My dears,

Spiritual ministry is free. Jesus was teaching his apostles:

“Go into all the world and preach the glad tidings of the kingdom. Liberate spiritual captives, comfort the oppressed, and minister to the afflicted. Freely you have received; freely give.” (1584-01) 


I have, at my will and gladly, accepted Father’s assignment to be His Ambassador and a contemporary Apostle of Jesus, being passed over to me personally by Jesus, and confirmed by the Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, indwelling the mind of a mortal, and with whom I keep communion and receive teachings.


The Apostles of Jesus were collecting donations to physically survive as well as to support their families they had left. And the multitudes did donate for they began to believe in the gospel they were preaching – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.


Spiritual ministry is in need of material resources too. My needs are determined by the Father on high for I do His will.

That is why, being led from within by His spirit, my Thought Adjuster, I have chosen the path of a contemporary apostle to preach, teach, and heal. This is a path leading to making man’s life easier and enlightened. It is not an easy path since it requires one’s total devotion to God and absolute trust in Him. But I have chosen this path of my own will. And concerning the spiritual matters I may take counsel only with the Father and Jesus. And I am always doing it! He is leading me deeper and deeper into His spiritual ocean that is engulfing all the sincere believers.     


Being led only by God from within, I have translated The Urantia Book from English into Lithuanian. Being led by Him I set up the Urantia groups in different cities of Lithuania eleven years ago that I still teach to prepare new spiritual teachers. Having been called by Him, I have established the Temple of God the Father and His Son Jesus and every week I have been leading services for four years in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and I have also done it for one year in Kaunas, second largest city of Lithuania. Being led by the Father from within Saulius and I launched our web-site in Lithuanian and I present spiritual teachings in our Forum and otherwise serve the people by teaching, comforting, and strengthening them. Now we are presenting you the English version of our web-site as well.


Morals cannot be developed by law. Man might be spiritually developed by revealing God’s Love to him. This is the only way to protect man from any abuse and deliver him from fear.


Having realized all this and having experienced a tremendous spiritual transformation, I have consecrated my life to the service of God, and at the same time serving man. 


Thus I do share with people what I have been receiving from the Father. Thus I do my best to set up a heavenly family among the people as a tiny particle of the vast spiritual family of the Universe. All my life is related with this only purpose and spiritual activity – by different ways to spread the word of God to ordinary and sincere people who are hungry for Truth and thirsty for Love.  


Now, for over a year, we have been operating our web-site in Lithuanian. And I do my spiritual teaching of the people participating at our Forum. Similar things I will be doing on our web-site’s English version.


If your heart has any tendency to make its own contribution to my activity you are welcome to donate in support of my ministry. Ask the Father’s spirit, indwelling your mind, as to how much you might support my ministry by regularly depositing your donations to me, ALGIMANTAS. And you will be prompted from within. The Father’s creation requires to share everything in love and not because of one’s duty or obligation. And if you share something with me, out of love, you shall also receive even more than you have given me for the Father’s creation is operating on the principle of sharing, of giving, and by this receiving provided that this sharing is really based on love..


All the creation is one FAMILY with the Universal Father at its head who is permanently and ceaselessly pouring out His love to all and everything without any discrimination. And I am also promoting this Father’s law of love and sharing once I go out onto the street ministry with The Urantia Book in different cities.


For donations you may use my bank account:     

The name of the bank: SEB Vilniaus Bankas, Vilnius,
BIC, or Banking International Code: CBVI LT 2X
My bank account no.: LT057044060001373528
My name: Algimantas Jokubenas

The bank gave me an example what to write. And it is as follows:

Please, pay (an XXX sum in your currency) to SEB Vilniaus Bankas AB, Vilnius, BIC: CBVI LT 2X for further credit to Algimantas Jokubenas,
account No.LT057044060001373528

Note 1: In case you might use the Internet services for remitting your donation, please, in the account No., do not make a space between LT and the DIGITS for
a space might be considered by the computer program as a separate sign and it would take it as a wrong bank account number and the money shall not reach me.

Note 2: When donating, please, point out that this is a donation for a spiritual ministry since donations are exempt from the state taxes.

It is more blissful to receive than to take. But while giving you are also receiving. I am giving freely what I am receiving from the Father and from Jesus. And I am being sustained only by your sincere donations.


Jesus was teaching his apostles:


"Consider the lilies, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin; yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. If God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is cut down and cast into the fire, how much more shall he clothe you, the ambassadors of the heavenly kingdom. O you of little faith! When you wholeheartedly devote yourselves to the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom, you should not be of doubtful minds concerning the support of yourselves or the families you have forsaken. If you give your lives truly to the gospel, you shall live by the gospel. If you are only believing disciples, you must earn your own bread and contribute to the sustenance of all who teach and preach and heal. If you are anxious about your bread and water, wherein are you different from the nations of the world who so diligently seek such necessities? Devote yourselves to your work, believing that both the Father and I know that you have need of all these things. Let me assure you, once and for all, that, if you dedicate your lives to the work of the kingdom, all your real needs shall be supplied. Seek the greater thing, and the lesser will be found therein; ask for the heavenly, and the earthly shall be included. The shadow is certain to follow the substance.” (1823-03)


I trust Jesus and the Father. I have chosen this path of the Father’s Love and Truth, and I will proceed along it further on for the benefit of all…


Peace be upon you.

With brotherly love,