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My teaching - Love Melts In Aggregate Vibrations Of Creator - The Paradise Trinity-I AM. (Responses: 0)2015-08-05 20:06:46 Algimantas  
Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister's teaching why our decisions by our animal mind are getting ever worse, 2015 07 10 (Responses: 0)2015-07-10 15:27:58 Algimantas  
Here is the transcript of my communion with my Thought Adjuster. (Responses: 0)2015-06-21 13:57:50 Algimantas  
Between right and wrong (Responses: 0)2015-06-19 10:13:08 Algimantas  
Father's teaching as to why the number of those of us on the living path is so small, 2015 06 17 (Responses: 0)2015-06-17 14:22:18 Algimantas  
This is my message to my brethren in the Teaching Mission in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brasil, and other countries, mailed in 2006. (Responses: 1)2015-06-12 10:41:11 Algimantas2015-06-12 11:16:32 Algimantas
The Father's teaching on mysticism (Responses: 0)2015-06-01 09:27:44 Algimantas  
The first-ever funeral on Urantia led by the Father (Responses: 0)2015-05-28 11:39:45 Algimantas  
The Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister's teaching on current dangers to Lithuania, 2015 05 07 (Responses: 0)2015-05-07 21:23:33 Algimantas  
My dears, you are welcome to listen to two audio recordings of the services of a living worship of The Paradise Trinity-I Am in our living temple named after the Paradise Trinity-I AM. (Responses: 0)2015-04-27 16:52:48 Algimantas  
The Eternal Son-Mother-Brother's teaching on the necessity of a livng temple for us, 2015 04 13 (Responses: 0)2015-04-13 19:30:16 Algimantas  
ENERGY RESOURCES AND NATURAL WEALTH ON THE PLANET BELONG TO ALL COUNTRIES (Responses: 1)2014-11-06 16:21:04 Algimantas2014-11-12 12:36:15 Rita
The Teaching Of The Infinite Spirit-Mother-Sister - What Is A Revealed Religion. 2013 11 25 (Responses: 0)2013-11-28 13:53:21 Algimantas  
I speak to you again : Jesus Christ (Responses: 0)2010-09-14 19:33:32 wale  
The teaching of the Eternal Son-Mother-Brother of Creation, Second Person of the Paradise Trinity, on globalization and our role, 2009 10 12 (Responses: 0)2009-10-12 18:14:54 Algimantas  
The Father on the Idea of Reincarnation (Responses: 4)2008-01-01 14:22:17 Algimantas2009-01-19 17:55:14 Algimantas
Father's teaching-request of communing with Him personally, 22 05 2008 (Responses: 0)2008-05-23 12:57:02 Algimantas  
Messages of "Quantum Awakening" for our Time (Responses: 0)2008-05-23 03:25:31 As Esu  
Father's Teaching of our intellectual differences and spiritual unity, 2008 05 14 (Responses: 0)2008-05-14 23:22:35 Algimantas  
Father's teaching about His presence during the most intimate relationship between the opposite sexes while procreating new life together with the Father, 2004 04 20 (Responses: 0)2008-04-21 20:09:55 Algimantas  
The Father's request to receive this teaching and share it with all, 2008 03 18 (Responses: 2)2008-03-18 16:21:40 Algimantas2008-04-07 16:25:38 Algimantas
Father's teaching about changing mortal's destiny, 2008 03 30 (Responses: 0)2008-04-02 11:42:23 Algimantas  
Read on our website the new revelation by Jesus Christ - I SPEAK TO YOU AGAIN (Responses: 14)2007-11-04 13:51:18 Algimantas2007-11-17 10:58:30 Vaidas
What do urantia followers think or feel about the war with Islamic terrorists? (Responses: 23)2007-04-15 19:41:29 KU2007-11-07 23:23:23 Algimantas
What is Love? We all want to be loved but hardly do we desire to love others. So, why such a feeling cannot be so easily shared with all? What is love, then? (Responses: 16)2006-03-06 15:47:41 Algimantas2007-11-07 23:03:46 Algimantas

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