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The Teaching Of The Infinite Mother On The Urants Who Have Passed Away And Continue Their Journey On The Living Path On The Mansion World - Received At The Paradise Trinity-I AM Living Temple, Kaunas, 30 10 2022

The Teaching Of The Infinite Mother On The Urants Who Have Passed Away And Continue Their Journey On The Living Path On The Mansion World - Received At The Paradise Trinity-I AM Living Temple, Kaunas, 30 10 2022

Translated from Lithuanian to English November 10, 2022, 9.31 p.m.

Algimantas - My beloved Father, Eternal Mother, Infinite Mother, I AM, during the current living worship service your daughter - Vanda - has asked you to tell us your Living Word on the present status of the Urants who have passed away and who have been at our Living Temple - so what is their situation on the Living Path now that they have been resurrected. I am ready to render your answer in my voice so that it could be heard by your other children who could listen to it.

The Infinite Mother - My beloved children, I am The Third Source and Center from The Paradise Trinity, whom you are so affectionately calling The Infinite Mother. I am truly as The Infinite Mother possessing no spiritual boundaries. I am embracing you all, and I am holding the whole of your planet like a mist-cover which envelopes your planet and that is a marvelous feeling of soothing, and strengthening you. It is from Me that you are experiencing the soothing of your mind - I am also The Source and Center of Mind. The development of intellect is taking place due to the impulse sparkle of Mine which I am spreading on and around thru The Seven Master Personalities while they are spreading it in a diminished form on to the Local Universes thru the Creator Daughters. Therefore you also possess My Mind accordingly diminished down to your level by passing thru those transforming stages within the Local Universe of Nebadon.
You are entertaining the questions pertaining to the life of your brethren who have left this world. You have different explanations recorded in various books on even those of your brethren who are already now experiencing a new level of the Living Path stage. Resurrection does not provide a higher spiritual status by itself, it only establishes the fact that a new stage has started, yet it has started at the point that has been as the final step on your world. A spiritual height and character are built up only by one’s effort - i.e. once you are making decisions and implementing them. You have a great multitude of fears on your world that directly impede your striding towards a disclosure of your personality identity. Your inner fear limits and curbs you within, you feel to have lost your flexibility as the environment is imposing on you its own rules of a game. You are delivering yourselves out of the limiting shackle of that environment to a certain extent, and yet, you do not dare to stay on in that freedom - right away your mind prompts you different unfavorable to you reactions. And you, that goes without saying, are cherrishing a desire to protect yourselves and you are avoiding conflicting situations even though your motives are permeated with My Love and Light.
After the resurrection, your brethren - My children - are experiencing a totally different ambience, and that ambience is favorable for them, and at the same time it is even upholding them in their elimination of their fears at a quicker pace - even though one’s personal innate qualities and one’s true actual formed by one’s character - are also making an impact on one’s living striding on the Evolutionary Path. The ambience which is positively affecting one’s character is also contributing to a more resolute disclosure of that character as it is a strengthening impulse that is supporting that person’s pace. That is an enormous upholding of My children who have arrived from your world, and it is acting like a catalyst in a chemical formula which speeds up the reaction and makes it transpire on so that the chemical components making up the chemical formula by getting united could produce a substance of a totally new quality - so are My children - after the resurrection - experiencing a spiritual leap much quicker than it would have been possible to achieve it on your current world - the Urantia planet. Therefore their pace in comparison with yours is faster by manifold. Meanwhile, not a single one of them who have set off on the Living Path together with you has not yet left the world which they have been resurrected and are accumulating their experiences on. Due to these experiences and due to their living interassociation they also study that world’s outer environment - both its nature and animal life and mutual spiritual relationships with Me - and at the same time by upholding one another they are striving to pass their teachings that are making them stronger to their brethren from other planets and who had a similar experience to yours having gone thru the consequences of suffering and calamity of a revolt - the consequences of a revolt against Me. That is why an initial step for your brethren even though is easier while the amount of the challenges they are faced with there, is much stronger, wider, and deeper beyond comparison. On your world it is enough for you to have faith only to receive a key to resurrection which unlocks the door to a new quality mansion world of the eternal life. Meanwhile, the meaning of the challenges on that mansion world has multiple facets as it is of a great significance on the Living Path the experiences which are being accumulated even on the side tracks where - on a voluntary foundation - different experiences of the new task solutions are being assimilated since every experience contributes to the revelation of the qualitative character traits which come in handy while standing up on still a higher step that shall be encountered on the next world - that is on a New Quality University-world. Therefore it shall take you many an age - measured by your time - to study the initial world. But you are heading to eternity while the road to eternity is based on the quality of experiences - the ratio of time does not exist within eternity. That is why it is ever more importnt for you to reveal your personality which could have - as much as possible - accumulated multisided experiences in the knowledge on the mode of living on the world it has arrived from, and at the same time would make its own personal contribution on the mode of life on that world as the passing generations of the new mortals also leave behind them their own imprint in and improve the mode of living of that environment, and by their experiences they are thus contributing to a greater illumination of the whole of the world.
However, it would be interesting for you to know that your brethren who have passed away amongst you now live in a close proximity one from another therefore they keep a neighborly and close mutual relationship, and they get together to associate after different tasks performed and for which to perform there must be longer intervals of their separation. All this also strengthens their character manifestation in Brotherhood. Brotherhood is the crucial phenomenon in the mode of living of the whole of My spiritual family. Evolution provides only a living relationship of Brotherhood by cooperation - on the part of every person - making one’s personal contribution to the well-being of the whole. That is why your brethren - who have earlier passed away - are also contributing to strengthening and upholding one another on a much more sincere level than they have experienced such a cooperation and association on this world.
You are lacking a sincere mutual understanding because you feel within distrust in both Me and yourselves, and fear impedes your closer association. Threfore, after the resurrection We are striving to keep you within a neighborly circle of proximity so that you by knowing one another better and by having a common experience of your world would be able to strengthen one another and at the same time to recall the episodes even of your living in the past so that you would also be able to draw appropriate conclusions as to your current spiritual growth while comparing it with the moment you have left this current world and which is now an arena of the new challenges for you who are today remaining on this world, and which have not been experienced by your brethren who have earlier left this world. Therefore, even your arriving on this mansion world shall bring in new facets when you share your experiences with those who have already earlier adapted themselves to the environment much better than you. You will have to explain to them a lot of events you have experienced on this world and which they would not be able to understand altogether, and you will have to reveal them by explaining your experiences so that it would be easier for them to understand what you are talking about as your current world is trespassing common sense. That is a direction which is like a cancer cell distorts My Evolutionary Plan.
Thus, My beloved children, you are under My protection and in My embrace. I hug you and repeat you all the time - never spare your effort for the benefit of all - that is a meaningful application of My Energy. Your brethren of the future generations shall be grateful to you that you have left a better environment for them.

Algimantas - Thank you, my beloved Infinite Mother, for your answer. My will is fused with your will even as with the will of the Father, Eternal Mother, and I AM. Amen.

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