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The Teaching By Algimantas - The Model Of Creating Creation - Spoken Out At The Paradise Trinity-I AM Living Temple, In Kaunas - Second Largest City Of Lithuania, October 2, 2022

The Teaching By Algimantas - The Model Of Creating Creation - Spoken Out At The Paradise Trinity-I AM Living Temple, In Kaunas - Second Largest City Of Lithuania, October 2, 2022
My beloved ones, my name is Algimantas. I train future Spiritual Teachers for the whole of our planet, starting with Lithuania - my native country in Eastern Europe at the Baltic sea. I present my teachings in both Lithuanian and English - the former I present at the Paradise Trinity- I AM living temple, during the living worship service, and the latter I speak out on the video camera somewhere in the nature or in a city to have a natural setting at the background, specially chosen by me to give some feeling for the foreign viewer of the country or city environment. A spiritual teaching is a broader explanation of Reality - what it truly looks like.
Today I would like to take Creator’s Look at the creating of creation so that you would have a clear view of the model of the creating of creation to date.
So, there are Four Personalities without biginning and end, and they are called by one common name - Creator. Creator is The Coordinate Three Personalites making up The Paradise Trinity - and The Aggregate Deity I AM - the latter’s name is written in all capital characters. These are the only existential Persons. They are not eternal - they are The Source and Center of Eternity - The Source Of Eternity! There are also those eternal, as we would call them, personalities, but they are not existential - they have their beginning which is that far off in the past that there are no documents available about their origin moment which is known to and by Creator only.
Meanwhile, Creator starts the creating process of creation out of Himself - He is changeless, He has everything within Himself. Thus, having started this action within He carries it on and out - to be more precise - He is creating out of His Headquarters - Paradise - and starts with Havona - The Divine and Central Universe. And prior to the creation of Havona He creates His own children who are empowered and qualified by Creator to manipulate His Energy - the Energy of the most powerful manifestation which is on the Creator’s Headquarters that is called - as I have mentioned before - Paradise, and which is in the middle of the whole of creation. So, Creator to manipulate His Energy out makes His own children for that purpose - The Paradise Master Force Organizers and The Master Architects - for down here we know that an architect makes a project of any building - there is no building yet in existence and the project has already been made. Such is Creator’s perception that The Architects have to be. That Energy that The Paradise Master Force Organizers have to manipulate - direct - so that subsequently the worlds should be made out of it, must not be left chaotic by itself - what will come out of it, let it be that way - no - there are created these children of Creator who possess that Wisdom - a perfect Wisdom - in that sphere - how to model Energy, how to make it appropriate for the Master Architects within their capacity to design the divine, eternal, worlds of the Seven Circles of Havona - all in all one billion worlds to come to existence! That is why The Seven Superuniverses and 700,000 Local Universes are in a cosmic space far away from the Dark Bodies - as these Universes are all evolutionary. Meanwhile, The Havona Universe is not evolutionary - it is eternal. Its worlds are laid out according to the projects-designs of the Master Architects, and out of that Energy provided by Creator thru His Paradise Headquarters, and these worlds have also been modelled as regards their beauty in all the concentric Seven Circles of Havona. Meanwhile, these Seven Rings envelop one another so that Paradise all the same remains in the middle of all of them. Thus, the further away from Paradise - it means the further away from Creator in space - in cosmic space - it means that this distance also makes a certain impact on the way these worlds look like. So, having started form the seventh - outermost - circle inwards to the first circle all the time the worlds are evermore approaching the beauty of Paradise. It is impossible to make a copy of Paradise, it is impossible to recreate Paradise on any of the worlds, even on any of the eternal-divine one billion worlds of Havona. It is impossible to achieve the level of Paradise but it is possible to strive for and come closer to this sort of Beauty - so, this is the process that Creator has started with those perfect and eternal Worlds of Havona. However, they all have their beginning. They are not like Paradise - The Headquarters of Creator’s Energy vibrations - without any beginning. Paradise - like Creator - exists without beginning, even though it is material but is is out of one single - say - substance which is neither living nor dead. There is no such substance anywhere else in creation, only on Paradise! And Paradise itself is not in space - moreover - it is namely out of Paradise that space - cosmos - is generated - emitted. And Paradise does not move - like Creator - it is motionless and everything is moving around Paradise, even those eternal worlds that are in the seven circles of Havona move around Paradise! But every circle is moving in an alternating mode so that there would not be the centrifugal force augmented - if all the seven circles moved one direction - to the extent to revolve those worlds with such a power that they would be cast out of their moving orbits and even out of the Havone circle, therefore it is enough to spread that impulse which would make each circle of Havona move in an alternating movement around Paradise, and by this the centrifugal force is decreased. All this is already provided by the projects of the Paradise Master Architects, and reached after having implemented them. All this is also applied once the process of creation is started of the evolutionary Seven Superuniverses and Local Universes - every each unit is always moving to the opposite direction, again, to even that centrifugal force.
Now that we have the Seven Circles of Havona - one billion worlds - Creator has already given birth to His Sons and Daughters who are qualified to operate on these modelled worlds. The Havona worlds do not have their development which is so characteristic of the evolutuonary worlds, even though they are material - the whole of creation is material - only the elements are different than on the evolutionary worlds. It means that while approacihng Havona, and within Havona itself by passing from the outer circle inwards, we see a different element structure though water is similar even on Paradise - H2O - the same liquid-moisture - but the material expression is different. Thus, Creator at first designs and creates such children who would be of a respective order to perfom a certain function in Havona, say, He creates the Supernaphim - a high angelic order - that is capable of covering enormous distances in space, that can carry personalities for such distances that are impossible to cover for the angelic Seraphim Order, operating close to us - like buses within a city because their performance scale is different as well as their power capacity is different - much smaller. So, the Supernaphim are like space aircraft - they transport beings of a lower status from one Havona world to another as well as from one circle to another one, and ultimately, once the education on the Havona worlds is completed, they transfer the mortals from the innermost circle of Havona to Paradise. But these Supernaphim are created prior to the completion of the education course of the mortals on the Havona worlds so that the lower status mortals would not wait for their transportation from one Havona world to another or ultimately having completed education in Havona and already being qualified for leaving Havona for Paradise there would never be a situation - I am authorized to move to another world in Havona or even to Paradise and the Angle has not yet been created to do the transportation task for me. It means that such Sons and Daughters must be created prior to the need for their service while their application is according to the need - when there is already a certain reserve to take that Son or Daughter from and use him or her as the need arises.
So as we go out from Paradise to and thru Havona there are already created hosts of different spiritual orders of Sons and Daughters and they are already operating adequately there. They are still waiting for the arriving mortals from the evolutionary worlds that have not yet been created - but they are already waiting and praparing for that service while being engaged in performing some other tasks. Since Creator is creating perfect children once He creates them directly as, for instance, Creator Sons who are created by The Paradise Trinity Persons and who subsequently will employ their Power to create Local Universes. But that perfection is partial - for certain functions to perform. However, remember - Creator is Perfect but He is not Perfection - He is the Source of Perfection - and the Source must always be higher than Perfection, as Perfection is spreading out of its Source! You should always while speaking about Creator point out - The Source and Center - as there is no other Source and Center in creation but Creator! He is the Source and Center of Love, Mercy, Justice, Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, Cosmic Mind and Insight! He is not only Beauty - He is the Source and Center of Beauty! He is the Source and Center of Justice! Without Creator Justice could not be in existence! Justice is being taken out of Creator thru a direct relationship with Him.
Thus as Creator views His own creation that is not yet in existence - out of Himself - He sees it as it is already in existence for Him because He is timeless - He is the Source and Center of Eternity! There is no time in Eternity! There is no time on Paradise - Paradise is timeless! Thus now Creator is looking at the place in a cosmic space in His creation - which is His Embrace - He is looking down in space at His own Embrace and at the place where there is nothing created yet! The Creative Process is still to start there while now He is viewing into outer space where there are only enormous energy power hurricanes in progress, and He is seeing the worlds already in operation there - how His Sons - still to be created - are already operating on those worlds - because He is keeping that moment within Himself every single moment! He is keeping Eternity and Infinity within Himself every single moment! There is no other personality apart from Creator who could think, view, and act the way Creator does. And Creator is not the type of Personality ready to act in every moment - He is acting! He is the only slave to have no moment of rest, but He is the slave to be providing joy to all out of His slavery as His slavery gives Him satisfaction. He has no other feeling but satisfaction as there is Love within Him - He is the Source of Love, and He is providing His Energy then out of Love. But He is the Lord! They say - God the Lord! Why should He be acting in cosmos if He has a chance to create His Sons who could act instead of Him there, so He is sitting in His armchair-throne one leg placed on the other and viewing out of Paradise - hay, I have created Peter and John, and I have provided them with that Energy to organize the Universes, and I am watching how they are organizing them by turning My Energy to left and right, and even making an attempt to put a bit of it aside and into his or her own pocket in excess of his or her own needs - no, no, my darling, not this way - do everything according to My Will, it is only in this case that the Energy will be such as has been designed by Me! - so that he would not put the Energy into his or her pocket to have it more for himself or herself, it is necessary to create Perfect Sons. Perfection is reflected from Creator thru a living communion with Creator, and then one does not put everything into one’s own pocket but rather gives it away to others - one is feeling satisfaction by sharing it exactly like Creator is feeling it by serving His all Sons and Daughters. And the father in a loving family is feeling a joy by doing Goodness to his children out of Love. How come all this? It is out of Creator. That father or mother in particular is taking Love not merely out of himself or herself - oh, I have grown up in such family, so I am feeling Love - no, my dear, this Love is out of Creator, only you are subsequently laying all this out - by your thinking - as if it were truly your bringing up that has provided you with that Love. It it not enough to view upon Love this way as it is The Source that provides it - if there were no Source there would be no sorting out of this kind either.
So, Creator is looking down into that cosmic space, and He cannot create His material children directly as He is a Spirit - The Source and Center of Spirit - so He needs other children who would create that life, even a material life, for Him. However, Creator provides the Evolutionary Plan! Thus, a more powerful structure is created in space - and they are the Superuniverses of enormous size - 500,000 light years in diameter. Meanwhile, one light year is the the distance covered within a year a the light speed of 300,000 kilometers a second - so to fly over one Superuniverse it could take 500,000 years! So, a Superuniverse cannot be created of this size at once - these children who have qualification to manipulate Energy of a lower status - Energy Centers, Power Directors, and Power Supervisers - they create Universes also gradually - step by step. What do they start with? With the Center - the Capital! Likewise for the Seventh Superuniverse - our Superuniverse - which is the youngest - the Seventh Superuniverse out of the Seven Superuniverses - since the creating process is evolutionary and started with the First Superuniverse - we are in the youngest Superuniverse. The creation process of our Superuniverse has started with its Capital - Uversa - which is the nicest in the Superuniverse - the capital must be the nicest, the most harmonious by its beauty, by its architecture, and by its natural environment - and this expression must be well harmonized. It is the Center and it must be adequate to its status to produce great satisfaction and admiration for all arrivals from lower status units in creation. Such is our Capital. But here I mean not the capital of Lithuania - Vilnius - but Uversa - the Capital of our Superuniverse. And the very path of approaching Uversa starts, let’s put it this way, with its outskirts. What are these outskirts, what is around Uversa? - These are the Major Sectors - the Major Sectors of the Superuniverse - ten in all. And, again, there is a need for other children respectively qualified to act in these sectors. And they are created prior to the creation of these Major Sectors. And there is a prerogative provided by Creator to the effect that some of the children of the direct origin out of Creator can procreate other spiritual persons to meet the need for them within that Universe in particular. Thus, once the Major Sectors are created - but it is not yet completely organised Superuniverse - it is necessary to segment these Major Sectors into the Minor Sectors - the Major Sectors are not yet fully loaded, it is possible to say that the Energy is not used to its capacity, therefore it is lowered in the power manifestation while adjusting it for the application in smaller sectors. And beyond these Minor Sectors outward there is an enormous space, there are huge cosmic outskirts where Creator Sons and Creator Daughters - operating in couples as consorts - receive their sites for construction - here is a site in space for you both to build up your Local Universe - the Home of your own! Thus, the Energy manipulation begins - even still further away from Paradise - on a still lower level. For that purpose there are created in advance other Beings - The Energy Centers - which are smaller than in the Superuniverses, and the Energy itself is reduced in power by still other Beings - Energy Transformers - created for the Energy transformation according to the needs of the Local Universe in creation. And the creation process is also started with the Capital - with the Center - of the Local Universe. Moreover, Creator Sons and Creator Daughters receive an adequate qualification and Power to create their own children who will stay and operate in the Local Universe. They do not match the Superuniverse level, and many of them even have never been in the Superuniverse. This way appear in existence Melchizedeks and Lanonandeks, Varondadeks and Material Sons and Daughters, and, finally, mortals.
However, the worlds for the mortals are not ceated directly from Energy - they are created out of the Solar Energy which is spewing out into space, due to an enormous heat pressure within the sun, enormous burning masses. They are cooling down in space, and the bigger ones attract the smaller ones in space, and even the sun is sucking back some of these burning bodies with its great attraction power due to its enormous size, but some of this burning masses are successfully escaping this attraction force and begin their independent functioning in space, and later on attracting smaller bodies flying around in close proximity. So, gradually, an evolutionary planet is formed out of these space bodies, and such is the origin of our planet - Urantia. And for such planets material life is modelled according to the environment conditions on the planet in particular - suitable for its size, atmospheric pressure, density, temperature, and the like. But what is of utmost importance is the fact that our life even though in a material form - human body - is spiritual, and this spirit is bestowed upon us as our personality eternal gift by Creator - The Paradise Trinity-I AM - as Creator is the Source of Spirit, and He can bestow only what is Eternal and Spiritual! Meanwhile, the Creator’s children who are qualified and empowered to procreate other personalities all the same the gift of personality pass from Creator rather than out of themselves! We also have one more unique facet since our origin is not directly out of the womb of our mother but rather out of the life plasma that has undergone an evolutionary development thru the sudden changes - the quantum leaps - like a worm turns into a butterfly that flies right away. These are quantum leaps without linking segments! And our human origin is out of the lemur, a small beast that currently inhabits Madagascar Island, but it is already a different lemur than the lemur that has given origin to the human Primates. And this is not the Darwin theory so that the work made a man out of an ape - no, it has been designed by Creator this way - and thru His other chhildren who were making experiments - half a million experiments with a life plasm which is being adjusted to, as I have said above, the size of the planet, the density of the planet, atmospheric pressure, and finally, what type of brain shall man possess on that planet - a tree-semicircular brain, or two - like in our case - or even one semicircular brain once gradually in a long process of evolution the mortal who is already gifted with a free will shall come to existence out of that life plasm.
And all this Creator has already viewed even though there have been no Superuniverses in the formation, the more so there have been no Local Universes in existence, and even Havona has not been created yet - He has viewed us already in existence as such mortals living after 200,000 years after the outbreak of the Lucifer rebellion against the Universal Father in our Local System of Satania, and 2,000 years after the Jesus Mission on our world who has formally terminated that rebellion on the Mount of Hermon having withstood all the temptations offered by Satan by merely responding to every offer - Let the Father’s will be done - Creator has viewed us then exactly as such as we are viewing each of us sitting here in The Paradise Trinity-I AM living temple during this living worship service in Kaunas. However, He has viewed us, then, fully penetrating into us, and knowing what we shall be in the future - as today during the worship of Creator one of us said - we might stand in your immediate presence on Paradise - we might stand - no, we will stand in your immediate presence! Even if you do not feel it yet, but project and direct your subconsciousness that it is not - we might stand, but rather we will stand in your immediate presence - project the certainty, firmness, and resolution within! You are truly the resolute Urants. And I congratulate you on this occasion! Amen.
I translated my teaching from Lithuanian to English on 20-22 of November, 2022 - a nice coincidents of numbers I have just noticed - wonderful!
Let Creartor’s Peace and Bliss and my Fatherly-Brotherly embrace be upon you.
Romainiai-Kaunas, Lithuania

2022-11-22 16:18:24


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