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Answer-Teaching By The Infinite Mother -- Shall We Ever Get Back To The Former Situation Prior To The Pandemic?

Answer-Teaching By The Infinite Mother -- Shall We Ever Get Back To The Former Situation Prior To The Pandemic?

I received it in English on March 5, 2021, at 11.45 a.m.
Vilnius, Lithuania,

Algimantas —
My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, for you are The Source and Center of Evolution which is full of life and experience for our sake, as it is you who is The Author and Director of Evolution out of your Love Might and Reality Insight Beyond Universe Limits, I worship and glorify you and ask you this question -- shall we ever come back to our conscious decision-making state of mind in peace?
The Infinite Mother —
My most beloved son, I am your Infinite Mother, even the Mother of all. I commend you for your brave efforts in probing My relationship with you, and by this revealing ever greater trust in Me even as in yourself. Only in this living state of mind you remain in your consciousness and subconsciousness, and feel the reality from Me as being formed within you which raises you ever more above the damaged and derailed environment. This situation is due to the operation of enormous fear within subconsciousness of these of My children who have unlimited material power and natural resources of the planet you inhabit, and which do not belong to them but they are the ones to set up the game rules for the current civilization, and set up them against My Will. Even though I am Almighty Source and Center of Will Power yet I manifest it thru My Love operation in every heart opened up sincerely to Me. My Love Might is operating in a one-way traffic avenue -- released from Me it has to return to Me in a circle because of My Love Attraction within my sincere child’s heart -- in reality in My real child as his maturing personality is ever stronger expanding his cosmic insight and ever deeper experiencing My Love Might operation within his mind, even as My own bestowal — Thought Adjuster — for our most intimate mutual and living communion and co-creating good deeds as Co-Creators for the benefit of all My children. This is a wonderful experience by your mind that you ever more express your gratitude to Me for all of the endowments you have received from Me — even in the form of your antecedent experiences. And I know what I speak of -- be as you are -- My ambassador in dignity and nobleness, and show not even a shade of fear either of anyone or of anything as I am within you, and making you ever stronger in your mind and sprit to be caughtt up with by your physique. Be certain as I am certain your mission shall last for several centuries and you shall see many changes but the experience acquired shall be of great importance to deal with all the challenges to come upon humanity even though you are ready for them even now as you have long before had been speaking about the future of this moment, even about a greatly limited freedom to leave one’s dwelling mansion on one’s own desire and having to obtain a permit. A lot of water has run under the bridges of time since that moment but My children even those who listened to your words did not pay much attention to them and considered them to be spoken out of your fancy. They could not foresee any reality to come in that future moment as they had no cosmic insight to even grasp the idea of limiting one’s freedom to move around in one’s own city or an area within the country as that was so unnatural and unreal. But the words you spoke out of heart to warn those who listened to your teaching were Mine as your spiritual hearing was already clean enough for taking-in those living words from Me even though you had not yet come to that sort of understanding of them as coming from Me, and attributed them to your own mind perception per se.
That moment in the past was almost thirty years ago, and if measured by your human life span in the present generation, it is a significant portion of time, and now keep in mind that all My children who did not open up to Me and pursued their own exclusively material interests and who had no intention of even thinking about My Reality bestowed upon them as well have been degrading all the time. Thus, being the Source and Center of Evolution and Mind I direct all, by My Love Might, to follow My Way -- My Vector -- open up to Me and Co-create Goodness under My auspices and leading from within or else you shall encounter nothing else but degradation of mind in operation. This degradation shall embrace all civilization, and it shall gain its speed ever more as it is much easier for anyone not to notice any mess in a dirty and messy room as it is like in one’s own environment, and if one chanced to find oneself somewhere within a mansion glance one feels ill at ease in his mind as he does not know how to behave to be equal with those who are enjoying their company and wearing broad smiles on their lips therefore this stranger and alien to this company desires to get back to one’s usual way of living as he knows how to deal with the environment of one’s own everyday living. But the environment is also changing all the time, as matter tends to change its form and undergo its energy transformation within if left unattended and by this being neglected to go to rust or dust. But equally the same law is operating within mind. No mind can stay in stagnation like in a static place in creation as the only such one is My dwelling abode -- Paradise. Meanwhile, everything apart from Paradise is in motion around Paradise, and as the Source and Center of Energy which I release out of Myself to Space and Time Creation, I am also Motionless and Static as My Energy is moving within My Attraction Embrace to return to Me. Given the information your heard nobody else and nothing else can remain in a static state of energy as everything is in motion -- mind is changing -- either growing in My Love and Light once the personality mind discovers Me within or else degrading even to the point of annihilating all civilization on the planet. Your current deplorable situation has appeared due to the decisions of those of My children who are behind the scene and invisible to humanity and who are choking with wealth and power, but they desire more -- they desire to change the course of Evolution on Urantia as if they were the Lord Almighty -- they desire to totally control humanity merely out of their vanity and inability to feel and see beyond their nose even though they fly whenever they desire on this planet in a material sense but spiritually and intellectually they have been degrading and this seed they have been passed as an offshoot of the generations of their ancestors that actively were involved in the revolt against Me, instigated and carried out by My disloyal Sons. Therefore this insanity fear root offshoots today have been in control of your -- and My -- planet, and you can change it only together with Me. Those of My sons who ignore Me shall degrade their mind as they ignore both your teaching and My Living Word and My Love Energy, and you have to keep in Mind -- even though you well-know it — that there is no force beyond My Love Might, therefore fill up yourself with My Love Might and you are capable to stop this degradation lasting for thousands of years as you also well know how precious is this planet to Me -- and to you -- as the only planet of My Creator Son-Jesus bestowal venue to earn his Supreme Sovereignty in his own right and name in His Local Universe. Thus, you cannot go back to your former situation of the current insane condition of the pseudo pandemic initiated by those behind-the-scene who are fear ridden and short of My Wisdom and Love. Unfortunately, you have to undergo these harsh and bitter consequences to come in the future, yet they shall temper your character even more and pave your way to and train you to shoulder new challenges I have prepared for you -- and for every one of you. You cannot get back to a running water in a river even though you might stand in the same place but even the venue itself shall be changed — and by this different -- everything is in motion -- even the Everest Mount but you cannot notice its motion within that does effect its motion without as well. With My children the situation is even more sophisticated since they carry a big fear within their subconsiousness and consciousness and which cannot be cleaned without first having discovered Me within by their divine mind of personality. As they do not know this truth they do not even make any attempts to discovering Me, therefore their fear shall be merely hidden from their conscious mind only temporarily as it is engaged in solving different issues while seeking material interests. Thus, when they are less occupied with this obsessed pursuit of the selfish and material interests completely ignoring My being within and My manifestation without in reality climbing even one step up in Evolution is impossible, meanwhile the motion is ceaseless and, unfortunately, this motion is downward and which is called degradation. That is why you shall never restore your broken relationships to its former level even though you might not witness any big difference for yourselves like you do not see any difference in a running water in a river as you come back to the site after some time.
Thus, put you earnest and sincere efforts to your communion with Me and operation together with Me even as I lead you from within. Do not be frightened whatever might arise outer conditions to your body and mind. I am within you all the time, just feel your safety I guarantee to your personality and protecting your mind from derailment under the conditions of derailment of the mind of My disloyal children whom you might and would call as naughty little children were they not changing My Evolutionary Course on this planet to distortion and civilization destruction. Currently you have already encountered a true and real clash between My Love Light and insanity rebellion darkness. You are My pointing pinnacle of the Vector to Me, stand up to your status and be certain you shall complete your mission even as I have designed it for you.

Algimantas — Thank you, my beloved Infinite Mother, for your response-teaching. I love you with your Love Might I experience within. My will is fused with yours, even as with the will of the Father, Eternal Mother, and I AM. Amen.

Let Creator's Peace and Bliss and my Brotherly-Fatherly hug be upon you.

2021-03-07 17:01:45


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