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Father's spirit, Thought Adjuster, about impossibility to register His love vibrations by mechanical devices on our planet, Urantia (Responses: 1)2007-07-20 22:20:39 Algimantas2007-08-05 02:07:20 Bill
What is God? Man has been striving to know God and to describe Him. Thus how can we characterize God? (Responses: 2)2006-03-06 15:41:57 Algimantas2007-05-28 11:13:19 Algimantas
What is the meaning of a prayer, and how do we pray? (Responses: 1)2006-08-24 17:41:06 Algimantas2006-09-18 22:35:06 Vaidas
What is the Truth? They say that each individual has his own truth.. Then, are there many truths, or only one?, (Responses: 6)2006-03-06 15:51:33 Algimantas2006-07-19 10:03:34 Algimantas

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