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The Father’s Teaching I received for my brethren in the USA, 20221 01 10 13.20

The Father’s Teaching I received for my brethren in the USA, 20221 01 10


My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, as my Paradise Parents, and even as the Paradise Parents of all, as the Source and Center of Energy and Evolution, and I do desire to receive a response on the current situation in the world as during the last year we have been undergoing thru extremely hard and bitter challenges with the so-called pandemic of the Crown virus, and related to it quarantine the world over, with the break down of human interrelationships, of a strict self isolation of pupils at home rather than having classes at school. Now the newest challenge - the fraud and theft of the results of the Presidential election in the USA, and what is even more upsetting and troublesome that no Court has accepted any of the filed cases with a plentiful of evidence and proof of the fraud - even on video or to be given by eye-witnesses - and that has been completely igroned by a different level of the Courts, and ultimately by the top-level legislative body - the Congress - ready to certify the electoral college and comfirm their alleged election of the country’s president without setting up a Commission on the Investigation of the Election Process Violations, and that played the key role to set up the stage for the provocation of the assoult of the Capitol building by the Democratic Party supported members of the criminal gang calling themselves as the BLM movement, and even laying the blame of this episode on President Trump as supposedly it was he who had provoked the rally participants in the rally of his supporters at the White House to take over the Capitol Building while the President of the USA did just the opposite as he emphasized in particular - the rally is a peaceful expresiong of disagreement with the fraud of the election and the stolen victory from him.
Thus I do desire your response on the situation and the developments in the near future.


I am your Father, and the Father of all in the whole of creation that has been created out of My love just to demonstrate to My children - what might My Love Power has that even I - as the Almighty Source and Center - could not withhold it within and I had to let it out to create the very first Time and Space Universe for My children to enjoy My Evolutionary Plan in operation to make their own contribution once they begin to feel the Might of Love within being channeled to them by Me as the Source and Center of this Love Power and as their Loving Father.
Thus, having heard this take a look around yourself - how much Love Power you see operating around you that would be enlivened and enacted thru the material deeds of My children around you? How much of Light and Brotherhood you notice around you so that you would be able to trust all those around you that they would not hurt you but rather with a cordial smile and truly sincerely extend you a hand of help if you share your own ideas on Me or on My creation? How much of My Light and Love is being taken in by My other children if they are agitated and even ferociously infuriated by the actions of those with whom they totally disagree in mind and spirit, are they ready to extent their assistance to all those who have an opposite stand on the same issues they consider to be settled only their way? How much choice to you feel in your heart to be embraced and accepted by this brother or sister in spirit bearing a subconscious imprinting of the revolt against Me and carried thru a multitude of the generations’ offspring to this day generation gene which under the favorable circumstances of too much of materialism and consumerism comes to fruition by setting the animal mind of such progeny loose from any moral restriction, and causing chaos while dominating other mind and being impatient, therefore this animal mind has been to a big extent distorted while passing thru the millenia of years without My spiritual discovery within and without being enlightened by My other Sons and Daughters who cannot forcefully enlighten the mind too deeply submerged in self-gratification.
You have had even My Gift to your world - My Son’s Bestowal Mission. My most beloved Son, the Highest in the Rank in the whole of the Universe of Nebadon, has descended to your level and completed his row of bestowals to make the total number of seven to earn his full Sovereignty to rule the Local Universe of Nebadon in His OWN NAME rather than as My Vicegerent. Just consider for a while what gift I have bestowed upon your planet that no other planet in the Universe of Nebadon shall ever repeat, the less so experience it. Just consider your brother’s in spirit evolutionary experience on your planet - was it tinted at least with the thinnest shade of selfishness, fear, or consumerism, was it aggrevating and raising his person above others or was it focusing on Me and on the uniting fulcrum and lever for the wellbeing of all. And consider My Love and Peace within his heart that he loyally accepted the final outcome and the exit out of his material form - mortal’s body - thru the crucifiction. Just compare the two minds in operation - the fear- stricken and impatient Pharisees who were eager to celebrate the Passover, and now they have to go with the chores for the feast as their ritual, dogma, and tradition require, they skip out of their mind the life of Jesus - that he was a Living Brother of theirs as well - their animal origin mind which is full of disatisfaction, even of hatred for being bothered and interrupted or impeded to proceed with their everyday long established routene that had been going on fairly smoothly for centuries and all of a sudden their mind encountered an obstacle to this untouchable rhythm, and their hatred has been even increased by their fear that they might lose they positions if this instigator of the masses remained alive. The animal origin mind is revengeful and impatient. Therefore the Sanhedrin, the controling body of the Jerusalem sinagogues, and even exercising its authrity over the other sinagogues except of Philadelphia, was breaking all the rules set by it to be followed. No evidence was accepted that Jesus was innocent as no witness was allowed to speak out in Jesus’s defense. No time intervals were followed between the Sanhedrin meetings that also had been set by the Sanhedrin in adjudicating a man to capital punishment.
The current situation on the planet gives you evidence that the animal origin mind cannot cope with the task of Evolution set by My Evolutionary Plan for the Planet. And you well know that every breach of My Will shall have a bitter consequence to your Planet. But if the breach of My Will is minor, and on a small scale, you merely do not notice the outcome, yet some of My children begin to discern this outcome and the one that shall necessarily cause grave problems in the future. But for the absolute majority of My children it is an unnoticible fact, and they carry on with their relishing in materialism and consumerism, and they even less ponder on the moral values while My Eternal Values which My fragment - Thought Adjuster - is passing to their subconsciousness they skip out of their mind altogether. The operation of My spirit does not become less talented or perfect within the mind of such children of Mine, only in this case the focus is transferred to and on the future mind to be used after the mortal’s resurrection in his morotial identity of his soul so that he would not reject My Reality and My Love operation within his morontial mind so that in favorable conditions to the morontial mind to make decisions in favor for the eternal journey rather than ultimately arriving at the conclusion to give up this living journey to Me on Paradise and vanish altogether from the Universe as the identity of his personality.
In this situation - in the part of the planet which you name as the United States of America - you have like a mirror reflection of the Jesus times once the Congress is playing the part of the Sanhedrin, and in haste thrusts the final verdict to verify the electors college even though some of the states disagreed, and as the present-day analogy of the old Jewish times Sanhedrin, ignores all the requests for investigation, and even for debating the issue, and in haste confirms the election of the President.
And you have an American Judas betrayal of the current President Trump, performed by his Vice-President Pence. This man might have become a shining Peak of the Victory of the Moral Courage reached within him, and demonstrated by My son without, and it was so close to him, even within him, and I was strengthening him to make the choice in Favor of My Justice and Light, but all of a sudden he felt a wall against him - insurmountable to him - and all of his resolution deflated, and he acted right on the spot and counter to what he had been planning to do, to support HIS President like they had discussed the issue of this situation many a time. Just on the spur of the moment My Light of Justice faded and he lemented the words that the Constitution restrains him from acting otherwise but accepting the electors from the states. It was just the statement by his trembling heart to justify his flabby resolution to himself, and to his close ones, as well as to escape from taking up the challenge up to his desire for justice to be consolidated by his Decision of Light - to investigate the situation with the election process and the outcome of the process.
You feel in your personality that everything has changed within a blink - you feel within your personality that injustice and curruption have strengthened their grab in all the spheres.
You have been taught that all Power is from Me. This is true but now you have to hear what is appropriate to your mind in the 21st-century understanding, and on your planet, which is undergoing extremely difficult consequences for honest mortals on the post-rebellion planet as you are faced with such an ever growing manifestation of power in all the walks of life that brings My Evolutionary achievements within humanity to an ever increasing destruction in the family life, the gender definition, the human interrelationship, the living bonds between teachers and pupils as well as within their own corresponding communites, and in other fields of life by the actions against My Will, by the actions of My beloved children who continue to carry on the torch light of the revolt against Me lit by My beloved Son of Light - Ruler of the Local System of Satania - Lucifer - and supported by his deputy - Satan - and followed by your Planetary Prince -- Kaligastia - they all did really exercise My Power and Authority to to do good deeds out of My Love for the wellfare of all, and they were ruling their corresponding segments of My Creation entrusted to them by loyally doing My Will but gradually they got corrupted and they distorted My Power and Authority according to their corrupted understanding. That is why you should protect My Power and Authority to Rule uncorrupted, and undistorted, and that might be called as the inviolate Power from Me bestowed upon you. Therefore only this sort of Power is from Me, but while exercising your free will as My gift to you for your spiritual growth and enlightenment of yourself, primarily, and for your action for the benefit of all, you begin to distort it by deviating from My will, you begin to fail to perform that noble and honorary task to lead your nation forward, so right away you should stop naming and claiming this Power is from Me as it has no Living Sparkle of My Love and Light therefore it cannot be linked up with My Personality as The Source and Center of Love, Mercy, Justice, Goodness, Beauty, Insight, Wisdom, Light, and Reality in My Creation.
Given the words already spoken out above the action is required on the part of the current USA President to defend the Constitutional Provisions and the Country’s integrity after all legal forms of action on the election fraud have been used in full by the President, and they have been ignored altogether by the legal institutions, so the President has to use his Power and Authority from Me and to enact his right to be listened, and the election process in an unbiased way to be investigated and adjudicated - by choosing the only legal and available to him avenue and that is the deployment of troops and empowering the military tribunal to resolve the current and illegal situation as regards the Presidential election investigation as all the legal civilian institutions have failed to perform their direct duty.
The fact of fraud does not disappear if even the Congress confirms the status quo which is illegal by itself under the circumstances, so far, as the fact of fraud has not been investigated meanwhile the fact cannot either change or be changed it might be either accepted or distorted in a biased way, yet the fact, per se, remains unchanged like it has happened in the moment of the action. Humans are not authorized to change facts already in the past - they might only change their interpretations. My Justice Embraces the Fact, and your interpretation might either accept it, and fall into My Scope of Vision or you may misinterpret the fact and your vibrations do not resound with My top frequency vibrations.
That is why the USA legal current President has to deploy the troops in the major cities, and especially in the States that have violated a fair and honest election process, and investigation should be carried out by the Military Tribunal. Otherwise the country shall experience an immense turbulance with grave and bitter consequences. There is but a narrow passage to reach out for a bright future to this glorious country. Shall the current President stand for it - it is his challenge, and he is up to it, and he shall use his conviction in full honesty, and he shall rise and stand to the occation. And those of My disloyal children have no spirit power within to drive them to exercise their courage and love therefore they would merely give up their fight that they so aggressively have been demonstrating while looting in the street out of fear within them. They have been, and still are, on the loser’s path the moment they embarked on the path of injustice and unreality - which is called illusion in mind. I do not support their wrong and evil actions, and even their mind therefore even their pure intellect turns to be ever more feeble.
I support such My children who are sincere in their heart and strive for a better life to all. Be My children I always support for this is the Winner’s Path I laid before you as Evolution, including your Planet.
My Love is the most powerful driving force, therefore love all - even those who do evil deeds but do not accept their evil actions - and stand for My Truth in Evolution.


Thank you, my beloved Father for this extensive response. I love you, and my will is fused with yours, as well as with the will of the Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, and I AM. Amen.

2021-01-11 18:42:35


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