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The Teaching On Our situation by the Aggregate Deity I AM, Septemebt 4, 2020, received in English by Algimantas in his residence place – Lithuanian Capital City of Vilnius – 11.45 (9.45 GMT)

The Teaching On Our situation by the Aggregate Deity I AM, Septemebt 4, 2020, received in English by Algimantas in his residence place – Lithuanian Capital City of Vilnius – 11.45 (9.45 GMT)

Algimantas – l My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you for your Love, Mercy, Justice, Goodness, and Beauty in Reality of Evolution. I worship and glorify you in Love and Sincerity, and I pray for your teaching for my spiritual personality to receive an answer as to why so many members of the current humanity even though they feel within that the current situation in the world is not just and against them – and even against your Justice nothing speaking of Love – and yet they are unable to change anything in their favor. But that means that democracy – the power of the majority of folks is not valid any more and that the absolute minority is in control of the situation, and by this they are imposing their views and even actions on the majority in all life situations around. Thus what is the meaning of reiterating that democracy is the best instrument to govern humanity so far. It does not work any longer.
My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, it would be great to receive your teaching on these issues in the current situation and maybe your vantage point on our future developments within the current situation.
I AM - My beloved son, I am I AM – whom you know as the Aggregate Deity within the current moment of Time and Space in your world. However even on your world it is you as a fairly small group of My children who know Me as a Real Personality – The Aggregate Personality keeping even All Absolutes and the Paradise Trinity Within – that is a great challenge to accept, and nothing speaking about to acknowledge, the fact even by those of My children who have already expanded their vantage point on Deity and Creation as against those who have not heard of My existence whatever, as you have boldly embraced additional knowledge to the one you perused in The Urantia Book revelation passed down to you as my children on Urantia.
However, now back to the essence of your question.
You well know from the above mentioned revelation of The Urantia Book that My creation is not a segmented system but rather a truly real and living mechanism within which My Love Energy is a Dominant and Controlling Power for My Children to operate for the benefit of Creation under My leading as the Father-Paradise Trinity Sources and Centers of Creation. Thus, a living mechanism – take for example your physical body – if a part – even a minor one – breaks down, the whole mechanism cannot function properly even though it is carrying on its operation in a weaker state of its operation – that is not the way I have designed it. And after some time if you do not correct and mend this disruption of minor expression and revealing with time some other parts of the body shall also be broken. Thus the longer you ignore the malfunctioning the worse shall be the operation of your body and the worse consequences you shall experience. Exactly in a similar way is happening in My Creation everywhere – be it an individual or a social body of individuals – any disruption due to any deviation from My Will produces a corresponding consequence to the individual or to the social body of individuals.
You also well know – and also from the revelation of The Urantia Book - that your Local System and your planetary leaders carried our a revolt against all Sources and Centers of Love and Light of Creation, and they dared to carry on their activity by leading others to their insanity, leading all those who followed them - some in confusion, some other in sincerity, still others in doubt, and still others in pursuit of their personal and wrong-minded ego – as was even the case of Lucifer himself – the instigator and the biggest champion of the rebellion. However, My Evolutionary Plan provides not only the means for carrying it out but also the Law of Response to My Energy Vibrations in the form of experienced consequences – as a warning means for your minds to check what might be wrong with your decision-making and implementation of your decision if you experience undesired consequences. And on the contrary – if you experience an inner satisfaction then you desire to strengthen your other decisions towards this end as you begin to feel a greater power within for your right choice. And this is already an impulse of My Energy within your sub-consciousness and even reaching your consciousness to allow you to experience this energy eruption within by a pleasant experience in your mind and body. That makes you stronger even in your Faith in Me. And this is My Evolution in Action. Once you cannot experience such moments of inner satisfaction My Evolutionary Plan is not implemented by your personality and that means the Evolution is stalled – but that cannot be as creation is in a permanent movement - once it is corresponding My Will it is going forward and on to a greater Light and Life, once it is breaking My Will it is degrading and producing grave and dire consequences to all those who operate in that segment of My creation, while the repercussions of this degradation affect the whole of creation either by the level of one individual, or a group of individuals, or a nation, or a planet, or a Local System, or a Constellation. I bestowed a Free Will upon My Creation as the key to develop an individual in the Power of Love and Light therefore I cannot stop its operation within a personality by any other power but My Love and Light being experienced by that individual.
Your planet has experienced a hard history because of this rebellion as your Planetary Prince joined it. My Creator Son known to you as Jesus of Nazareth showed My Mercy and Patience to the rebels and he did not stop the rebellion by forceful means – which would have been legal to protect order and life on a lower level yet he decided otherwise – to allow the rebels to operate freely and invite new supporters to the rebellion as he clearly realized that by forcefully limiting their activity he should not manage to prove his right stand and position without allowing his subordinates to go thru this dire experience so that they would know by themselves out of their life experience what consequences had to be experienced of a rebellion. One’s experience speaks for itself and one needs no citations of anyone else. One’s experience is a Great Teacher of Evolution.
Revolt against Me continued for two thousand years until My Creator Son performed his bestowal mission on your planet just two thousand years ago. Try to figure out with your cosmic insight as to how much this root of darkness has sown the seeds of fear and distortion of My Love and Light in Evolution on your planet generation upon generation. Your planet was under quarantine and isolation even as your Local System of Satania for two hundred thousand years which meant living in darkness against My Will Power of Love and Light without any counseling from a higher Authority above as to how to lead the System and the Planet of Urantia, even though My Energy Light and Love to an individual continued to stream down upon the Local System and the Planet ceaselessly, and no isolation, no quarantine could ever stop this living flow of My Vibrations. Unfortunately, there were too few individuals on your planet who dared to open up to My Light and Love and spread it around to all as all humanity had been misled by wrong commanders of different segments of humanity in different parts of the globe. And the darkness was so dense that you killed those profits who dared to speak out My Word of Light. Your leaders – blind and deaf to My Light and Word – took you into grave darkness. You were scared that much that you could not discern and understand what is right and what is wrong and the more so to speak out for the right in a group, the less so in public. You lost even the values you had cherished before like My Love, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Truth replacing them by your personal profit and benefit, you lost your sight of morality within a family and at school, you changed yourselves form My children to your own made robotic instruments of ruling groups that give bread to you in dollars or euros, in yens or yuans, in krons or rubles, and on and on in any local currency by selling yourselves while betraying your true selves as My Image of your Eternal Personality. What can you expect in store? Just think a little bit in a broader context – can you arrive at a wise decision if those in power deny My being, and My Design of Evolution per se. They consider that what they are doing is the true development of progress and that they bring in their deposit to it and that they have earned their own benefit for it in history, and a good one at that. They care for themselves only therefore they cannot foresee the consequences of their wrong decisions that they make and implement without Me as the Source and Center of Wisdom and Love and Light. Therefore you publish lists of your richest brethren on the planet and do not even think that this list has My Imprint which is invisible but it is true and right – this is the list of my children breaking My Will and continuing to spread the rebellion repercussions and presenting themselves as the offshoots of the former Planetary Prince stock still remaining on the planet, and even more – actively operating against My Love and Light Will with an increasing power and impudence. As your planet is not in quarantine any more since the end of the previous century, as time is counted on your planet, you have to stop their activity by your own Love and Light you take in directly from and out of Me. This is the return to My Evolution in the manner I have designed. Irrespective of the degree your planet is submerged into darkness the way out of it is only through My Love and Light being experienced in and by My individual child. There is no substitution to My Living Path that you might choose instead of it. There is no another – second or third Path to Me even though all creation is moving to and within Me by many and on many different levels but always remaining on My Living Path – the only one of Love and Light being experienced by an individual and shared with all for the benefit of all. Do you currently have such brethren at the head of any state? There is not a single one out of the whole of humanity at the top of any state to lead that state's people to Me. So it is just inescapable that the future has in store more difficult and even more sophisticated experiences to go through as the mind of an animal origin cannot operate to the end of My Will where only a divine and spiritual mind of a personality can make such decisions and bravely implement them together with other brethren and for the benefit of the whole – a nation, a race, a planet.
So you well realize that today apart from you and those of your brethren who worship Me in your-My Living Temple that bears My Name – The Paradise Trinity-I AM living temple -- you have no other people to support you in this generation. And I commend you for your bold efforts to continue your stride on My Living Path even though your numbers has considerably diminished after the quarantine due to the crown virus supposed pandemic which has been imposed upon the country leaders by those of My children I have mentioned before as the remaining and acting on your planet stock of the Lucifer rebellion generations. And still the clue to future Light and Life is only thru embarking upon My Living Path with both one’s Mind and Spirit and standing firmly on My Shore with all your Heart opened to Me no matter what other children of Mine would do against My will. I support only those actions and motives of these actions that are filled up with My Love and Light. And you well know by your own experience what blissful moments your personality relishes in by its spiritual mind and wisdom that even the most dire consequences that await you in store cannot make you leave My Living Path and Me as your Father and Mother of the True Moment, and within Eternity.
Do not be afraid of anybody and anything as I am within you to strengthen you all the time and always to incite you to make one more step forward to a new challenge which is specially prepared for your shoulders by Me in advance as I know that I have prepared you for it in particular. And that applies to all of your brethren - My true and real children in this moment on Urantia.
Algimantas – Thank you, my beloved I AM, I love you even as I love the Father, the Eternal Mother, and the Infinite Mother, and my will is fused with yours. Amen.

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