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How to wake up to spiritual reality?

You have to take power back into your hands. There are a few ways to implement this statement into your experience. You can do it with your endeavour or by trusting and opening yourself to Creator’s, leading from within. In both ways, you will have to make a constant effort making a conscious choice in almost every moment, until you will form new habits and create certain new neuro-pathways in your brain. You will have to form new ways of thinking and comprehending your vibrational reality until these decisions will become habitual, and even then you will see that after every achievement there is a new challenge for you to take on, and unfold your spiritual nature in a new level.

My understanding is that you have to be professional in what you do and know completely all ins and outs of what you do. In the spiritual path, you have to know both ways mentioned above – Creators leading from within, and the path through your effort. This gives you a complete experience that later you can share with others and make this world a better place to live for all of us. But taking, either way, is good, and with the right attitude, you will have the same result. I emphasize both ways only because It is not the result that matters to me but experience. And frankly talking I do not care about the results.

The enlightenment was something that I wanted to have at the beginning of the path, and I thought how good it would be to be enlightened, and every time I tried harder for enlightenment, I was thrown out of myself and made to think. When I realized that enlightenment is not even a result but just some landmark and achievement where you start cooperating with the Source of Creation and take some responsibility on your shoulders by being a coo creator with Creator, then everything changed and my focus shifted to every moment experience and to being happy with life, being happy in every moment, being content with this wonderful and amazing experience called life. I know that this enlightenment will happen one day because there will be no chance for me not to get it If I will continue with my efforts to Enfold myself and realize my potentials. there will simply be no any other way but to get enlightenment, but then my vibration will be matching exactly with that of enlightened personality, and I will not be able to even escape that. It is interesting to see where and how this amazing experience called life unfold.

But now let's get back to this moment and unfold together the ways that you can begin to walk and if you are already waking then how to proceed further.

There are few ways to make your vibration higher and the ones that I have tested and are available to me, explained below.

If you decide to pursue the spiritual path then you will come to a certain experience where you will have to stabilize certain vibration into your being, and that is done through the power of habit. there will always be a necessity for you to always have put an effort in any path you choose. There is no easy way to open yourself and to realize your potential. The Spiritual path comes only through the endeavour. And It never ends. You will be always becoming and realizing new and new potentials. That's our destiny.

Relaxation – is the method that takes you into a much higher vibration.

You will have to relax from unnecessary reactions, from unnecessary emotions, and unnecessary worries.

When the peace and inner bliss will become important to you to the point that you will not want to leave this blissful and so sweet state of mind, then definitely you will start refusing to mind what others think about you. You will refrain from judgment to what is fair and unfair, you will relax from right and wrong, bad and good. You will withdraw from these things because you will see that they disturb you and take you out of your core, from reality where you regard life through the law of cause-action-consequence – spiritual reality – and back into duality where life is fragmented and drama is an everyday experience. You will no longer want to be in this duality as it will be very narrow and uncomfortable. You will not even want to have an opinion about things because you will feel that even opinion may disturb your peace. You will want to observe life flow without stoping it and remain the observer at every moment. Your calm and peaceful reality will become the most important place where you can truly exist.

Let's take a look at how to achieve this. Let me warn you how to recognize the path. what to expect. I truly want to remove the veil of sanctity from the spiritual path and show that it is possible and achievable to everyone if you really and truly want it.

You have to relax. I repeat …Relax. Relax your body, mind activity emotions and everything that is only possible to relax – opinions, knowledge, your blissful intellectual activity. Refuse to engage in conversations that take you out of your core – gossip, and slander. Unlearn almost everything what you knew about life before and empty yourself to make space for the new reality where you become be’er and not a do’er. Do not think it is easy. it takes time and effort. You can not learn this stuff intellectually you can only get to these states of mind by doing and making effort.

Do not be afraid to empty yourself and to unlearn your knowledge, and take yourself out of your reactions and emotions. You will not lose all that and will not become crazy. I can reassure you, it will not happen because there is another law.

Every vacuum in the Universe is always filled with good.

And another one:

Anything and everything that you achieve in spiritual reality and absorb into your core can ever be taken away from you, even Creator that is omnipotent cannot take it away from you. It is part of who you are, it becomes a part of your identity.

Truly getting this law into your core releases many fears in you. Other peoples opinions about you will stop making any impact on you. You no longer need to defend yourself from someone else's opinion or insult because you realize, that there is nothing in you, that need to be defended and there is nothing that can be insulted or offended. There is nothing in you that can be taken away from you. And there is nothing that can truly harm you in any way because you are eternal. Other people with their opinions cannot address that something in you, that you are not. When praising you they cannot address something that is not done with the help of Creator. By not taking credits for every good in you solely for yourself you will stay free from being too proud. Being too proud throws you out of your core too.

You have to be relaxed and not reacting to any energy that comes your way. You have to stay calm and relaxed to everything that approaches you. Please, really get this. This method and explanation, in many different spiritual sources you will see in other ways and forms, but the essence will be the same.

Sometimes you may react and lose the plot, but after any failure don't get hooked up on it and continue practising, Babies fall many times before they learn to walk.
When you start relaxing into this spiritual vibration, then it may seem that the ground starts slipping from under your feet. It may feel that you are losing your mind. It is normal because it starts tapping into the unknown. The old mind slowly stops and the new one, the spiritual, slowly starts awakening and taking its place within you. The evolutionary mind slowly withdraws to the second plan and begins serving as an instrument in your new ways of comprehending the reality. The old refused emotions – anger, resentment, joy, anxiety, happiness, fear, sadness, grief, wrath, worry, passion – leaves the place to deep peace, calmness, bliss, deep compassion, gratitude, appreciation, love, and sincerity. You will still be able to experience the above ones, but this will be your own choice and you will be able to experience them at will.

To achieve this relaxation you may meditate and contemplate, you may use many of the methods that are discovered by others who walked this path but let me reassure you that the best way to achieve this blissful reality is to tap into the Source and Centre of Creation – The Universal Father Eternal Mother- Infinite Mother-I AM – The Creator, that fragmented Himself and bestowed onto every, healthy mind possessing, individual on this planet.

Discover this Creator's particle within you, engage with It, befriend it, and then this wonderful Particle of Creator will guide you to the safe waters of spiritual reality, raising and getting you up above this interim evolutionary realm into Love and blissful existence.

Lets Creators Love be with you

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