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The Teaching By I AM - The Aggregate Deity - On Our Consciousness and Subconsciousness In The Current Situation Of Quarantine, And Our Possibility To Act - received by me in English - in Vilnius, Capital City of Lithuania, April 15, 2021

The Teaching By I AM - The Aggregate Deity - On Our Consciousness and Subconsciousness In The Current Situation Of Quarantine, And Our Possibility To Act - received by me in English - in Vilnius, Capital City of Lithuania

April 15, 2021
2.25 p.m.

Algimantas - My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you for your being and presence within, and I ask you for your teaching concerning our state of consciousness and subconsciousness under the circumstances of the current quarantine when we are totally separated from our living temple named after you - the temple of The Paradise Trinity-I AM - as we cannot meet directly and face-to-face, what is the situation for us who know much more than the others but we cannot share this Light with anyone as all pepole are isolated in the quarantine.
I AM -
My beloved son, I do express my gratitude to you as you are leading My flock on this planet in My name - and I am - I AM - as you call Me the Aggregate Deity - which I really am - thus I marvel at you efforts to keep My Light and Love fluttering alive on this planet when your brethren in power without Me have already produced a chaos within the heads of all of My children, and this chaos shall grow up like a rolling down the mountain avelanche of snow leaving everything smashed on its way and annihilating all living forms of My Energy vibrations in different material manifestations.
You well know of the danger of the visible to your material eyes avanlache yet you are totally unable to foresee the danger of the avelanche consequences to your mind and body in the current life form of your personality. You well know that a hurricane might ruin everything on its path within seconds of your time but to restore the venue to the former state might take you decades, and even after having taken your sincere efforts, even with My Love, being experienced within, you might never bring that venue to the former state of existence. The hurricane power is My uncontrolled energy which is like a wild mustang in a prairie - no one is able to catch it without certain additional means, therefore you cannot stop a hurricane with your bare hands but you can really do it by using My Love Power together with Me as I know how to stop it, or you can order it stop by yourself once you are totally fused with Me, as in this case We Both shall be acting together as One in Spirit. This is a unique Power of your Faith and Trust in Me, and your personal Self-Confidence experienced in your consciousness that deeply that you do not even enterttain a shade of doubt of failing. And yet even you cannot remove the consequences caused by the hurricane in human mind, and here I mean not the direct material damaged done to one personally but rather to the state of one’s mind after the experience of living thru this wild energy mustang trampling over you and leaving you by some sort of reason alive in your physical form to witness this episode within yourself, and analizing within your mind your reaction to the damage done and on the ways, time, and fund resources to deal with the situation. And yet, no matter how much you might have even improved the material venue, by using a modern technology, all the same your mind would have been wearing an imprint of the past experience - and it shall never fade away if you carry on entertaining your material mind with the material ideas without Me as it is only I who can guarantee the cleaning of your consciousness and subconsciousness from fear and especially harsh experiences. The more you are in a living communion with Me the less you entertain your former harsh and bitter episodes from your past in your consciousness, and even your subconsciousness is filled up with My high frequency vibrations, and the former harsh experience - unpleasnat and even horrifying memories - shall sink ever deeper and shall not be able to float up to your consciousness as long as you take efforts to commune with Me and charge your consciousness and subconsciousness with My high frequency Love vibrations. The more you are filled up with my Love the more Trust you experience in Me and the greater Self-Confidence you experience within to act resolutely and confidently for the benefit of all in your environment. And this sort of process shall bring you to such a state of your consciousness that you should really begin to feel the power within you to stop a hurricane, and by this to protect people from true dangers and enormous damage, but especially from the damage done to your consciousness, and which you cannot materially see, evaluate, and experience right away. You have such a phenomenon as a traumatic shock when right after the accident you might not feel a physical pain of your injured body under a shock affect. It comes after some time when your mind comes back to a full way of conceiving and understanding the situation one is in, and to the knowledge one etertains.
Any critical experience leaves a big and deep imprint in one’s subconsciousness and consciousness, and makes one reach out for wise decisions ever more difficult. Meanwhile, every wrong decision - and its implementation - makes one’s self-inconfidence and distrust in Me ever stronger and bigger, and by this your faith in Me and your self-confidence withers not only what concerns this moment of a harsh experience in particular but also in overall in general - your mind is being influenced in all respects. That is why you have the saying - A friend in need is a friend indeed - so your mind is truly your friend if it turns to Me and shows even a greater Love for Me and to Me as the harsh eperiences might affect the mind so much that it might even blame Me for the bitter consequences and for the very deplorable experiences.
Your personality identity is being grown in My Love and Light in every such hard episode and I especially marvel at your faithfulness to Me in critical moments when it is expresed out of Love rather than fear. Therefore, stay always in a living communion with Me so that you would truly earn your ever higher stand on the evolutionary ladder together with Me, and you shall always be led further away from any unfavorable situations as you are the master of the situation and you can control it rather than be involved in its whirlpool with an undesired outcome. You have to live in My Love and Peace that do not provide any storm, but if the enviroment is stronger than your trust in Me and than your self-confidence to control it, all the same you shall go through this experience together with Me without much of a damage as I shall carry you on raised above the material plane to protect you from its negative impact on your mind and body of all this negative moment to the extent that is being experienced by your brethren who do not trust Me at all. Had all of you experienced My discovery within you would have had a mild climate on your planet, and no hurricanes whatever, as in this case your high frequency vibrations, you take in from Me, would have smoothly embraced all the air currents traveling around the planet without having to encounter an obctacle of low vibrations, as the majority of personalities on the planet would have been radiating high virations as they would have been staying permanemtly in a living communion with Me, and even assisting the air currents to travel smoothly while floating around the globe since I have planned for My beloved children to make their own contribution on the implementation of My Evolutionary Plan so that ultimately the humanity would reach the epoch of Life and Light, and the planet would be connected to My Circuit of Lighting up and Heating up.
Concerning your current situation, you have Me to deal with it, so that your consciousness would pass thru it with as little loss and damage as possible. Your activity is greatly diminished and you cannot effect any changes for the better in any other way but by keeping a living communion with Me, as all your activity without Me is - and - shall ever be - doomed to failure, only this failure might not be immedialy noticed even as the current situationm is also the outcome of the Lucifer rebelion as back as two hundred thousand years ago. Who could have thought about your generation at that moment when that generation of the long past had their own challenges up to their shoulders. But if thosse who got envolved in that rebelion would have made a decision in My favor rather than in favor of the revolt against Me you would not stay quarantined today. Too many of My children today do not care sincerely for the future generations’ life as they have never developed such an insight as to relate all events and experiences of decision-making and its implementation with other brethren besides the ones they can mentaly relate to and realizing that the consequences of their actions might have certain effect on them but not more - no thoughts about how other generations might feel and live after just being directly affected by their actions in the past and by their personal decisions being made in all the spheres of their activivy as the frequency of all vibrations makes impact on general conditions of the humanity living and thinking, which is also passed in time to other generations to make up a general mental field of all vibrations for other generations to live and act in. That is why a chaos is created only without Me, and moreover, even by hushing up My leading from within, so that My children would not desire to even think that I might be real, which is nothing else but a savage thinking in the twenty-first century after My Creator Son’s bestowal upon your humankind, and even upon the whole of the Local Universe of Nebadon, as Jesus of Nazareth, and furhter more - almost after a full million of years since the beginning of human evolution on your planet, and still to carry on entertaining the idea that Evolution has no Author as it has supposedly sprang up out of nothing as the big bang theory-addict scietists have been claiming it to date.
I am the Source and Center of Harmony and Order for the wellbeing of all and for the Light of all, so you cannot change those of My children volitionally, and you cannot tell them anything of the kind that would make them change their way of thinking that had formed up in their mind upon different and distorted ideas on Evolution thru generations. They mistrust you while willingly accept and approve of any falsifications of Evolution and of My Person. That is why it is inevitable for a low mind-intellect of an animal origin to receive any vibrations of Love from Me and to start living for the benefit of all. Meanwhile, it is exactly the only way out of the current critical and artificially produced situation the world over which the animal origin mind-intellect shall never acknowlede as the one to have been artificially provoked by this very material and animal origin mind-intellect. That shall lead even to more dire consequences for the current generations on the planet, and to a more difficult environment for the future generations. Your political authorities are totally incompetent and merciless - the very crucial qualities those in power should necessarily manifest in serving the Nation as the servant serves the Sovereign-Master. Given the the fact of the situation, a bigger chaotic movement towards man’s mind and intellect degradation shall strengthen up, and your living conditions shall definitely turn into much harder for everyone.
Be not of low cheer and do not get disillusioned by the inability to impact those who control power in your country, turn your personality identity to Me to feel My Love and Light much stronger to feel no anxiety and doubt over My protection and guarding provided for you - all of you - who resolutely walk on the Living Path to ensure a better way of living for oneself in spirit, together with Me, and feel My leading from within in every moment so that you shall not feel as being abandoned but rather feeling as being in My embrace and being cuddled at My bosom for your comfort and peace. Stay in this moment always opened to Me in whatever situation you might be eddied by the material environment as I shall always be present within you and help you to deal with all harsh situations, upholdong you in My Love and Light forever. Do not entertain even a shade of worry or anxiety, the least so of fear, as I am The Source and Center of Love and Light, and I raise your personality identity high above these mean qualities of the animal mind and character. I am always submerging you in My Ocean of a Living Love. You are eternal together with Me already today, Thus, stay in My Love and in your Self-Eternity, and operate in boldness leaning upon My leading from within all the time. I will save you from all the misfortunes, which shall scare your other brethren so much.

Thank you my beloved - I AM - Father and Mother - the Aggregate Deity for this upholding of my personality. And my will is fused with yours, even as with the Father, The Eternal Mother and The Infinite Mother’s. Amen.

2021-04-15 20:51:45


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