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Father’s Teaching On Energy, Received - August 26, in Lithuanian in Vilnius. Translated into English - August 29, 2021

Father’s Teaching On Energy,

Received - August 26, 2021 at 10.45 a.m. in Lithuanian in Vilnius
Translated into English - August 29, 2021 - at 22.30

Algimantas -
My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, I worship and glorify you, experiencing your Energy of Love Vibrations, and at the same time I raise the question - what is Energy that we are talking about so much, but what is it made of? how could we understand your Energy in a more simple way? - This issue has propped up in my mind just several days ago once I was pondering over the matter that actually nothing is written about it in The Urantia Book - what is Energy, what is its Content, even though it is spoken about thirty different sorts of energy yet nothing is revealed what is Energy in general as a phenomenon as we now speak about the energy of electricity, about the Energy of your Love Vibrations, that is why I do want to hear your teaching on Energy.

Father -
My beloved son, I am the Father of all, even as the Father of Jesus, therefore I am glad that you look upon my Cosmos ever deeper and raise ever deeper questions to know My creation better, as well as Me, and your own brethren in a diffrent form of energy - of matter, morontia, and spirit. Thus, let us try to consider together - what is Energy?
What is the environment on your present-day planet for you just starting to make the first step towards Me, and starting with a Thought? And a thought is a motion of Energy - the spreading of vibrations which form up both notions, words, and syllables of the words of every language of yours all over the planet, and all these components - pronounced vocally or merely in one’s mind - make up a quiver of My Cosmic Space - motion - in Time. You are within My Cosmic Space and Time, which I give you as your reading points for your implementation of Evolution without which you would not be able to be alive, and even self-conscious of yourseves in Space and Time, if I were not supplied them for you as a reading point within you. And all this I have supplied you out of Myself through My children prepared for this function. What you call it as Energy out of Me is namely motion in Space and Time being provided you at your level. But this level is divided into many segregations which the epochal revelation of The Urantia Book, passed down upon you, calls in particular as the thirty sorts of My Energy. However, it is an environment of the manifestation of motion in Space and Time being provided you by Me for the manifestation of expression of motion necessary for meeting your intellectual and spiritual needs. For instance, you consider as one of the sorts of energy an atomic energy. But this is only a changed expression of the atomic motion wihtin a nuclear reactor while splitting the structure of an atom - this is just a changed adequate environment while splitting an atomic structure for the corresponding elements to manifest themselves in motion in Space and Time, meanwhile, Energy remains completely unchanged, therefore you can apply it - by means of certain equipment - in both lighting, heating, and for enabling the motion of corresponding material means once you install nuclear reactors in the vessels. All this makes up separate forms of My Energy manifestation in corresponding segments of My creation so that these forms would be used for the implementation of My Evolutionary Plan. However, My Energy Substance within Me is The Harmony Unity in Static - there is no movement in Me, as it is Me who is That Substance - Live Being without Cause - I am as The Three Coordinate Sources And Centers Of The Paradise Trinity, enveloped by I AM above Time and Space, and a pure Static without motion - that very My Self- Being within Me - I AM Being In Fullness - within Inner Silence among The Three Sources and Centers in The Fourth Aggregate Source and Center. It is in particular this HARMONY AND ABSOLUTE SELF-BEING that is Energy. Even the way you are feeling your satisfaction while communing with Me, and while associating with your brethren when talking about Me, I am also feeling the satisfaction of My Self-Being while cooperating on the level of The Absolute with My Coordinate Partners and The Aggregate I AM. We do not need words for this - not like in your case once you desire to express your own concepts and to be understood by others, or even while being alone to trail your own thoughts you cannot do it without words for a moment. It is the SUBSTANTA of Our Own Inner Self-Being that is Energy, and We know by itself EVERYTHING, since We are even more than EVERYTHING, as our SUBSTANTA IS Our Living Content that makes up Us as The Sources And Centers - and THAT is that very Purity of Chastity in the Absolute Unity within the Static of Our Self-Being for there is the Fullness of the very SUBSTANTA - The Living Content - within Us. And this Fullness by and within Itself is Energy. And however much Energy I would pour out on Paradise and to the Central and Divine Universe - Havona - and upon Time and Space Universes, SUBSTANTA shall remain within all eternity in the Fullness of My Self-Being as if not a single Energy impulse has been spread out of Me, The Fullness of My Self-Being is changeless. My Energy - SUBSTANTA - is eternal and inexhaustible - The Living Source - The Paradise Trinity-I AM.
When I am explaining it now you cannot grasp this explanation in some other way but by merely trying to compare it with your own environment, and what is considered to be energy in your environment. But this is just a mere far-off echo of a form of My Energy, resounding repeatedly in the Time and Space Universe of My Cosmos. This is not a pure Energy of Mine which is SUBSTANTA of The Sources and Centers within the Self-Being. If We just spread it even on Our Dwelling Abode - Paradise - without any modification to diminish its impact even on Paradise - due to its power - there would be not a single form or sort of life there, there would be only Us - The Sources and Centers - there. It is namely due to this fact that according to Our Evolutionary Plan We are spreading Our Selves by the Energy vibrations of a diminished power, and even their power for an unprepared person would be all the same too strong to endure. It is namely for this reason that the evolutionary journey of experiences and modifications in an energy form to Me on Paradise is so long, and the further away from Paradise, the more diminished power of Our Energy Vibrations has to manifest its impact on the ambience as the number of My children will be bigger to whom this power capacity will be too high. That is why I have created transforming personalities and centers of an adequate level so that they could decrease the power of My vibrations down to the level and capacity acceptable to the ambience. Therefore, when there is some talk about the energies still unknown on your planet you would rather have in your mind that instead of the unknown of My Energy it would be more precise to speak about the unknown forms of My Energy as Energy is One - SUBSTANTA of Our Self-Being on Paradise.
It is also more appropriate for you to weave such an idea that the number of forms of My Energy is that great as I need them to ensure the operation of My Creation while implementing My Evolutionary Plan in a corresponding epoch. Therefore, I modify the environment of the manifestation of My Energy according to the needs by using My Sons possessing an adequate qualification for the ensurance of the appearance and operation of these forms of Energy in that environment meeting the needs.
You know from the epochal revelation of The Urantia Book, bestowed upon you, about the stages of Light and Life of the inhabited planets, about an evolutionary spiritualization of the spiritual personalities in their strivings even for the seventh level of spirit which has never been reached so far by any spiritual personality on an absolute level, however, Evolution in Space and Time that you have been given by Me shall not put a period at this mark - the development by no means shall stop - it shall never end, therefore ever new forms of energy shall also spring to life in your environment once an ever increasing number of My creation segments shall have a need for them. That is why even My children born directly out of Me while being already in eternity by their origin do not know - and neither they can know it - they can only imply - depending on their cosmic insight - and express their understanding that the number of My Energy forms has no limits either, thus it is not worth estimating them as the moment shall come when this number shall be outdated. And it is even better to add the following - at the present time according to the needs in a corresponding segment of creation such energy forms are in use, while in the future their number can change depending upon the needs.
When you are experiencing bliss and joy within you also feel that you have not experienced it prior to your walking on the Living Path, and that means that at that time you did not even know about My vibrations being poured out down upon you even though these vibrations have always been present, and moreover, they have also been accessible for you to the same degree as they are accessible now, but you merely have not had any need for them to be experienced since you have not been explained anything about themt, as there have been no Spiritual Teacher until your appearance on the arena as My Ambassador and Apostle of Jesus as you started to preach My Living Word ever more boldly, resolutely, and with a greater strength, and to speak out ever more about My Energy Vibrations as well so that these assertions have turned already into an indispensible and vital part of your training of Urants.
Thus, now, you have already learnt, as all the others will learn who will get acquainted with this teaching of Mine, much more about My Energy than you have learnt about Energy from The Urantia Book epochal revelation.
Energy forms are changing, the power of the energy vibrations is changing but Energy is unchanging and it is ONE - I MYSELF IN MY SELF-BEING and IN THE FULLNESS BY MY SELF-BEING.

Algimantas - Thank you, my beloved Father, for this teaching - so magnifiscent, enlightening, and expanding my - and all of my brethren’s - understanding of Your Energy. I love you, and I am telling you - my will is fused with yours, and with the will of The Eternal Mother, The Infinite Spirit, and I AM. Amen.

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