box - Thank you, my brother, this contains so much truth from the Father, I appreciate you sending it to me.

I am glad Daniel has felt the Truth of the Essence of this Teaching. It means he has read it with his Heart. That is wonderful, I wish that all would read the revelation texts with their Hearts opened to Divine Love and Light.

Let Creator's Peace and Bliss and my Brotherly-Fatherly embrace be upon you.

2020-04-29 23:44:51

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